We have the answers to all of your Black Friday questions

Black Friday means Christmas shopping doesn't begin when the lights go on this year, it begins on the 29th November

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The most talked about shopping event of the year is just around the corner, so we thought we'd help you out along the way to prepare. For those who don't know, Black Friday falls on the 29th November this year. By now, you're probably fully aware of the deals and discounts you can expect this Black Friday, as well as the dos and don'ts and the tips and tricks. Behold: all of your questions about Black Friday are answered here. 

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When is Black Friday 2019?

We've got a date for your diaries, boys and girls, Black Friday 2019 will fall on the 29th November this year and you better be ready! Cyber Monday will then take over on the 2nd December.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The name Black Friday came about because it's commonly known as the day of the year in which retailers finally begin to make a profit. Those who work in accounting will already know that a loss of money is referred to as 'being in the red', and positive profits are shown in black. Therefore, the name given to Black Friday has derived from being a positive day for retailers, one in which they gain profits (not so positive for our bank balance, though).

Is there a difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Way before Black Friday was such a big deal in the UK, the day saw great deals on consumer electronics in the US, while Cyber Monday focussed more on clothing and jewellery bargains. Now, though, you can get great deals on everything across the weekend.

The majority of deals are set to last from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday and beyond though, meaning there isn't a huge difference in the dates.

Last year saw Black Friday sales up 78 per cent higher than Cyber Monday, so you'd better mark it in your calendar. 

Are the deals really that good?

The short answer is yes. And we're not going to bore you with the long one. We've even got proof to back it up: Check out our Black Friday expectations for 2019.

Is it worth hitting the shops on Black Friday?

We're going to be honest here, we don't really think it's worth leaving the house for. We've all heard of the madness that comes along with bagging these discounts, so why battle through stores to get a bargain when you can happily (and safely) grab one from the comfort of your own couch? We know you want a little more info on how to get Black Friday deals from your home, so check out our guide. 

Which retailers should I keep my eyes on? 

Which websites have opened their Black Friday pages early? We've got the low-down on that. Otherwise, we suggest keeping your eyes peeled from the start of November onwards, specifically these retailers:

Or, of course, you can also keep returning to us, because we'll be monitoring the best deals for you daily. We have already started rounding up some of the predicted best Black Friday deals, so keep an eye out on these pages for any updates:

Should you participate? 

Oh. Yes. You. Should. Well, if you want to grab the best deals and discounts, that is. 

How to find the best deals?

Well, you could search sites for deals yourself when it gets closer to the date BUT we know you're too busy for that, which is why we're going to be finding all of the best deals and writing about them for you. 

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