13 fire pit seating ideas: congregate outside with these cool designs

These hot fire pit seating ideas will have you lounging from noon right until sunset

Cozy outdoor summer garden setting with fire pit bucket and seating area with adirondack chairs
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Toasting marshmallows can be made comfier with fire pit seating ideas. But aside from the nostalgic (and slightly sloppy) sugar rush, you might be looking at ways that you can gather friends and family around the flames in a stylish manner. Because arching your back, or standing on your feet to hold a conversation can be taxing on your tootsies and your posture.

We could gaze at the best fire pits all day if we could. But we've got young, supple joints – unlike grandma or grandpops. So give your guests (young or old) the choice of sitting by the fire with these stylish seating ideas for fire pits.

Whether it's summer or winter, open outdoor fireplaces help to keep the goose pimples away, so you can stay outside for longer. But the problem with these beautiful backyard ideas is that they'll make you want to stay outside until the birds start singing.

1. Soften hard or old seats with outdoor cushions

Outdoor summer seating area with a metal fire pit, lanterns and hanging lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

The best garden furniture can cost hundreds, if not thousands of bucks, so if you're a little short of disposable income – you can tidy up haggard backyard fixtures with this budget garden idea:

'If you feel like your garden furniture is looking a little dull, you don’t have to buy completely new items,' says John Stirzaker, content editor, NetVoucherCodes.

'Adding cushions to chairs and sun loungers is a great way to give your furniture a new look and add another element to your garden. It also allows you to add another color which can transform your space more than you may think.'

2. Or laze about on an outdoor rug and cushion setup

A black chimenea fire pit by pool with circular outdoor area rug and outdoor cushion decor by pool

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

For an uber-relaxed aesthetic, lose the garden chairs completely, and replace them with your best outdoor rug. When you're laying low on the floor, you'll be able to take full advantage of your outdoor fireplace's warmth.

Note that both aforementioned textile decorations can get grubby on the ground. So clean outdoor cushions are a must, and if your area mat looks a bit tired, learn how to paint an outdoor rug to give it a new lease of life.

Amber Dunford, style director, Overstock concurs. She says: 'Firepits are generally a bit lower to the ground, so I would suggest going for seating that sits low with a slight recline so you can maximize the benefits of relaxing by a fire.'

'Even better, opt for lower seating with comfortable cushions so you can lean back and get cozy.'

3. Grab the hottest seat in town with an outdoor cinema

An outdoor setup with round black firepit, woven legless chair, picnic blanket and outdoor cushions, with festoon lighting decor above

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Lights, camera, action! This blockbuster setup is super fun and doesn't take much time to set up. All you need for this fire pit seating idea is your outdoor fireplace, a nice picnic blanket, some festoon lights, outdoor cushions, and some legless chairs (we love the Tatami Woven Rattan Beach Chair from Urban Outfitters to create an almost-identical setup).

Plus you can pick up some of the best outdoor projectors for cheap on Amazon. We like this Auking model we've spotted online which has a 4.5-star rating and will make for the most dreamy cinema setup.

4. Bring everyone together with a bench

A wooden bench with outdoor cushion, throw and black metal firepit

(Image credit: Dobbies)

If you're wondering how to make a small garden look bigger: listen up. Multiple chairs can do a serious injustice to a tiny scheme, so swap out individual seats for a bench setup.

The best garden benches can also double up as tables too and are the perfect furniture to display potted plants and other outdoor decor when you or your guests aren't resting your butts on this long seat.

5. Buy a firepit that comes with matching chairs

A contemporary outdoor setting with firepit table and matching synthetic wicker weave chairs

(Image credit: Dobbies)

For an effortless aesthetic, consider purchasing an outdoor fireplace that comes complete with fire pit seating ideas. For example, this gorgeous Florence firepit 4 seat set from Dobbies is made from synthetic wicker weave for a functional and fashionable arrangement. 

But if you've already bought your fire, you can apply the same rules. Ie: dark metal garden furniture with a black metal fire pit has lots of industrial-chic appeal.

6. Choose metal furniture that's made to last

If you have cracked plastic garden chairs that are hanging on for dear life – this is a PSA to throw them out (or at least attempt to recycle them). Metal is much more durable, and doesn't need to be boring.

'Using metal patio furniture is an excellent, durable way to open up your outdoor space for summer parties, neighborhood cookouts, and meals with your family,' says Dunford.

'The strength, weather resistance, and pricing of metal patio furniture will determine how many years of use and enjoyment you get out of it.'

7. Huddle around the fire pit with an outdoor sofa

An outdoor L-shaped sectional sofa positioned around a circular fire pit with assortment of outdoor cushion decor

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Give your outdoor living space some oh-la-la with an outdoor sofa. Just as you'd have an upholstered piece of furniture in the lounge, use your creative license to select furniture in the same way you'd style a sitting room.

If you're looking for small garden ideas, a loveseat is great for two people, or if you've got a reputation for being the hostess with the mostest, an outdoor sectional or L-shaped sofa is the ideal seating choice.

'Nestling a fire pit in the crook of an L-shaped outdoor sectional creates the coziest corner imaginable.' explains Nadia McCowan-Hill, resident style advisor, Wayfair.

'A sectional is an easy alternative to buying several individual chairs; they can seat anywhere from just one person to more than six people comfortably. Outdoor sectionals are great for entertaining or enjoying a night by the fire with the family.'

8. Create a classic scheme with Adirondack chairs

Evening Garden Setting in Summer with Lights Seating and Fire Bucket

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

If you're looking for a classic firepit seating idea that won't go out of style, consider shopping around for the best Adirondack chairs. These wide-slatted seats are great for lounging, yet aren't as sloped as a chaise longue so you can still sit up to toast your marshmallows.

Go for a bold statement colorway to add interest to your backyard, or keep it sleek and sophisticated with a neutral color. We like how the grey almost blends into the smokey patina of the dark deck idea.

Balance out the moodiness of the grey with lots of lighting. Candles give this decking design an almost Gothic feel, and you can mix real wax lights and faux LED versions from Lights4Fun on Amazon.

9. Create a sheltered spot under a pergola

A outdoor space with pergola covering, fire pit and wooden corner bench

(Image credit: Grillo)

Looking for a way to incorporate chic farmhouse vibes in your backyard? As well as providing shelter, this pergola idea means that the wind won't extinguish the fire, so you can enjoy your pit whether it's pouring with rain or sunshine outside.

Max out on warmth with a corner bench that doubles up as a place to pop your glass /bottle of wine, or rest a board game on this hard, level surface. For a super hygge / Scandi-chic factor, layer this seat with faux fur and sheepskin decor.

10. Keep warm while enjoying alfresco dining

A Med inspired outdoor setting with patio dining chairs and table with central fire pit

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Eating outside is a glorious occasion... when the weather is on your side at least. So make the most of a comfortable climate by pairing your table fire pit with dining chairs (or finding a patio dining set).

It looks so much more put-together than mismatched miscellaneous chairs from the garage and indoor dining room. Not to mention that most gardenware won't rust or get damaged in the rain. But if you're wondering 'is outdoor furniture waterproof?'  we can answer that.

Fake a Mediterranean setting with a blue fence idea (painting a fence is some easy!) and buying a lemon or olive tree on Amazon.

11. Cocoon inside an egg chair for ultimate comfort

A hanging outdoor egg chair positioned next to a black round fire pit

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Now, you'll need to pop on your sneakers for this next fire pit seating idea, because everyone will be racing for dibs on this one...

'Add some intrigue to your outdoor space by setting a hanging chair up by your fire pit. Cushioned with plush throw pillows and blankets, a hanging chair will instantly become the best seat in the house,' says McCowan-Hill.

'Egg chairs can typically seat only one or two people at a time, but there are other options available if you'd like a more accommodating hammock.'

And Dunford says: 'If you want to mix up different styles of seating, a freestanding egg chair works great around a fire pit,'

'These chairs allow you to curl up and adjust your position for conversation. Some even have a swivel option, making them convenient as corner seats.'

12. Mix and match your seating

Outdoor living room with white sofa decor and coral colored metal accent chair decor

(Image credit: Wayfair)

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to seating ideas for fire pits. Everyone's family setup is unique, as are the dynamics that come with it. So while you might be happy to squeeze up next to your siblings, grandma or pops might just want a little breathing space.

Therefore, there's no harm done by switching your seating arrangements up sometimes. Stackable chairs make storage easier, or you could find some indoor/outdoor chairs that you use in both interior and exterior settings, depending on your mood.

'If you're looking for more casual and flexible options around a fire, try using poufs or ottoman-style seating. These can be grouped together, moved around as needed, and easily worked into other seating like sofas or chairs.' says Dunford.

13. Let your fire pit shape dictate the style of seating

Half moon outdoor sofa with with coffee gas firepit table in backard

(Image credit: Moda Furnishings)

'Circular seating works great if you are working with a round fire pit,' explains Dunford.

'It complements the shape nicely, helping your seating arrangement feel harmonious. As a bonus, we tend to have better group conversations in circular seating arrangements, so this is a nice choice if you are someone who likes to host outdoor gatherings.'

An outdoor lounging space with tiled outdoor floor decor, green adironack chairs, black fire pit and arched outdoor mirror decor

(Image credit: Wayfair)

What should you sit around a fire pit?

'An Adirondack chair's tall, reclined back and angled seat makes it perfect for relaxing comfortably or enjoying a conversation,' says McCowan-Hill.

'Thanks to their wide, sturdy armrests, Adirondack chairs can hold multiple beverages at a time. Easily fit several Adirondack chairs closely together around a fire pit and all without the need for any side tables.'

How far should seating be from a fire pit?

'In terms of how far to place your seating from a fire pit, I would suggest about a 3ft or so away as a safe minimum,' says Dunford.

'This should keep your furniture safe from the heat but allow you to enjoy the warmth.'

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