8 reasons to choose the smarter than smart Sky Glass — the 4K UHD streaming TV from Sky

The smarter TV for everyone

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Sky Glass is an award-winning TV that is both a style statement and a technology choice that will transform any room. For those who take pride in curating a beautiful home with the latest technology and appliances — it's a no-brainer.

Whether you're decorating a new home or giving an existing scheme a refresh to get it ready for hosting, now is a great time to think about contemporary and modern living room ideas that are complemented by a TV that blends style and function.

If you do need a little bit of gentle persuasion, there are so many ways that Sky Glass can help you save money and make life easier for the whole family. 

1. It's all-encompassing

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With Sky Glass, everything is built in. The dish, box, and six powerful 360° Dolby Atmos® speakers are all integrated and included as standard, so you can say goodbye to messy wires cluttering your room and cramping your style.

2. It can be personalised

Sky Glass can be personalised to suit your individual tastes and any living room media wall design. What's more, this smarter TV is available in five unique colours, including ceramic white, dusky pink, racing green, ocean blue, and anthracite black. Just like your TV, you'll get a choice of ten speaker fascia colorways to match your TV too, so decorating around a TV couldn't be simpler (or more fun).

Whatever the size of your room, you can choose from three Sky Glass sizes (43”, 55”, and 65”), making it a practical and stylish TV wall idea that won't overwhelm your space.

Draw attention upwards by using the provided mounting brackets, or for that coordinated look, opt for a stand and remote in the same hue. Yes, even if you select a pink smart  TV (hey, Barbiecore), green TV, or keep things simple with a white smart TV — Sky has accessories to match.

3. It has 360° sound speakers

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Boasting a 4K HDR picture and six built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos® sound, this beautifully crafted TV not only looks and sounds good but with automatic updates, it will always be the smartest TV around.

These speakers create the ideal cinematic experience from the comfort of the home. So, no, you can pick your own seat, snacks won't cost a fortune (unlike at the movie theatre) and you can enjoy the experience in your favourite pyjama, robe, and slipper trio.

4. You'll never miss a moment

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We get it. Life gets in the way. Babies wake up, guests pop in, the doorbell goes, and takeaways turn up at that cliffhanger moment. With Sky Glass, you can pause, rewind, and restart live TV, so you never have to miss a moment again.

5. Stop channel and app hopping

Applications have meant that we're saturated with choice when it comes to sitcoms, soap operas, and screenplays. But our number one "ick" is channel-flicking and app-hopping to appease everyone.

Save yourself the hassle and spend less time searching and more time watching with everything under one system. In fact: it's better than that. Search for any show across all the apps and Sky will locate it for you. Alternatively, use the 'smarter voice feature' to talk directly to your TV for impressively instant results.

6. Stay connected with Sky Live — the new interactive camera exclusive to Sky Glass

Want your own real-life Gogglebox experience? With the Sky Live Watch Together feature, you can view your favourite TV shows and live sport with your loved ones — even when you can't be together*. Simply video call your friends and family's phone or tablet from your lounge on the big screen. The 4K camera is designed to work exclusively with Sky Glass to unlock hours of fun for the whole family. It also has cutting-edge lens and sensor capabilities that give you a whole new way of interacting with your TV.

Plus, with winter approaching, you won't need to go on dark morning/evening runs to stay in shape. Ditch that gym alarm and workout with a personal trainer on your TV.  You can even analyse your form with body-tracking AI across HIIT, yoga, and strength workouts.

Got a competitive gaming edge? Even grandma and grandpa can get in on the action, using their bodies as the controllers.

*With Sky Live's "Video Call" feature, other participants can have a tablet/phone to join, but for "Watch Together" all participants require Sky Glass & Live.

7. It doesn't cost the earth

With sustainability at its heart, Sky Glass is the world's first TV to be certified CarbonNeutral with auto-switch-off and auto-adjusting screen brightness features to conserve energy and save money on your utility bills. Delivery-wise, it'll even come in packaging with no single-use plastic. Zilch.

8. It's not as expensive as you think

Put simply, expect cutting-edge tech and money-saving value that's accessible to most UK and Irish customers. And, if you don't want to commit to a single downpayment, Sky offers 0% interest installment plans on hardware.

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