5 Gen Z and millennial influencers to follow for all things homes and interiors

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Contemporary living room with green sofa and red mushroom lamp
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Whether you're scrolling your FYP or checking out what's on explore, influencers keep us on-trend and have become our go-to for all the fashion, beauty, and interior inspiration we need — even when we're not looking for it. 

I've got to give it to them. Consistent posting, keeping up with viral trends, and maintaining a genuine following is pretty impressive. From the millennial OGs to Gen-Z newbies, content creators in the home sphere share their personal interior styles, Amazon home finds, and small apartment hacks, all to make our own home decor journeys a little easier.

These five accounts I'm currently loving will keep you up to date with all the latest interior design trends, from mushroom lamp dupes to celeb-approved cloud couches. Consider your feed curated. 

1. Emma Chamberlain 

Starting with the queen of influencers, Emma Chamberlain always shows up with the coolest of fashion finds, coffee-making tips, and most recently, interior design trends. Her AD Open Door video gave us a sneak peek into her '70s-inspired home, and you can now keep tabs on more of her funky affordable Etsy finds on Instagram. Yes, you can get that acrylic side table for cheap. 

2. Victoria Paris 

You may know her for her fun fashion and lifestyle content on TikTok (@victoriaparis). But what you might not know, is Paris' rise to video fame came from her "problematic apartment" series where she shared the issues that came with living in an *extremely* tiny New York apartment. Since then, she's moved into a bigger space and is filling it with all the iconic mid-century furniture finds you can think of — check that huge orange cloud couch. 

3. Katelyn Sailor

When I say I'm obsessed... Katelyn's colorful New York apartment is a dopamine decor dream house. This gal is your go-to if you drool over pastel colors but don't know how to inject a cute kitsch aesthetic into a small space. She's totally transformed her rental with a range of contemporary furniture and Y2K home decor. Think fluted velvet chairs and those bouclé knot cushions you've been seeing all over Pinterest. 

4. Bethany Brill 

Renovating her 1980s townhouse, Brill's bright and colorful home is simply zen. Mixing natural woods with blocks of primary colors and classic patterns, it's giving vintage IKEA meets contemporary fun house. With a few Wayfair finds, like the iconic wavy mirror, and simple stools you can grab off Amazon, if you're loving this vibe, then Brill offers plenty of inspo. 

5. Kelly Marcelo

Studio dwellers, you have to follow this account. Cute and cozy, I just can't get over how amazing Marcelo has made this teeny room look. There are disco balls galore, a velvet headboard, fluffy throws, and a gallery wall, but this place looks far from cluttered or overwhelming. For all the tips and tricks on how to style a studio with plenty of pink home decor and house plants without going completely #fairycore, you'll want to hit that follow button.

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