6 ways Samsung's The Frame TV can transform your home

See how Samsung's The Frame TV can add wow-factor to your watch list, plus find out how to get a free or discounted bezel with Currys

Samsung's The Frame with kitchen island, bar stool, and black console table
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you're trying to cast the part of the perfect television in your lounge, consider The Frame TV to be the leading star of your living room. As Samsung's flagship Lifestyle model – this is not just your run-of-the-mill movie night set – it's TV re-invented.

Whether you're hosting a games night for the teens (big kids included) or showcasing a football or boxing match for friends, enjoy entertainment that'll keep you on the edge of your seat (while looking good on your Instagram grid, and social timelines too).

From teeing up the Golf PGA Tour to tackling each other for a spot on the sofa for the rugby or Fifa World Cup – it's all fun and games for sports fans with Neo QLED.

Available at Currys, Samsung's The Frame, and Neo QLED TVs will elevate your experience so that you'll never look at your big screen the same again. Here are the top six features to show off in your sitting room.

Samsung's The Frame special features

1. Enjoy brilliant viewing on a glare-free TV

A male watching Samsung's The Frame television at night time with blinds open

(Image credit: Samsung)

When you're watching a new series that's been all over your socials, the only thing that could spoil your viewing experience is a chatty BFF. That, or someone ruining the ending in the comments section.

Unlike cheaper sets from electronic rivals, you'll be able to see every brilliant detail, without the glare of the sun or your room lighting getting in the way.

That's because Samsung’s state-of-the-art Matte TV Display absorbs reflections, so even in bright light, you'll experience the brilliance of watching everything in flawless colour and incredible glare-free 4K detail.

While the specs are impressive on paper, Samsung has measured The Frame's brand-new Matte display against Unified Glare Rating (UGR) testing standards, so it has been truly certified as glare-free by UL (a global independent safety science company). So if you suffer from reflection, discomfort, or disability glare, you can be reassured to know that visual discomfort is truly a thing of the past.

Early bird or a night owl, you’ll take in artworks as realistically as you would in a gallery – and see the incredible detail in every unmissable scene, just as the filmmakers' from your favourite blockbuster envisioned. From picturesque period dramas like Bridgerton to spectacular Sci-Fi elements, lighting and shadows should be the least of your concerns when you're on the couch, ottoman, accent chair, or beanbag.

2. Go from lounge to Louvre with a digital canvas

Samsung's The Frame in kitchen with console table, kitchen island and black bar stools

(Image credit: Samsung)

With Samsung's The Frame, you don't have to whisk yourself to Musée du Louvre to consume the culture of cosmopolitan Paris. Because the trendy tech brand has teamed up with The Louvre, V&A, Tate, and many more establishments to bring you over 1,600 works from 43 different countries, turning a black standby screen to a chic gallery for instant ooh la la.

Browse through a beautiful collection of familiar and undiscovered art, and be the envy of all of your fashionable friends. There's no need to be a natural aesthete to find your favourite pieces. Simply head to the Art Store for fine-tuned recommendations to curate your very own bespoke exhibition – no passport or fine art insurance needed.

Or, bring your kid's classroom crafts or amateur photography to life with a superior show and tell experience – perfect to present creative projects to grandparents and family friends alike. If the world is your oyster, then a blank screen is a canvas.

3. Frame your TV with a beautiful bezel

Samsung's The Frame TV with modern bevel frame design

(Image credit: Samsung)

While our televisions host a plethora of colourful documentaries, movies, and soaps, who can say that their box is a beautiful appliance? Sure, other tellies might have slimline screens or sit on sleek media stands, but The Frame is an en vogue wall accessory in its own right.

With over 40 interchangeable bezel styles, it’s never been easier to inject new life into your space and find a frame to suit your interior personality. Similar to sporting a favourite watch or handbag, you can switch up your style as often as you change your outfits and adorn your walls with a design that's harmonious with the rest of your home.

And, don't let ugly wires cramp your style, because just like your trusty shapewear, every multimedia device can be tidily tucked away in a cabinet that’s up to 5 metres away with a near-invisible cable for all your connections. Effortlessly mount The Frame flush against the wall using the Slim Fit TV Wall-Mount, then let it blend beautifully with your home. Consider this the no VPL promise of the AV world.

What's more, from now until 28th May 2023, you can claim a free Samsung bezel or discounted custom painted-to-order design when you buy The Frame TV (LS03B) – proving style doesn't have to be super expensive. For full bezel colour range and availability (including Zebra and palm print), visit theframebezel.com.

4. Go full gamer mode with Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro

An adult male playing an automobile racing game on console and Samsung's The Frame TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Games consoles are quite the investment, so immerse yourself in another reality with the full sensory experience. Because there's no point spending your hard-earned pounds on superior graphics if you're going to play the game on sub-standard media.  

Racing tournaments mean that every second counts, so ensure you finish first and without technological pit stops that could lose you time. Having the best TV setup, you can cruise through those chicanes and take those corners at top speed.

Samsung’s best-in-class Neo QLED 4K gaming TV and HDMI 2.1 work in perfect synergy with next-gen consoles like the PS5 to deliver ultra-low input lag and ultra-responsive gameplay for an uber-competitive challenge, so you can take pole position. Cutting out the blur between fast-paced images, you'll experience ultra-smooth, lightning-quick, immersive gaming to match your rapid response times.

With the QN95B TV's Ultra HD detail and AI-powered processor, there's no need to buy a specialist gaming monitor, so you can be sure to take those all-important bragging rights while saving on space and budget too. 

5. Tune into games and movies with surround sound

A wall-mounted Samsung's The Frame television with wooden sideboard, round coffee table, and coffee cup decor

(Image credit: Samsung)

Sure, super surround sound is a feature that we've become accustomed to when shopping for a new TV, but what makes The Frame stand out from so-called similar models is an uncompromising, premium audio experience with four multi-directional speakers.

And, for the first time, Samsung's The Frame supports Dolby Atmos technology – bringing you the ultimate cinematic home theatre experience.

Paired with Object Tracking Sound, no matter what you watch, you’ll get thrilling three-dimensional audio that moves with the on-screen action. Great for The Championships at Wimbledon or a jumpy thriller that'll spook even the coolest of teens.

6. See over a billion different colours

Samsung's The Frame television in modern living room with two indoor houseplants and frog on TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's The Frame uses 100% Colour Volume which means you’ll see every hue as it was meant to be seen. With Quantum Dot display technology, it's able to transform light into over a billion true-to-life shades. So you’ll see everything from artwork, to movies and the news, as if you were in a gallery, or behind the scenes in a production studio.

Just like high-end makeup, or indeed a good quality paint, think of this technology as the rich pigments that power your high fashion looks.

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