Cyber Monday Ninja Foodi deals 2020: top offers on grills, multicookers, air fryers and more

These Cyber Monday Ninja Foodi deals will have you upping your cooking game with ease – and for less too. Check out the HUGE discounts and limited edition products on offer

Ninja Foodi deals for Black Friday
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The Cyber Monday Ninja Foodi deals are here! Pitched to be among the most coveted small appliances in this year's sales, we were happy to see our favourite kitchen helpers on offer at a number of places. Why? One of the many appliances in the Ninja Foodi range can make a chef of just about anyone.

For those who are new to the Ninja Foodi family, expect high-tech design that simplifies cooking. From blenders that make light of chopping, mixing and smoothie-ing, to cooking appliances like the Ninja Foodi Max that allows you to take advantage of nine functions in one appliance, Ninja Kitchen products are all about making life easy. They make cooking healthier too – try their range of air fryers and grills for all the taste and less fat. Or if your are short of space but keen to eat more fruit and veg, their personal blenders are a great way to blitz up a quick smoothie or salad dressing.

The best bit? Ninja have spoilt us rotten with their latest offers! Get up to £70 off some of their bestsellers, and check out their limited edition Cinnamon Red colourways on the Ninja Foodi Max and Ninja® Foodi® Health Grill & Air Fryer.

Shop the full sale over on Ninja Kitchen, or scroll on to see our pick of the best offers. We have also included Ninja Foodi deals from other sellers such as AO, Amazon and Walmart.

Best Ninja Foodi deals on Ninja Kitchen

Ninja® Foodi® MAX 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker 7.5L + accessory set | £229 £179 (save £50) on Ninja Kitchen
This large capacity multi-cooker can feed up to six people and boasts nine cooking functions including steam, sauté, pressure cook, air crisp, grill and slow cook. It is fab for baking and comes with a set of accessories including a silicone roasting sling, roasting forks and apron so you can put it to the test on a Sunday dinner.

Read our full review of the Ninja Food Max if you still need convincing.View Deal

Ninja® Air Fryer AF100UK | £119.99 £89.99 (save £30) on Ninja Kitchen
Swap greasy deep fat fryer meals for a lighter option with this easy to use air fryer. Use it to cook your favourite fast food with up to 75% less fat. It dehydrates and roasts too in its 3.8L dishwasher-safe basket, and when you are in the mood for a treat, it is perfect for reheating pizza and even chip shop chips (Real Homes tried and tested!).

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Ninja® Foodi® Health Grill & Air Fryer AG301UKDB + accessories | £199.99 £149.99 (save £50) on Ninja Kitchen
This handy kitchen helper can also be used to make your fried favourites without all the oil. Its talent's don't end there – it is a grill too. So steak and chip lovers rejoice as Saturday steak night just got a lot healthier. And if that wasn't enough, it is low smoke, too. This Black Friday deal set includes skewers for making delicious meat and veggies kebabs, a roasting rack and apron.
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Ninja® 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-iQ® BN800UK | £199.99 £129.99 (save £70) on Ninja Kitchen
A good blender is a must in a busy kitchen for speeding up everyday tasks, and we can't recommend this one from Ninja enough. It has a 1.8L bowl for making batters, doughs and salsas; a 2.1L jug perfect for soups and frozen cocktails; and a 700ml single serve cup for smoothies on the go. Auto-IQ tech means it picks the best program for you and parts are dishwasher safe – easy!View Deal

Ninja® Blender with Auto-iQ® BN495UK | £89.99 £69.99 (save £20) on Ninja Kitchen
If you are after a budget-friendly blender to whizz up sauces, smoothies, protein shakes and dressings then this is the best buy. It comes with two 700ml cups that are so convenient for quick meals and prep and also feature Auto-IQ to take the guesswork out of blending. It is great for smaller households and those on the go.View Deal

More Ninja Foodi deals:

It isn't just Ninja Kitchen where you can shop the best offers. Other stores have some on sale too. If you want to buy the limited edition ranges above and the accessories head to Ninja Kitchen, but if you are shopping sales elsewhere, add one of these to your cart.

UK Ninja Foodi Deals

Ninja Foodi Processor with Auto-iQ, 2.1L | £99.99 £79 (save £20.99) on Amazon
Blend like a pro with this streamlined food processor. It has a 2.1L bowl, chopping blade, dough tool and slicing/grating disc, so is perfect for all manner of food prep. Auto-iQ means removes the guesswork by pulsing, pausing and blending as required.View Deal

Ninja Foodi Multicooker 7-in-1, 6L | £199.00 £149.00 (save £50) on AO
This is the smaller sibling of the Foodi Max but is better suited to a smaller household. It pressure cooks of course, but will also steam, air fry, slow cook, sauté, bake and grill your food to perfection. The easy to use digital display makes it easy to get cooking and the interior racks and pots are dishwasher safe.View Deal

US Ninja Foodi Deals

Ninja® Foodi™ 4-in-1 Indoor Grill with 4-Quart Air Fryer, Roast, & Bake, AG300 | $199 $169 (save $30) on Walmart
If you love fast food but are trying to watch your fat intake (and bank balance) check our this smoke-free indoor grill. It offers the taste of your cook out favorites all year round and can also air fry, bake and roast.View Deal

Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven | $229.99 $169.99 (save $60) on Target
If space and time are your problem then this compact oven is perfect. It can be flipped upright and stowed away when not in use, and if you have no oven in your apartment it is perfect for cooking everything from pizzas to chicken wings.View Deal