The best OLED TV 2020: our top picks for unrivalled image quality

Invest in the best OLED TV you can for the latest in pixel technology and an unrivalled viewing experience

the best OLED TV: Sony Bravia KD55AF9
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Our pick of the best OLED TVs can't be beaten when it comes to image quality. Yes, they're expensive, but because of the way an OLED panel's pixels emit their own light rather than relying on a backlight, they can generate what are referred to as 'perfect blacks' where their pixels turn off entirely. 

So, if you're a film or box set junkie looking for the best of the best, you're in the right place. We'll outline the pros and cons of each of our OLED TVs, allowing you to choose a model that best suits your budget and requirements.

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What is the best OLED TV?

The best OLED TV currently available is the LG C9 OLED Series, thanks to its unrivalled picture quality, stylish, slimline design and smart features. 

Though it makes for quite a substantial investment, we think it's more than worth it if you're looking for an at-home cinematic experience.

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How to buy the best OLED TV?

When it comes to buying the best OLED TV to suit your needs, there are a few factors worth considering before making an investment. These include:

Display quality

If you're buying an OLED TV today, then you have much more choice than you would have had in previous years as multiple manufacturers have now embraced the technology, including Panasonic, Sony, and Philips in addition to OLED stalwarts LG. 

The problem is that all of these manufacturers are using panels made by LG's subsidiary LG Display, meaning that they're all fundamentally using the same display hardware to generate an image. 

The good news is that this means it's hard to go too wrong when you're buying an OLED since the differences between these sets ends up being fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things.

Sound quality

The single biggest differentiating factor between these TVs is sound. Some of the sets feature hefty front-facing soundbars, while others have pretty puny downward-firing speakers mounted on their rears. 

Either spend more upfront on a TV with a better set of speakers, or else be prepared to buy the best home theatre system or the best soundbar you can, at a later date, if you want half-decent sound. 

Picture processing

In addition to sound there are also some more minor differences with how each TV processes its picture before it's sent to the panel hardware to display. Some sets are better at handling non-4K HDR content, while others excel at getting every bit of detail out of pristine Ultra HD source material.

These different levels of picture processing also mean that input lag can vary between sets, meaning some are better suited to gaming than others. 

The best OLED TVs you can buy right now

the best OLED TV: LG C9 OLED Series

(Image credit: LG)

1. LG C9 OLED Series

Best OLED TV: smart and stylish, with unrivalled image quality, this is our top rated OLED TV

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: webOS Smart TV
HDR: 4K cinema, HDR
Sizes available: 55, 65 and 77-inches
Reasons to buy
+Unrivalled image quality+Great smart capacity
Reasons to avoid

Our top rated OLED TV, the LG C9 OLED Series is smart and stylish, offering everything you need and more in a TV. We'll admit that it's something of an investment, but this set won't be beaten when it comes to quality. Here's why it's our top rated model.

Perfect colour

As you're probably already aware, OLED TVs offer unrivalled picture quality. This is mostly due to the presence of self emitting pixels, which produce perfect blacks and a wide range of colours. If you're looking for outstanding image quality, or want to see a film as a filmmaker intended, this model certainly won't disappoint. 

Cinematic experience

If you're investing this much money in a TV, it's likely that you're looking for a viewing experience that's verging on cinematic. Well, that's exactly what you get with this offering from LG, as it successfully transforms your home into an entertainment powerhouse, thanks to cinematic HDR sound and imaging.

Adaptable technology

Designed to optimise picture and sound quality, depending on what you're watching, AI integrated technology learns how best to enhance your viewing experience. This means you'll never have to faff around with settings, again, hallelujah. 

Slimline design

A stylish, slimline design allows this model to blend in with any scheme. Plus, it's designed with limited cable clutter, so you won't have to worry about trailing wires ruining the rest of your scheme.

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the best OLED TV: Sony Bravia AF9 OLED

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

2. Sony Bravia AF9 OLED

Best OLED TV for design: a sleek, minimalist design that will suit any space

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: Android TV
HDR: 4K Ultra HD
Sizes available: 55 and 65-inches
Reasons to buy
+Sleek, minimalist design+Great quality speaker+Built in Google Assistant
Reasons to avoid

Another top-ranking OLED TV, the Sony Bravia AF9 OLED harmonises visuals and sound for an impressive, cinematic experience. Here are our favourite features.


As is standard with OLED models, this television set offers impressive luminescence and colour graduation for an incredible visual experience. We're talking deep blacks, light, bright whites and an incredible range of colours. Plus, blur-free images are impressive from a variety of angles.

The screen is the speaker

Thanks to three specially-designed actuators positioned in the back panel, the screen is able to functions an acoustic surface. In real terms, this means that sounds emanate accurately from their point of origin.

Smooth and sharp sequences

Designed with Motionflow XR, you can expect beautifully smooth and sharp images, even in the fastest of footage. If you're an action or live sports film, this is the feature for you.

Connect to a wider smart system

This model comes with Google Assistant built-in, making it easier than you might imagine to connect it to your wider smart home system.

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the best OLED TV: LG OLED B7 Series

3. LG OLED B7 Series

Best OLED TV on a budget: a fantastic model for those looking for something a little less expensive

Resolution: Ultra HD
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: WebOS
HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision
Sizes available: 55-, 65-inches
Reasons to buy
+Cheapest of LG's OLEDs+Exactly the same picture quality as sets five times its price
Reasons to avoid
-Weak sound - be prepared to buy an external soundbar

LG produces a range of OLED televisions, and we think the LG OLED B7 Series is best value of the lot of them. Here's why...

Impressive picture quality

While there are often thousands of pounds of difference between the range of models offered by LG, their picture quality is actually exactly the same. So, whether you spend just over a thousand pounds or not, you'll get a pretty comparable visual experience. 

Buildable sound quality

Where the sets differ is in their sound quality, and the B7 has the worst of the lot. If you're going to opt for this TV then be sure to budget some money for an external soundbar or set of speakers. Interested? browse our pick of the best soundbars and the best wireless surround sound systems.

Additional features

Its input lag is low enough that it makes for a fantastic gaming TV, and its WebOS smart TV operating system is fast and easy to use. If you want to see what all the OLED fuss is about, then LG's B7 is a fantastic entry point. 

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4. LG OLED E7 Series

Best budget OLED TV for sound quality: LG's budget OLED is a fantastic buy and doesn't require a separate soundbar

Resolution: Ultra HD
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: WebOS
HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision
Sizes available: 55-, 65-inches
Reasons to buy
+Great picture quality and OS+Beefy sound
Reasons to avoid
-Not quite as good with HD/SDR content as the Sony A1

If you like the look of LG's B7 but don't want to have to invest in an external sound system then the LG OLED E7 Series is an absolutely fantastic option. Here's why.

Image quality

Okay, so by this point we're pretty sure you get that OLED TVs offer an impressive viewing experience. Well, same goes for this model, with its impressively deep dark tones and bright whites. It just so happens to come at a fraction of the price of some of the higher end models.

Sound quality

The difference between the B7 and the E7 is that it comes equipped with a chunky forward-facing soundbar. It's less sleek as a result, but with sound performance like this you're unlikely to care too much. 

Otherwise, this is exactly the same TV as the model above – meaning that it, too, comes with an easy to use webOS smart system, impressive picture quality and interface. 

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best OLED TV: Panasonic EZ1002 Series

4. Panasonic EZ1002 Series

Best OLED TV for AV: this is one for the real AV geeks

Resolution: Ultra HD
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: My Home Screen
Sizes available: 65-, 77-inches
Reasons to buy
+Colours as accurate as they come+Sleek OS
Reasons to avoid
-No Dolby Vision

Panasonic's EZ1002 series of televisions is about as good as OLED TVs get, hence why they've made an appearance in our top charts. Here's what we love.

Accurate colour

These sets, as is the case with all OLED TVs, have phenomenally accurate colours, meaning that you're really seeing content exactly as was intended in the editing suite. 

Impressive soundbar

Beyond picture quality, the EZ1002 is also equipped with a pretty hefty soundbar that provides a great level of audio clarity to complement its visuals. 


The one downside here is that the EZ1002, unlike LG and Sony's models, does not and will not support Dolby Vision, the enhanced HDR standard from the veteran AV company. 

Instead, it will be receiving support for HDR10+ via a forthcoming firmware update. Initial comparisons suggest that HDR10+ offers a very similar level of performance to Dolby Vision, but it will be up to content creators to support it, and this part of the equation is still something of an unknown. 

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