The best floor standing speakers: from Dali to Yamaha

For the best home entertainment system, choose floor standing speakers

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There’s no beating floor standing speakers when it comes to sound quality. They project different sound frequencies separately, making highs sharp, mid ranges clear and lows deep and full. They're a must-have for music buffs, party throwers and anyone who appreciates a good piece of kit. We've found the best floor standing on the market – plus there are a few buying tips below.

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What to consider when buying floor standing speakers

The best kind of floor standing speaker will feature at least a 3-way design, which covers a tweeter, a mid range speaker (important for dialogue) and bass drivers for a deep, powerful sound. Our top pick, the Monitor Audio Silver 300 Black Oak Floorstanding Speaker (Pair) promises to deliver incredibly dynamic sound thanks to its three-way design, with users commending its mid-range focus – great for picking up dialogue in films and music tracks.

Floor standing speakers are best placed in large setups. They can feature a traditional wooden exterior, or a modern black exterior, like the Dali Opticon 8 Speakers, but when it comes to choosing the best floor standing speaker for you, sound quality should be the overriding factor.  

The best floor standing speaker

1. Monitor Audio Silver 300 Black Oak Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

When it comes to looks and sound quality, Monitor clinch the top spot

Dimensions: H100cm x W18.5cm x D32.9cm
Power watts: 200
Weight: 20kg
Reasons to buy
+Best-in-class mids

Described as being stylish and delivering the wow factor when it comes to sound, these floor standing speakers are well deserving of our top spot. The three way configuration will ensure each frequency band receives the respect it deserves, ensuring your favourite films and music tracks sound true to how they’re meant to be heard. Those who find it hard to decipher speech in film tracks should take note of its ‘class leading mid range’ which will help to hear even the most dialogue heavy scenes.  

Dali Opticon 8 Speakers

2. Dali Opticon 8 Speakers

With more of a focus on bass and a striking presence, the Dali speakers a close second

Dimensions: H114cm x W24.1cm x D45cm
Power watts: 300
Weight: 34.8kg
Reasons to buy
+Huge bass

Compared to the Monitors, the Dalis will have much more of a presence due to their striking size. But with that additional size comes a big, powerful bass, which is ideal if you love your movie soundtracks. Thanks to the combination of a ribbon tweeter with a dome tweeter, they deliver dynamic sound just as well on the higher frequencies as the lower frequencies. With techies awarding 10 out of 10 on value for money, when it comes to size vs sound quality, there probably isn’t much better.  

Yamaha NSF51 Floorstanding Speakers

3. Yamaha NSF51 Floorstanding Speakers

When pockets are tight, these speakers are probably the best when it comes to budget

Dimensions: H97.35cm x W25.4cm x D23.3cm
Power watts: 80
Weight: 13.7kg
Reasons to buy
+Excellent value

You only have to look at the string of 5 star reviews these Yamaha speakers receive from users to realise that these are pretty up there when it comes to sound quality for your budget. While the significant drop in price means you’re not going to get the three-way sound system that the frequency spectrum really needs, the configuration has been worked so you still receive great highs, great lows and a pretty decent mid range. You can choose from either a black or walnut finish, while their sizing is certainly more favourable for the average size living room.  

Klipsch RP-260F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker

(Image: © Klipsch)

4. Klipsch RP-260F Floorstanding Speaker

Another great speaker that sits comfortably in the under-£1000 bracket

Dimensions: H101cm x W22.89cm x D44.83cm
Power watts: 125
Weight: 22.45kg
Reasons to buy
+Clear, precise and powerful sound

While they won’t quite match the Dalis or the Monitors when it comes to sound performance, thanks to the Tractrix® Horn technology, this speaker should deliver the right combination of precision, clarity and power. It also features a titanium tweeter, which Klipsche promise will deliver open, natural sound, while the bass should be elevated by the cone shaped woofers. Techies say there’s some struggle in the mid-range area, but for execution of sound and volume, they’re worth the spend.  

Dali Spektor 6

5. Dali Spektor 6

Affordable, and promising a big, smooth sound, these Dalis take our 5th place

Dimensions: H97.2cm x W19.5cm x D31.3cm
Power watts: 150
Weight: 32.3kg
Reasons to buy
+Well-balanced treble and bass

If bass is your priority, Dali suggest that these speakers are perfect for bass-heavy tracks, thanks to their twin woofer cones. They should also deliver on the treble front, too, thanks to their high performing treble unit. If you’re looking to create the ultimate sound system, Dali suggest that you pair these speakers up with their others from their Spektor range. In terms of appearance, choose between black or walnut for a look that matches your current style.  

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