A simple Ikea storage hack can create this unique living room shelving in a day

Pick a colour scheme you love and apply it to Ikea storage shelves to create an eye-catching living room storage feature

DFS furniture inspires Ikea storage hack
(Image credit: DFS)

Ikea storage is all very well and good, but we're always looking for clever Ikea hacks so that ours can look very different to everyone else's. Then we spotted this picture – actually, it's showing off the French Connection sofa and chair range from DFS. Nice.

(Image credit: DFS)

However, although we LOVE the furniture, it's the shelving that caught our eye. While we're not 100 per cent in love with the colour scheme, we do really approve of the approach taken with the shelving (not by Ikea, as far as we know). However, it's a simple hack you can apply to your Ikea storage shelves (think: Billy bookcases, which you can buy online at Amazon, often with free delivery BTW).

How to achieve it? Simply buy a few sample paint pots, sheets of wrapping paper cut to size, a length of wallpaper, posters also cut to size... whatever... to suit the colour scheme of your room, and apply them randomly to the back of your shelving unit. Then simply choose a few very simple pieces to display in front of the background. You'll need to experiment to get it right (the beauty of using wrapping paper and Blu-Tack is that you can, hassle free).