Trust me when I say that these practical and stylish kitchen rugs are perfect for covering ugly rental floors

Adulting has never been so chic (and cheap)

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I’d always thought that rugs were solely confined to cozy spaces ⁠— the living room, bedroom, or dining room ⁠—  I mean, it just makes more sense, right? But, after a little bit of soul-searching (*cough* internet shopping *cough*), I had a rug-piphany and realized that the right rug can literally go ANYWHERE. Yes, even in a kitchen. There, I said it! You might think that putting a rug in a kitchen is just asking for stains and spills, but as along as you buy the right type of rug, you'll be golden.

In my eyes, rugs in kitchens are the equivalent of pineapples on pizza. I'm actually all for them, especially if you're working with ugly rental features that you desperately want to cover. From beautiful runners to bold area rugs, I’ve seen these stylish and chic kitchen additions on countless of our favorite influencers' feeds. But I kinda just always assumed that these photos were just for the sake of the 'Gram. Boy was I wrong. I've found tons of practical and stylish kitchen rugs that are all proof that if you choose the right material, you won’t have to worry about ruining it when you accidentally drop your chai latte before you even managed one sip. Take it from me, you need one of these rugs in your life and in your kitchen.

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What type of rug is best for a kitchen?

The material of a kitchen rug is key, both in terms of cleanliness and safety. The general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right rug for your kitchen is that you should opt for materials that offer shorter piles, as they are easier to maintain and less likely to be worn down in such a high-traffic area. In fact, the best material options for a kitchen rug are: 

Polyester: This material might not be your go-to choice for larger, more decorative rugs in the living room, but a polyester rug should be your go-to in the kitchen. Not only is this material extremely durable, strong, and resistant to fading (which is perfect if you have a light-filled kitchen), but it's also super easy to clean thanks to its stain-resistant qualities. 

Wool: Although you might think that a wool rug in a kitchen is a recipe for disaster, this soft material lends itself well to sitting in a kitchen. That's because wool is normally also covered in lanolin, a wax that creates a barrier between potential stains and the natural wool fibers. This makes it naturally stain resistant! 

Vinyl/PVC: If you're looking for a low-maintenance kitchen rug, then vinyl should be your material of choice. When cared for properly, a vinyl rug can last up to 20 years, but it doesn't take a lot to maintain! By simply wiping a vinyl rug down with a cloth and diluted hand soap, it can be spotless again in seconds.

Jute or sisal: Yes, natural fibers work perfectly in the kitchen. They're durable, neutral, and the perfect transitional piece that allows you to redecorate your kitchen without adding another rug purchase into the mix. They're also extremely affordable, and often much cheaper than alternatives on the market. 

All in all, be sure to check if your rug is washable (or how easy it is to clean) before putting it into your kitchen as one drop of a strawberry and your shiny new rug might just be ruined for good. Either way, you'll want to keep a good upholstery cleaner in your cleaning caddy just in case. And read our how to clean a rug guide for more tips and tricks.

More things to consider when buying a rug for your kitchen

It’s also important to think about the safety aspect of a kitchen rug. Whether your dishwasher leaks or you spill your drink, you'll need to find a design that has a non-slip backing to ensure that you don’t go flying. And because constantly having to move a rug back to where it's supposed to be is just annoying. If you can't find one with a non-slip backing, you can easily buy one of these separately. They sell plenty of non-slip rug pads on Amazon in a range of sizes.

While practicality is of the utmost importance when choosing a kitchen rug, that definitely doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style or shape. From round rugs to vintage-inspired patterns, there are now so many practical yet safe kitchen rugs on the market. Just be sure to buy the right size rug for your space, and never go too big or you will risk safety.

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