I only wear black, so believe me when I say these black rugs are so damn stylish

The LBD of the homes world

Black fluffy rug on room with white chair and curtains
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Black is classic, clean, and so stylish. There's nothing extravagant about the color (if you class it as one), but it certainly carries an elegance. There's the iconic YSL suit, the classic Chanel bag, Prada loafers — all valued for their timeless black colors that cease to go out of style. And let's not forget about the little black dress. 

Yes, I'm obsessed with the color black. But I'm not just talking about fashion. My closet may consist of black clothes ONLY and my go-to accessory is a black pair of statement sunnies, but this unrivaled shade takes the lead in my home, too. Minimalists, you'll get my vibe. I have all-black furniture, black bedding sets, and sleek appliances to match. Next on my wish list? A black rug. 

Bringing the same sophisticated energy as you'd see on the runway, a black rug — in an open-plan living space especially — will add depth and warmth. I've been browsing rug retailers you know and love (that won't cost as much as a designer bag), and these are the three best rugs I'm into RN. 


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What does a black rug do to a room?

A black rug will make a space feel warmer and essentially, smaller. Ideal if you have an open-plan apartment or hardwood floors that feel cold and uncomfortable. Opt for a fluffy type if you're wanting extra cozy vibes or go for jute if you're needing something a little simpler. If you have a large living room (lucky) or a big bedroom (even luckier), then a dark-colored rug will make the space feel less sprawling.

Louise Oliphant
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