When is Black Friday 2020? We have the date and all the details...

Mark your calendars! This is when Black Friday 2020 will be this year. Not long to wait...

When is black friday 2020? shopping online
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Waiting patiently for Black Friday 2020? Us too. With the absence of the Amazon Prime Day sale in July, we've been itching to bag some bargains all year now. And, with little knowledge as to when the new postponed date will be, our hopes are sitting high with Black Friday. For those who don't know: this sale always usually falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, with Cyber Monday being on the Monday following. This sale event usually lasts from Friday to Monday, but the momentum usually starts building up a week or so ahead of the Friday, with some prices lasting until Wednesday at a stretch.

This sale event is different from Amazon Prime Day as the majority of retailers – US and UK – usually take part from Walmart to Wayfair, Currys PC World, John Lewis, and Target. During Black Friday you can usually find hundreds of tech bargains, lots of appliances on sale, and a huge range of discounted furniture as well as much, much more. And, since 2020 has been a dry year for sales, we're hoping this year's event will be bigger and better than ever.

We're not going to make you wait anymore – keep scrolling for the date of Black Friday 2020 and pop it in your phone calendar now so you don't forget.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday 2020 will fall on the 27th of November, and Cyber Monday on the 30th of November. This makes a great time to do your Christmas shopping – it's exactly 5 weeks to the day until Christmas Day.

Last year, for 2019, Black Friday was on the 29 November and Cyber Monday on the 2nd December – just a little later. 

We expect the weekend – and the days leading before and after – to be chock-a-block with deals and we'll be covering every one of them to make shopping the sales easy for you.

When do the Black Friday deals start in 2020?

It should come as no surprise that Black Friday is not just a weekend event. This large sale sees retailers start reducing their prices from the first and second weeks of November, while the week leading up to the sale usually has some good deals in-store, too. While, of course, the true deals can be found on the actual days that Back Friday and Cyber Monday fall, if you aren't fussed about a few dollars or pounds and want to guarantee that saving, it's a smart idea to buy early. That way, should websites crash – it has happened before! – you needn't worry about a thing. And, one thing's for sure: this Black Friday is going to be crazy. Several stores will be shutting their doors for this day meaning customers will only have the choice to shop online. Expect virtual queues...

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday started in the US and was originally a term that was used for bad econic events, surprisingly enough. One year, after Thanksgiving 1961 there was a crazy shopping chaos in Philadelphia which fell on a Friday, thus Black Friday. Also, with many people taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off work to start their Christmas shopping, it was always known to be one of the busiest days in the commercial calendar so was a perfect fit.

While Black Friday started in the US, it's also now very much a UK sale, too. Several UK retailers have jumped on this bandwagon over the years as it gains more traction from UK bargain hunters, especially since the lack of Thanksgiving celebrations before the event. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: what's the difference?

There really isn't a difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, well, not anymore. At the start of this event's history, traditionally, Black Friday was the day to bag the majority of deals while Cyber Monday was great for clothing and jewelry bargains. Fast forward to 2020, and the four-day phenomenon sees all different types of deals go live, no matter the day.

Amazon Black Friday: yes or no?

Amazon will, of course, be doing Black Friday this year. It's one of their largest shopping events of the year, as well as Cyber Monday, but unfortunately, it falls just behind Amazon Prime Day in terms of revenue. If what you are after is only sold at Amazon, or you have a Prime membership, we definitely suggest shopping the Amazon Prime Day sales. Deals are usually incredible – especially on Amazon devices such as Amazon Echo speakers and Ring Video Doorbells. That and we expect this event to fall before Black Friday this year – though we are yet to hear of a new date – which means that your Thanksgiving will become worry-free.

Can't wait? Get ready for Amazon Prime Day now...