Calling all Hinchers! Check out these Hinch-tastic Amazon Black Friday cleaning deals

The buys on Mrs Hinch’s list this Black Friday? OK, she hasn’t whispered in our ear, but we reckon these are sure-fire choices

Person cleaning in a kitchen
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Cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch’s most-wanted Black Friday deals? We can be pretty confident we know what the online cleaning star, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, will snap up this year. So, if you’re part of Hinch’s army, here are the essentials for a sparkling clean, Instagram-ready home, all at a fabulously discounted price.

These are all from Amazon's Black Friday offering, to make life easier, too.

1. Zoflora: gotta have it

Zoflora Christmas fragrances

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To say Mrs Hinch is a Zoflora fan would be to understate things just a tad. It’s the tackle-all-chores solution. But for Black Friday, it has to be the three festive fragrances of the disinfectant liquid on the shopping list. Your home can be pristine and filled with the seasonal aroma of Cranberry and Orange. Or perhaps the woody vanilla scent of Winter Morning? Or how about Warm Cinnamon? And you can snap up all three festive Zoflora fragrances at Amazon

2. Minky (or should we say, 'Minkeh'?)

Minky Amazon Black Friday

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Yes, you know it, this is Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning cloth. It’s a winner for washing up or wiping down and the double-sided wonder is anti-bacterial to keep things hygienic. Where to snap yours up this Black Friday? Amazon will do you a deal.

3. The Pink Stuff (is the right stuff)

The Pink Stuff

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Another multi-use wonder the online cleaning sensation swears by, The Pink Stuff does its stuff removing stains and cleaning ovens, tiles, sanitaryware, saucepans, barbecues… You can sort out all your tricky cleaning jobs and bag a bargain on Amazon.

4. Microfibre cloths (sparkle with water alone)


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The ‘Narnia’ cleaning cupboard is home to Buddy and Brian, the Spontex microfibre kitchen kit that’s a whizz for getting rid of grease and stains on hobs, worktops, tiles, and stainless steel (take that, fingerprints). Shining kitchen surfaces yours via Amazon.

5. Under-sink storage

Addis under sink storage

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If you’re creating your own ‘under sink Narnia’, you’ll need to get organised – a mess of products, cloths and sponges really doesn’t qualify you as a Hincher. On the list to turn a cluttered area into the resource it should be? This Addis Under Sink Storage, £16.40 from Amazon.