Best Prime Day gin deals: 25% off Malfy, Hernö and more

The Prime Day gin deals are great for Christmas gifts, great for restocking your bar cart and probably a great idea incase we head into another full lockdown... Here are the best as chosen by gin fans on the Real Homes team

Hernö Dry Martini recipe cocktail
(Image credit: Hernö)

You just knew we would hunt down those Prime Day gin deals sooner or later. And as the UK is on the brink of another lockdown – 10pm curfews, some bars closed altogether, no popping to your grannies for a sherry – the Amazon Prime Day gods have spoken and gifted us a whole lot of gin with 25% off. 

No grassy acrid stuff either. We are talking Malfy, Hernö, Tarquins and Masons, Old Tom gins and lightly flavoured gins. All are under £30 too, so they are not only a good buy if you need to restock your bar cart, but also will make fab gifts if you are getting ahead on Christmas shopping.

There are loads to choose from so see our selection of favourites below, all tried and tested by the Real Homes team. If you want to browse the lot, see all Prime Day food and drink deals for yourself.

Before we get to our best buys, here are the headline offers:

Best Prime Day gin deals

Malfy Gin Rosa Pink Grapefruit Italian Gin, 70cl | £28 £21.99 on Amazon

This gin is the taste of the summer we should have had, sipping a cool gin rosa with a light tonic by Lake Garda. As well as pink grapefruit it has a subtle taste of rhubarb and a punch of orange. This is one of our favourites so get it now before we buy the lot.View Deal

Masons Yorkshire Lavender Gin, 70cl | £30 £24 on Amazon

From Italy to Yorkshire now, with this floral offering from Masons. We love Masons Gin – their Yorkshire Tea flavour is another of our favourites – but this lavender gin is something special. We weren't sure at first and with notes of lavender were sure it would send us to sleep even faster than too much gin usually does, but the taste is light and enjoyable with tonic and a good wedge of lemon.

View Deal

Hernö Old Tom Gin, 50cl | £34.89 £26.52 on Amazon

Now for a Swedish offering. The Swedes aren't traditionally known for their gin, but since we discovered Hernö we keenly look out for offers on it. Like all Old Tom gins, it is slightly sweeter than a London dry, but so smooth and drinkable with juicy and botanical notes. And, the bottle is cute.View Deal

Bloom London Dry Gin, 70cl | £25 £17.99 on Amazon

This gin is super drinkable with delicate floral and citrus flavours that even those who are not big gin fans will enjoy. The problem is, you will find yourself getting through a fair bit of the stuff as it is so easy to drink and pairs well with everything from rose lemonade to elderflower tonic. Thankfully it is super affordable at just £17.99 for 70cl. A must for your drink cabinet for Friday night tipples.View Deal

Now, how to serve that gin: