10 ways to cover up ugly rental features and create a peppy ambiance instead

Distract and disguise

Fun, colorful wallpapered fridge idea
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Sure, renting allows free-spirited flexibility for us nomadic souls. But unfortunately, it can also feel super restrictive when it comes to decorating. Working with what you have isn't always easy when rental walls, carpets, and other features are simply not okay. The awkward fact is that we're stuck with whatever appliances and fixtures that are already in situ, and let's face it — they're usually cheap, dated, and ugly (I can vouch for that in my current apartment!) 

So let's think creatively peeps! As a stylist, I'm an absolute believer that any interior situation can be transformed from drab to fab with a few styling hacks and savvy home decor shopping picks. It's all about the art of distraction and disguise... 

Here's the POA... Having recently reworked my pocket-sized rental into a super cute apartment sanctuary filled with comforting designs and pretty details that distract from the horror show office-style carpeting, nasty pine doors, awful backsplash, and kitchen cabinets ick, I'm here to offer affordable and security deposit-friendly buys to fugly up the worst offenders. 

Let's get our interior magician mode on! 

1. Use peel and stick wallpaper on doors

Cute feminine bedroom with pastel geo wallpaper on door

(Image credit: @rohouseproud)

I love this game-changing idea, and it's such a fun weekend project! Peel and stick designs offer a super easy way to update offensive doors, whilst adding color, pattern, and personality all in one hit! And it's a fresh take on the yawn wallpaper feature wall. 

2. Swap-in decorative knobs on cupboards and cabinets

Cute whale design door knobs on kitchen cabinet

(Image credit: knobNknock at Etsy)

It's all in the decorative details! Glow up weary cabinets in a flutter with a gorgeous glimmer from too-cute designs. A simple screwdriver should be enough (in most cases) to remove the current, très boring designs. (Remember to pop hardware somewhere safe as you'll need to reinstall them pre-vacating the property).

3. Layer ick flooring or carpets with feature rugs

Bright and breezy boho lounge with natural textures and houseplants

(Image credit: @boho.bnb)

As much as we want to rip it out, we just can't — well not if we want that deposit dollar back! So, let's get over it already and action a remedy! Think like Aladdin and Jasmine, and get on to "magic carpets" with TikTok rug faves.  I adore uber tactile, boho patterns with tassels or fringing for the ultimate cover-up job. You don't need to hide every inch of flooring — a rug per space will be enough to re-focus attention away from what lurks beneath. A long runner in a narrow entranceway (like mine) sets up a stylish first impression. 

4. Make a statement with feature pendant shades

Beaded, tiered chandelier in boho style, with tassels

(Image credit: MyJungleBoho at Etsy)

Lone ranger lightbulb glaring harshly at you from above? Glow up your aesthetic quite literally with a trending, textured pendant shade that does all the talking without hogging precious floor space. Ambiance and added depth nailed!

5. Choose chic kitchen accessories to distract from a dated backsplash

Boho kitchen with styled corner featuring natural materials accessories and aged metal tray

(Image credit: Sainteriorstyle)

If you're working with a backsplash on the wrong side of retro, you need some budget kitchen ideas to beautify your cozy cooking space. And there's a lot you can do with just a few practical picks of happiness! So instead of choosing "make-do" kitchen essentials, invest in beautiful, unique, and sustainable kitchen products. Think shapely wood and marble chopping boards, gorgeously grainy wooden utensils, and hand-of-the-maker ceramic storage jars — your countertops will be perked up ASAP and you'll be very distracted from the not-so-pretty tiles you can't swap out. 

6. Shelfie it up with an over-toilet shelf ladder

Modern-industrial over toilet shelf ladder styled with toiletries

(Image credit: Amazon)

Same tile-torment scenario in the bathroom? I hear ya! And I can not shout enough about the virtues of an over-toilet shelf ladder! Amazon (opens in new tab) has the best collection of nifty designs. These wetroom wonders deliver instant storage, and a golden opportunity to get your best "shelfie" mode on to create a gorgeous display of cute bathroom decor. Mine has a "Mermaid's spa" vibe going on. I barely even notice the toilet or meh tiles now!

No reno needed whoop!

7. Hide ancient radiators with a cover

Radiator cover in chic neutral interior set-up

(Image credit: @bethanyhome_)

Prehistoric eyesore radiators are a total aesthetic killer! But fear not, there's an easy solution on the toasty-home horizon... With a chic radiator cover that is! These compact "pop-on" designs, cover all the grim whilst still allowing the heating to do its radiating thing. And you can utilize the top as a shelf to display a cute flower home decor idea to elevate your overall scheme. Real cute! 

8. Invest in cute small appliances

Colorful mood mixer with fresh flowers and rainbow design serving board

(Image credit: @wunderblumen)

Okay, so bulky white goods (think washing machine, fridge, freezer) might be out of your control (and budget) to shift, BUT you can totally change up a lackluster cooking space with the best small kitchen appliances. So pop that gawdawful landlord-provided kettle in the back of the cupboard, and bring in chic, affordable picks that are as stylish as they are functional. Good things come in small packages amirite?! 

9. Add another dimension with light filtering drapes

If your apartment is boxy, or perhaps you haven't got that view stripped from a National Geographic, think about setting the scene to homely comfort from the inside out with full-length drapes, waterfalling in texture and tactility. 

My ground-floor apartment is narrow and darkish, so I've opted for relaxed material full-length panels in a mid-sheer finish to give the illusion of added height, whilst creating a breezy look and feel. (In fact, they're these exact ones from H&M as listed below.)

Never be afraid to remove pre-installed blinds. Just because it's in situ doesn't mean that you have to live with it (pun intended!) I've always removed the offenders and swapped in my loves. As long as everything is returned to its move-in state, you'll be golden. 

10. Use dead wall space to manifest dreams

Visualization cork board with houseplants

(Image credit: @armelle_la_sostranienne)

Worried about damaging walls with a full-blown gallery wall? Try a mindfulness-loving visualization wall instead, using tear sheets and cut-outs of inspirational images secured with paint-friendly Washi tape. (Try Amazon (opens in new tab) and Etsy (opens in new tab) for cute patterned options.)

Put it out to the universe, and the universe shall deliver...

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