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Fall is for PSLs and Gilmore Girls, winter is for hot chocolates and Christmas movies, and spring is for spring cleaning. But summer? Summer is the time for ALL of the outdoor activities, baby! But if you’re broke AF (like me) and don’t have the dollar bills to head to all of the festivals, parties, and events you’d like to, then it might be time to finally jazz up your outside space instead. That way, you can still enjoy the sunshine without having to pay $30 for a cocktail or wait 45 minutes to use a porta-potty. 

Yep, sometimes it pays to spend a *little* bit of money on your rental — especially if you’re buying outdoor furniture that can be taken with you to your next place. By sprucing up your space and giving yourself somewhere to chill with your besties, top up your tan, or even catch up on your work, you can really enjoy what the summer months have to offer and enjoy the sunshine in all of its glory. But what kinda furniture should you buy? In my opinion, it’s time to get metal!

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Metal patio furniture is a great option for those who want durable and easy-to-clean pieces that won’t break the bank (or your back, because they’re normally pretty light, too). And in this guide, I’ve scoured the internet for the best metal furniture sets, tables, and chairs, which means that you can find pieces that suit you and your space — no matter what you’re working with. But don’t worry, you’ll still have money to buy some ready-mixed cocktails and hot dog sausages when you’re done. Everything in this guide is under $300, so it’s time to rock on bestie! 

9 of the best metal patio furniture pieces that shoppers are loving RN

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Metal patio furniture sets

If you’re someone who likes everything to be perfect, perfect, perfect, then a metal patio furniture set might just tickle your pickle. With chairs and tables included, these sets have everything that you could possibly need for your individual space — and you don’t need to worry about buying anything extra. With everything included in one fell swoop, you can spruce up your outdoor space with larger sofa sets, conversation sets, or even a full-on dining table setup! The choice is yours.  

Metal patio chairs

Let’s be honest; chairs are pretty important. From cute li’l reading nook chairs to dining room chairs, these things can make or break a space. That’s why I’ve searched high and low for some of the best metal patio chairs on the market RN. These bad boys can be mixed and matched with other chairs, you could buy a set of them, you could keep them on their own, or you could buy a table to go with them. Whatever you choose, I have a feeling that you’ll love them as much as I do. 

Metal patio tables

If you’re planning on using your outdoor space for garden parties and chilled morning coffee breaks, then you’re probably going to want a patio table. After all, they come in pretty handy when you need somewhere to eat, drink, and be merry! Thankfully, metal patio tables are super easy to maintain, as most of them are wipe-clean and weatherproof. All you need to focus on is choosing your favorite patio chairs and making yourself the best cup o’ Joe (or Aperol Spritz) in all of the land.


What is the best metal patio furniture?

The best metal patio furniture will be either galvanized or powder-coated to keep out the moisture and ensure it is weather-resistant enough to remain durable outdoors. 

Steel or wrought iron garden furniture is usually the most durable and has the best outdoor longevity. However these metals tend to be very heavy, so you won't want to move them around the garden very often. They also tend to be the more expensive options.

Aluminum garden furniture is generally a cheaper and more lightweight alternative, and as long as it's painted or powder-coated it will still offer decent weather resistance. However, you're more likely to need to store this garden furniture somewhere dry in wet weather to prolong its lifespan and prevent rust, and it's less robust in withstanding hard knocks. 

What metal is best for patio furniture?

Let’s be honest; I’m no metal patio furniture expert. That’s why I decided to enlist the help of an ACTUAL expert to give you the low-down on this topic. Reilly Gray, co-founder of the outdoor furniture brand Suns Lifestyle, told me, “When it comes to patio furniture, you should always look for designs made out of high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also stand the test of time and survive against the elements too.” After all, metal is notorious for becoming rusty or brittle during the wet and cold months. By ensuring that you buy metal patio furniture that has been treated with the great outdoors in mind, you should be able to maintain the high-quality throughout the year. 

Is metal patio furniture better than wood?

Metal garden furniture makes for a strong, durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance option for outdoors. Unlike wooden patio furniture which will need treating each year to preserve its longevity, all that metal garden furniture requires to keep it looking good is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

This makes it a great option if you're looking for the least labor-intensive patio furniture.

Does metal patio furniture rust?

The best metal outdoor furniture is galvanized, powder-coated, or painted to seal and weatherproof the metal and prevent it from rusting. 

However, most manufacturers will still recommend you bring metal garden furniture indoors over winter to protect it from the worst of the elements.

If your powder-coated or painted metal furniture gets chipped it's best to try and reseal the finish with some outdoor paint before any moisture gets in. Check out our guide to how to paint metal garden furniture

How we chose this metal patio furniture

All of the metal patio furniture in this guide has been chosen because the Real Homes team believes they are the best on the market. We always choose products that are rated highly by customers — and don’t worry, we always choose ones that won’t break the bank, either.  

Where to buy metal patio furniture

Still looking for the best metal patio furniture? Check out some more at our favorite retailers below. 

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