10 weird but wonderful Christmas gifts to buy in Amazon's Black Friday sale

The Amazon Black Friday sale is guaranteed to have you needing things you never knew you needed

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Who doesn't get carried away in the Amazon Black Friday sale? We know we do. We're not just there for smart tech deals – we want bargain-priced Christmas gifts, too. And these are the best, but also the weirdest. Why? Well, just because we couldn't resist sharing them with you. We're talking blanket sweatshirts to inflatable kayaks.

Get shopping. You know it makes sense.

1. For anyone who needs a Shiatsu massage on tap, £39.99

Amazon neck massage tool

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Work is stressful, home life is busy and it's the holiday season which means no rest for the wicked! If you've found yourself stretching and straining your neck, never being able to find a comfortable spot, you need this fab shiatsu massager. Pop it over your shoulders and choose any of the three massaging settings. It will relax you and help blood circulation with its one push heating button and massage function. Trust us, we've tried this: it's a DREAM. 

Naipo Neck Massager, £39.99

2. For anyone who feels the cold: a handwarmer, £15.99

Hand warmer from Amazon

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We didn't realise how much we needed these fab hand warmers until we saw them and realised they slot into our life in the cold season like a glove... Basically, these are for when gloves just aren't quite cutting the mustard. The cobblestone shape and cute pastel colours make this a nice little accessory. What's more the heat is double sided and constant, with a long battery life. Perfect for a friend with Raynauds or other circulation conditions, or just someone who walks the dog daily but moans about cold hands. Also, we're glad to hear that it’s shockproof, anti-scald, anti-skid, explosion-proof, tadiation-free, and green. Phew! But also, Eh?

INFRAY Hand Warmers, Was £19.99, Now £15.99

3. For sofa blanket battlers, £44.99

Amazon blanket outfit for families

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Okay, so if that picture (above) isn't the best thing you've ever seen... look at it again. These blanket sweatshirts are an absolute Christmas season must-have. No more fighting over the blanket... you're exclusively snuggled up in yours! One size fits all, you can even pop your knees under its plush loveliness while you're sat on the sofa. There's no better excuse to sit back and relax than when you've got this blanket sweatshirt on! One size fits all so grab one each for all the family.

THE COMFY: Original Blanket Sweatshirt, £44.99

4. For coffee lovers on the go: a portable espresso maker, £69.99

portable coffee maker

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Portable coffee maker... urm, need we say any more? We cannot think of a better Christmas gift for the coffee fanatic in your life than this fab portable espresso maker from Nanopresso (AND it's made our list of best coffee machines, too). No battery or electricity needed: you can be up a mountain or at work and you have a luxury style coffee at your fingertips at all times. It's super easy and quick to use, holding up to 80ml of water. So, we think we have found our new travel companion... and we think you may have, too. 

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker, £69.99

5. For eco warriors: energy saving remote controlled sockets, £22.99

Amazon remote controlled plug sockets

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Know someone who aspires to a smart home but doesn't quite have the budget (yet)? Whatever the domestic appliance, these plugs make it possible to control them via remote control. Any appliances wasting energy in stand-by mode are contributing negatively towards the environment and these remote controlled sockets will switch them off. So, make the most of this nifty little gift which comes with four radio controlled sockets and a remote control (and a battery). Ideal for older people or those with restricted mobility, too. You don't even need a direct line of sight to operate it!

Energenie Remote Control Sockets (Pack of 4), Was £29.99, Now £22.99

6. For anyone who says 'gawd, my feet hurt' regularly, £24.99

Amazon foot spa

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This is what we were talking about when we said you were about to discover a whole load of things that you never knew you needed. This home foot spa is the absolute dream for those who need an excuse to unwind but don't want to break the bank every time they want to treat themselves. Pedicures at home? Perfect. Gifting a loved one with this warming and massaging foot spa is an invitation for indulgence. Its functions include massage nodes, a feature that removes dead skin and also heat maintenance. Aaaah. 

HoMedics Bubblemate Foot Spa and Massager, Was £29.99, Now £24.99

7. For adventurers: an inflatable two person kayak, £159

Amazon inflatable kayak

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Why not splash out a lil' money on a fab inflatable kayak? This is one of those purchases you will be thanking yourself for come the summer. Kids and adults alike will have a whale of a time on this two person inflatable kayak which comes with a pump and aluminium oars. You know you want to. 

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, Was £169.99, Now £159

8. For the loafer in your life: an inflatable lounger, £22.99

Amazon inflatable lounger

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Like a bean bag... but better. This inflatable lounger is perfect for gatherings and parties when you want to chill indoors or out but can't promise there'll be no spilt drinks, rain or water fights. It folds down really small, is made from durable polyester fabric, this lounger is thick but breathable, and super easy to inflate. Literally, the outdoor wind (or just waving it about) will be enough to have this baby up and running. Oh, and it's got convenient side pockets! Why not use it as a guest bed, too? Plus, it floats so you can use it in a pool. We're obsessed. 

iRegro Inflatable lounger, £22.99

9. For time-starved wannabe chefs: an affordable slow cooker, £21.99

Amazon slow cooker

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It is no secret that we absolutely adore slow cookers, especially in the colder months. Chuck in a load of ingredients, go about your day merrily and return to a wholesome cooked meal. Doesn't that sound like the dream? What we really love about this particular model is the option to scribble and scrawl notes and instructions on the side. Try ingredients, a shopping list or maybe 'Clean up your dishes, you lot!'. This Russell Hobbs slow cooker is decked out with three heat settings and has a capacity of 3.5 litres. 

Russell Hobbs 24180 Chalkboard Slow Cooker, Was £24.99, Now £21.99

10. For roast dinner lovers (seriously, you'll wonder why you never had one before), £10.49

Amazon food carver and chopping board

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The Realhomes.com Sunday roast is often served up on one of these beauties so we were delighted to see it in the Amazon sale (in fact, we're getting another couple at that price). It makes carving so easy and its sloped surface means juices drain from the meat so you can easily scoop them out for gravy! It's dishwasher safe (phew) and is suitable for cutting and carving and chopping. We see an opportunity for less cleaning up on Christmas day on the horizon... and we are not letting that pass us by!

Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Plus Chopping Board, Was £22, Now £10.49