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Black Friday 2020 deals: US and UK sales guide

Everything we know about Black Friday 2020 so far. From the date to expected deals, and how to bag the best bargain...

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Hoping to shop this year's Black Friday sales? Us too. This huge sale will probably be online-only due to COVID-19 in order to aid social distancing, which makes it even easier for you to bag the best deals. Black Friday is, for those who don't know, the best time of the year to bag a bargain. And, it falls just after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Perfect.

This sale spans several countries – the US and UK in particular – and almost every single popular retailer takes part. Some offer just one day of deals, while others offer a whole weekend of them from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This year's event is from the 27th November to the 30th November – mark your calendars now. 

While we do expect Black Friday 2020 to be a little different from other years, in our eyes, it's only different in a better way. How? No queueing outside stores, no mad rush and shopping online makes it much easier to really get the best deal. The only downside? You'll have to wait for what you've ordered to arrive. But, with Amazon offering same-day delivery in some areas, you needn't worry.

Looking to bag a bargain at Amazon? If you are a Prime member and enjoy rinsing the benefits (we don't blame you!) then we expect Amazon Prime Day 2020 to come ahead of Black Friday. Check out our hub page now for all the info we know so far.

As for Black Friday, for everything you need to know – from what you can do to prepare to what to buy – keep reading this page. We've answered all of your budding questions below. This is your ultimate Black Friday 2020 guide.

When is Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday 2020?

In 2020, Black Friday falls on 27 November, and Cyber Monday follows on 30 November, so that's a whole weekend that will be packed with deals, with everything from technology to homeware and toys to appliances reduced to grab-me-while-you-can prices. And just like last year, we'll be covering every one of them to make shopping the Black Friday sales as easy as possible. 

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Not a great deal really, since many deals run from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday and beyond.

Once upon a time, Black Friday offered great deals on consumer electronics, while Cyber Monday focused more on clothing and jewelry bargains. Now, though, you can get great deals on everything across the entire weekend.

Is Black Friday 2020 cancelled?

No, Black Friday 2020 is not canceled. Although some retailers, understandably, won't be opening their stores on the day of Thanksgiving and probably Black Friday, too,  so bargains will only be available to buy online. This is to aid social distancing and protect workers and shoppers at the same time. Saying that, several shops such as Target and Home Depot have announced that since they are closing their stores, they will be offering deals for a longer time period – we're talking from the start of October – which will be available in stores and online.

For retailers such as Amazon – who are online-only – this will make no difference to them, however, they may have to cut down how many deals they offer due to the lack of factory workers and delivery drivers available. 

Walmart, Target, and Home Depot will be closing all their stores on Thanksgiving Day – for the first time ever – to prevent shoppers from coming to store to bag bargains. This also applies to Best Buy, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, JCPenney, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Some retailer's Black Friday pages are already live, we're just waiting for the deals to roll in. See them below. 

What is Black Friday, and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday actually started in the USA. The term had previously been used for bad economic events like Friday 24th September 1969 when a group of financiers tried to manipulate the gold market, leading to an economic crash. However, it was then applied to the shopping chaos that was noted in Philadelphia on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1961 and the name has stuck. With many people taking this day off and using it to begin their Christmas shopping, it is one of the busiest days in the commercial calendar, both in malls and online. This year, however, it may be only the latter.

Black Friday is no longer just a US phenomenon – it's gained unstoppable momentum in the UK over recent years, too. Along with Cyber Monday, both events are loved by bargain hunters as they offer the chance to make big savings on everything from tech to furniture and more.

With Black Friday weekend falling around a month before Christmas, it is a great opportunity to bag Christmas gifts and winter deals, too. 

What can you buy for your home on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Lots of things! From mattress deals to TV sales, so it's possibly the best time of the year for shopping, big or small. With homeware brands ever more attuned to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday buzz, you can expect big savings from well-known brands.

When it comes to home tech and appliances, Amazon, Walmart, and John Lewis are probably your best bet. Other retailers worth watching include Wayfair and Habitat. Big savings on furniture and homeware can be expected everywhere from Home Depot to Anthropologie. 

That said, sometimes, retailers opt out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – which is why it's worth checking back here for updates because we'll be monitoring the best deals for you.

Will Black Friday 2020 and Cyber Monday be affected by coronavirus?

It's hard to tell just how much coronavirus will affect Black Friday 2020. Although all the buying can take place online, there are a few things that could impact the Black Friday deals reaching the scale of previous years:

  • Supply chains: Covid-19 has affected both manufacturing and delivery of key items in recent weeks. Many of the products we see for sale on Black Friday may already have been built, but we are yet to see how factory closures have impacted the global tech market.
  • Safe delivery: Deliveries have been made possible during the pandemic by companies and individuals upping their hygiene practices and offering no-contact delivery. In some cases, this has added time to estimated deliveries so it will be interesting to see what changes stick around for Black Friday 2020.
  • The economy: As expected, the economy has been knocked by the world effectively coming to standstill. Some have lost jobs and others may have resulting cash flow problems. We have already seen store closures from the impacts to the high street and where this has wiped out competition, remaining shops may not be as driven to offer the big discounts of years gone by.

What will be different about Black Friday sales this year?

To put it simply: A lot. 

Black Friday typically draws millions of shoppers to retail stores and malls over Thanksgiving weekend, something that's obviously not ideal in the midst of a global pandemic. Many retailers are operating at partial capacity, and social distancing remains an essential strategy in preventing the spread of the virus. These days, it's not atypical to see a long line forming outside a retailer during normal business operation simply due to capacity limits. It's hard to fathom what lines at the most popular stores would look like on Black Friday, when shoppers have been known to camp out overnight to snag a spot in line.

To combat overcrowding, retailers are already announcing changes to their Black Friday sales plans. Walmart took the lead when, in late July, they announced their plans to close their stores on Thanksgiving Day, typically the day in-person sales begin. On Monday, July 27, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods followed suit, announcing that their stores would be closed on Thanksgiving Day, too. Target also shared plans to begin rolling out holiday season deals as early as October to help curb the typical holiday season shopping rush. None of the retailers have since gone into detail about store capacity or sales plans for Black Friday itself.

Do I have to wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for a deal?

While the deals on Black Friday are always worth waiting for, we are constantly on the lookout for other offers. Firstly, we are assuming that Amazon Prime Day will fall before then. This sale event, although just restricted to one retailer, offers a great chance to kit out your garden and get your hands on plenty of summer and outdoor products.

As always, you can keep an eye on our deals page for all the best offers every single day.

The best Black Friday sales

Ahead of this year's event, we've made a list of the best Black Friday sellers that you can pretty much guarantee to bag a bargain from. See them below.

Amazon US / Amazon UK
Amazon, of course, tops this list as they offer some of the best deals around, not just during Black Friday.View Deal

Usually, Argos release a huge Black Friday sale on everything from toys to furniture and mattresses. Keep an eye out.View Deal

In previous years, we've seen ASOS offer site-wide deals for Black Friday. Think: 20 per cent off everything!View Deal

Currys PC World
If you need a new appliance and are considering waiting for Black Friday to buy it, then head to Currys PC World first. Great deals, every year, without fail.View Deal

Groupon US / Groupon UK
Groupon are pretty great at offering us incredible deals year-round, so when it comes to Black Friday, things really are cheap. Vacations and holidays, home buys and more...View Deal

John Lewis & Partners
With a their Never Knowingly Undersold guarantee, John Lewis & Partners slash the price of items during Black Friday to match other retailers. View Deal
Made always have a HUGE sale on for Black Friday. We're talking bargain sofas, sofa beds, beds and more.View Deal

Mattress brand Nectar offered the best mattress deal around last Black Friday. Will they up their game even more this year? We certainly hope so.View Deal

In stores only this year, Black Friday is always a big one for Target.  Think home furniture and appliance deals, and lots of them.View Deal

As per usual, Walmart offer the best deals around come Black Friday. TVs, appliances, furniture – you name it, it's on sale.View Deal

Wayfair US/ Wayfair UK
Wayfair is probably the best place to head if you are after a furniture bargain during Black Friday. They are also having a HUGE Way Day sale September 23 and 24 – don't miss it.View Deal

See our Black Friday and Cyber Monday best sellers from last year's event

'Why do we care what sold well last year?' you say. Well, chances are, if it sold well last year, they will put it on sale again this year – we hope. Keep an eye on these prices for the next round of sales or spot a deal now!

Shop live deals

TV deals

Black Friday is notorious for its TV deals. Can't wait? Check out these top offers or head to our TV deals page for more.

Refrigerator deals

While Black Friday is the perfect time to bag a refrigerator or fridge freezer on offer, we have our eyes peeled year-round for the best fridge freezer deals. 

Vacuum cleaner deals

Can't wait till Black Friday for a new vacuum cleaner? Worry not – check out these brilliant vacuum cleaner deals. Our top picks are below, then head to our vacuum cleaner deals page for more offers.

Coffee maker deals

If you regularly grab a coffee on your way to work, being able to make your own at home could save you hundreds of dollars or pounds. These discounted coffee makers suit every level of Barista, whether you like the ease of a pod mechanism, or love concocting the perfect macchiato. Shop more offers on our coffee machine deals hub.

Smart home deals

Smart home tech is still seen as somewhat of a luxury but is changing the way we run our homes. If you have been intrigued by what you can do to better connect your home, but put off by the price, Black Friday is the best time to buy, but for those who can't wait, shop these current offers.

Health and beauty deals

With Christmas on the horizon, Black Friday means loads of offers on hair tools, beauty busy and other things that make fab gifts. Luckily, we have seen these offers live now.

Small appliance deals

Often we overlook our small appliances – all those bits of kitchen tech that make daily food prep so much easier. So upgrade your current set up with one of these great deals. 

Mattress deals

The online mattress market has become increasingly competitive in recent years and there are loads to choose from. Of course, some mattresses suit some people better than others depending on your sleeping position, whether you tend to overheat when you sleep and what kind of firmness you like. Shop these cheap mattresses to find the right one for you.

Washing machine deals

Washing machine tend to end up being a distress purchase – something you don't think to replace until it breaks – but did you know you could be saving on your energy bills, and taking better care of your clothes with a new washer? See our top washing machine deals below.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings real or not?

As with any sale, there are some end-of-line products as well as items that haven’t proved popular throughout the rest of the year in the mix on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, there are some genuine savings on offer. Here's what you can generally expect:

  • TVs will be sold at massive discounts, ideal for the viewing-heavy festive season.
  • Amazon will offer great discounts on its own products – both great Christmas gifts. Find the best Amazon Echo deals at our dedicated page.
  • Classic Christmas gifts – from cameras to smart home tech – will be way cheaper than usual.
  • Power tools, kitchen appliances – such as washing machines, and even electric razors will all be discounted.
  • It's not just coffee machines, microwaves, and other must-have appliances that are up for grabs. Nope, off-season buys, such as lawnmowers, BBQs, and more will be discounted, too.
  • eBay even takes part, offering Black Friday deals.
  • Home accessories will be up for grabs at brilliant prices – and we'll have the latest every day.
  • Looking for furniture? You'll be able to check back with us for the best bed and sofa bed deals.

BUT... since many products' prices yoyo frequently, checking the price history of what you're planning to buy on or PriceSpy will tell you whether the savings are real or illusory. These clever and handy sites show you whether a price is likely to re-occur, so, if you prefer, you can allocate your budget to something that is more rarely discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Whatever you're shopping for, do bear in mind that as prices change frequently (no doubt arranged with the supplier way in advance), it's not always worth racing to get something you're still saving for, because the product is likely to be discounted again soon (think Boxing Day sales). Always check, rather than be distracted by the recommended retail price, especially on big ticket home tech like televisions.

Top tips for bagging a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal

1. Sign up to mailing lists: Subscribe to newsletter lists from your favourite retailers to be informed of deals as they drop. You can also sign up for our newsletter because we will be sharing the best home deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. Be prepared to research: Retailers will surface some of their best deals on homepages and top pages, but also the ones they want rid of or the ones they think will get the most traffic to the site. This is why it pays to navigate away from the main Black Friday landing pages. If you know what product you are after, head to that section of the site and get ready to scroll. 

3. Check out the lesser known brands: The biggest brands may have the buying power to offer the best discounts, but they will also be the busiest sites and stock is more likely to go quickly. Look for lesser known retailers (check their reviews on Trustpilot first) and see if they have the products you are after.

Shop safely this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Just as you would usually, ensure you're shopping securely. Paying by credit card will give you more protection than paying by debit card. If you pay with PayPal or another third party payment service, you may not be eligible for these payment protections.

Know you'll be in a hurry on the big weekend? Take time now to sign up to your retailer(s) of choice so you don't miss out.