6 Black Friday cleaning deals for people who hate chores

In need of Black Friday cleaning deals before the family call round? If you like a tidy house for minimal effort, grab a handy gadget to do it for you

A dog on a beige living room carpet with a robot vacuum
(Image credit: iRobot)

Looking for some savvy Black Friday cleaning deals? If you love an immaculate home but HATE cleaning, we've got you covered with these deals... If you can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you, you need gadgets: handy helpers that can do the heavy lifting (of dust) with minimal effort from yourself. 

And Black Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself to a time saver as there are great discounts on the best vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so much more. We’ve picked six of the best that will soon have your home looking like you’ve spent hours wrangling the vacuum or duster, when you’ve really spent that time on the sofa (don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

Black Friday cleaning deals so you don't have to lift a finger

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1. Relax as the robot vacuums

an iRobot Roomba vacuum

(Image credit: iRobot)

Technology’s greatest boon to the cleaning-averse has been the robot vacuum cleaner. It’s as cute as a pet but will actually clean up after yours. It trundles efficiently around your floors using sensors to guide it, smartly avoiding obstacles like furniture and negotiating rugs and changes in floor surfaces. All it needs is a Wi-Fi connection and a space to dock to recharge.

Some even come with an option to empty itself into a pillar afterwards, so you don’t even need to do that. The iRobot Roombas on iRobot are currently on offer for Black Friday, with savings of hundreds of pounds. So if you prefer cleaning to be a spectator sport rather than requiring audience participation, this could be the best buy you've ever made. Check out these Roomba Black Friday deals too and get the best price on one of the best robot vacuum cleaners

2. Mop with minimal effort

A woman cleaning a tiled floor in a kitchen with a Shark steam mop

(Image credit: Shark)

If you have to handle an appliance or gadget, pick one that does most of the work for you. Mopping is a bore and nobody has scrubbed floors since the musically inclined urchins in Annie were bemoaning their hard knock life. To get sticky, grimy hard floors clean, a steam mop can give a deep clean through the power of hot water. 

One of the best steam mops, the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UK on Shark has steam blast technology to tackle dried on spills, and thanks to its double-sided head, you can cover twice the amount of floor – when one side gets dirty, just flip to the other side.

And there is touch-free removal so you don’t need to touch the cleaning pads afterwards. For Black Friday, it’s reduced from £149.99 to £99.99 at Shark.

3. See clearly with a robot window cleaner

Electriq Clara window and floor mop

(Image credit: Electriq)

You can hire window cleaner to wash your windows, particularly those hard-to-reach-without-a-ladder top floor windows. But if you can still barely see outside for dust, smears and finger marks, it might be time to tackle the inside panes. If you don’t want to dig out the dusters, there’s a robot that will do it for you. 

Robot window cleaners like the Electriq Clara window and floor mop on Appliances Direct are a thing now. This genius little device is secured to the window by motor-powered suction, while built-in AI technology guides it round as the water absorbent cloths clean and polish. There is a safety cord you can attach so it won’t fall off if the suction fails. It'll even clean the floors for you when it's done your glazing. 

Now what window cleaner would do that? There is a Black Friday deal over at Appliances Direct at the moment, so bag that bargain.

4. Keep clothes fresh and dodge the washing

Bosch FreshUp cleaning device

(Image credit: Bosch)

How often do you clean your clothes? Do you wash after every wear or sniff for odors and check for stains and if none are visible you’re good to go? 

If you don't want to have the washing machine on constantly, or have damp washing clinging to every radiator in winter, the clever little Bosch FreshUp on Amazon will leave even pre-worn clothes smelling fresh from the dryer. It’s a portable odor removal device that uses plasma technology to neutralise smells on your clothes (it lights up purple to show it’s working). 

And you can use it on other fabrics too, so you can run it over your furniture or bedding and having it smelling fresh without having to spritz it with chemicals. 

5. Speed through cleaning with a super SonicScrubber

SonicScrubber Household combi pack

(Image credit: SonicScrubber)

Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver has got him/her/them out of many a tight spot, and the SonicScrubber is just as handy. Whether you’ve got grime round your plughole, mould turning your tile grout brown, or limescale clinging round the tap spout, this motorised brush will get rid of it. 

You could try scrubbing away with an old toothbrush, but who has the time, energy and the toothbrushes for that? This oscillates the brush head 25 times faster than you can clean by hand. And it’s got interchangeable heads in smaller sizes to reach those really tricky icky spots. SonicScrubber Household combi pack is £18.99 at Amazon.

6. Make your home a clean air zone

Beldray Total Air Purifier

(Image credit: Beldray)

What's an air purifier got to do with cleaning, we hear you ask? Simple. It cleans the air that you breathe. It contains filters that purify the air, removing all the  pollutants, allergens, and toxins that can make life a misery for allergy sufferers. And the fresher your home smells, the cleaner it will feel. And one of the best air purifiers is on sale. Bag a Beldray Total Air Purifier on offer at Studio now.

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