Best 75 inch TV: 5 of the best options for your home cinema

Take a look at our best 75 inch TV's for watching your favourite movies with big and beautiful clarity

best 75 inch TV
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If you want a big TV then you'll be looking for the best 75 inch TV (your) money can buy. A television of this size is one of the largest screens you'll be able to watch in the home, which offers a relatively affordably alternative to heading out to the cinema.

And sure. A screen of this size will need some careful consideration, not just because of it's big on/off screen presence but also because of all the confusing acronyms flying around such as OLED, LED, LCD (and the rest!). Which is why were here to help. In this guide we decipher the jargon and showcase our pick of the best 75 inch TVs which have been announced (so far) for 2020. We're ALWAYS on the look out for any new releases so watch this space for more big screens coming to a retailer near you.

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The best 75 inch TV buys

best 75 inch tv: LG OLED77GX6LA

(Image credit: LG)

1. LG OLED77GX6LA (2020) 77in Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV

Best 75inch TV: beautiful on or off, this television will look amazing from any angle

Resolution type: 4K Ultra HD
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: WebOS
Dolby Atmos: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Ultra slim gallery design +Perfect contrasts+Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
Reasons to avoid
-May require a soundbar to provide big sounds 

We love OLED TVs here at Real Homes which is why the LG OLED77GX6LA gets our vote for THE  best 75 inch TV, and gets a lovely badge to mark the occasion. It's SO much more than just a television and is one which will look amazing from any angle.

Beautiful screen
This model offers a uniquely minimalist aesthetic, made possible by OLED’s revolutionary panel technology and ultra-thin form factor. The TV mounts flush to the wall akin to a piece of art in a gallery meaning it is the ultimate choice for interior design fanatics. 

All in OLED
An OLED screen will showcase perfect blacks, intense colour, and infinite contrast which really are in a league of their own when comparing with LED screens.

Boosted with HDR, you'll get even deeper, darker, bolder backgrounds for an incredible contrast. 

Super smart
Boasting Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control built-in, you'l be in a position to easily switch between channels, plus get updates personal to you.

And with Filmmaker Mode and Auto Genre Selection, movie marathons will never be the same.

best 75 inch TV - Samsung QE75Q950TS (2020) QLED HDR 4000 8K Ultra HD Smart TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. Samsung QE75Q950TS (2020) QLED HDR 4000 8K Ultra HD Smart TV

The (2nd) best 75in TV: this big screen is packed with four times the number of pixels as 4K UHD TV and will always looks it's best with AI capabilities

Resolution type: 8K
Panel type: QLED
Smart TV: Smart Hub
Dolby Atmos: No
Reasons to buy
+Stunning 8K upscaling+AI capabilities+Ambient mode+
Reasons to avoid
-Investment price tag

A very close runner up is the Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV. It's Samsung's flagship model, which is easy to see why, but it's BIG price tag is the reason behind it's positioning at this spot.

8k, in every way
This large-scale screen has four times the number of pixels as 4K UHD TVs, which will upscale the content you watch to a similar (if not the same) quality.

The Quantum Processor 8K has powerful  AI capabilities that will optimises the picture and sound performance, so your favourite shows are always looking their best.

The screen
The unrivalled QLED 8K technology is taken to new levels with the unprecedented edge-to-edge infinity screen so you get more from your screen size. The screen is also anti-reflection so you see nothing but the purest picture.

Ambient mode+
Your TV can be turned into a decorative feature (who knew?!). It can display useful information, your own photos, or photos from Samsung's own gallery, or blend seamlessly into the background. You will need a compatible Android or iOS phone to really get the best out of this feature, though.

LG 75NANO906NA 75inch NanoCell 4K HDR LED SMART TV

(Image credit: Amazon)

3. LG 75NANO906NA (2020) 75inch NanoCell 4K HDR LED SMART TV

Best big TV to take (almost) rival an OLED: it's a solid middle-of-the-road option

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Panel type: LED
Smart TV: webOS
Dolby Atmos?: No
Reasons to buy
+Wide viewing angles+Impressive black levels for an LED
Reasons to avoid
-No HDR10+

A fraction of the price compared to the OLED TVs in this guide, the Nano90 is an affordable option if you want to watch a big TV with some fancy trimmings.

NanoCell technology 
Unique to LG, this tech promises to deliver pure and realistic colours to give you an incredible 4K Ultra HD display across the entire screen.

It also has wide viewing angles which means that you can sit pretty much anywhere in the room where you have sight of the screen and no detail will be missed.

Enjoy your favourite content from top streaming platforms
Enjoy instant access to your favourite streaming platforms with webOS – that's Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more, without the need for trailing wires, connected laptops or expensive satellites.

best 75 inch TV: Sony Bravia KD77AG9

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

4. Sony Bravia KD77AG9 (2019) 77in OLED HDR 4K Smart TV

Best 75 inch TV for upscaling: another OLED screen and this one combines the deep blacks with Pixel Contrast Booster for a super-sized colour contrast, even when upscaling content

Resolution: Ultra HD
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: Android TV
HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision (incoming via firmware update)
Reasons to buy
+Impressive upscaling+Amazing picture quality+Sounds great
Reasons to avoid

Next up in our list is this incredible television from Sony, which makes another fantastic option if you're serious about creating a home cinema experience.

Pixel boosting 
The Sony Bravia KD77AG9 combines the deep blacks on the OLED screen with Pixel Contrast Booster, for an enhanced colour contrast. Throw in the TRILUMINOS Display and Ultimate Picture Processor, you'll see an expansive range of brightness, detail and colour across the big screen which will bring everything you're seeing to life.

Impressive speaker system
Beyond its boosting prowess the set also features a pretty unique speaker configuration which actually sees it vibrate its screen itself to create sound. 

best 75 inch TV: Panasonic TX-75FX750B

(Image credit: Amazon)

5. Panasonic TX-75FX750B (2019) 75in LED HDR 4K Smart TV

Best 75 inch TV on a budget: this big screen can be yours for around half the price of the top spot TV, but does not skimp on quality

Resolution: Ultra HD
Panel type: LED
Smart TV: My Home Screen 3.0
HDR: 4K Pro HDR, HDR10+
Reasons to buy
+Amazing colour-boosting+Cinema display+Elegant design
Reasons to avoid
-Poor app support

Lastly, but by no means least, is this 75 inch TV from Panasonic which is poised to bring a cinema-type experience into the home without a hefty price tag.

Cinema experience
Tuned by a top Hollywood colourist, Panasonic’s HCX Processor will do any film you're watching true justice, and one which plays up to the film-makers' vision. Expect blacker blacks, whiter whites, lustrous contrast, and a wider colour range which will rival the other 75 inch TVs in this guide.

Combine this with one of the market-leading High Dynamic Range (HDR), a 4K Ultra HD definition (plus a load of other picture-enhancing tech to boot), you'll see stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail across your new big screen.

Intuitive Smart Platform
Panasonic's Smart platform is known as ‘my Home Screen 3.0’ , powered by Firefox OS, which provides quick and intuitive access to the content you want. Here you can access all the usual apps from the TV's customisable home screen, plus cloud services enable you to quickly switch over from watching TV to playing games.

Sleek design
Framed with a premium material bezel, the Panasonic TX-75FX750B is a picture in itself. It looks great when switched of, and looks the part when showcasing the best entertainment offerings.

How to choose the best 75 inch TV

Suffice to say that getting a TV that's over 70 inches in size is a commitment, and not one to be undertaken lightly. Here's what you should consider before making a purchase:

Even if you've got the space for it, 75 inch TVs are expensive by their very nature. Don't go for this size unless you're prepared to spend a significant amount of money. Trust us, if you're looking for a cheap option then you'd be much better off getting a more premium set in a smaller size. 

If you're comfortable with the space and monetary costs then you have a decent number of choices of TV, far more than you would have had in previous years.

In terms of panels, it's a pretty even split between OLED and LCD. Of the two, LCDs are the cheaper option but you'll still be paying OLED prices for them at this size. If you want the perfect blacks and wide-viewing angles of OLED then TVs at this size can easily jump into the tens of thousands - you have been warned.

Before we dive into our list of the best TVs available at this size we should just quickly point out that we've included a couple of 77 inch choices because frankly at this size you're unlikely to notice the extra couple of inches. 

Big screens don't always mean big sound so if you don't already have the best soundbar, then it would be worth looking in to getting one so you can achieve that surround sound experience.

Our pick of the best 75 inch TV

Just to recap... if you want the best 75inch TV (in our opinion) we wouldn't hesitate to buy the LG OLED77GX6LA (2020) 77in Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV. It's practically perfect i very way, and is a screen which will look good on or off. It portrays beautiful picture quality because of it's dazzling OLED qualities which really are unrivalled. This screen really is one to watch if you want to create a home cinema.

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