Apple TV Plus: Everything you need to know

Find out all you need to know about Apple's new video streaming service including when it is landing and how much it will cost

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On Monday 25th March, at their Spring Event, Apple announced the planned launch of their new TV streaming service, Apple TV+, which is set to rival the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Now TV.

While the platform will offer exclusive movies and series, which at face-value doesn't seem too dissimilar to the offerings of the platforms it's been built to rival, Apple CEO Tim Cook boasts that it 'is unlike anything that's come before.' Intriguing.

High-profile stars joined the Apple team on stage in Cupertino, California to announce their part in the service, with Oprah Winfrey confirming her new show will air on Apple TV+. 

Although dates are yet to be published, Apple TV+ is set to launch in autumn 2019, and, so that you can get ahead of the game, here is everything you need to know about the new streaming service.

What is Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is Apple's own streaming service that will air original content and other shows. It is still unclear what the full offering will be and Cook was clear that Apple TV+ will not be a replica of Netflix, which runs lots of syndicated content like Friends, Mad Men and Grey's Anatomy.

Apple TV+ announcement

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How can I get Apple TV+

Apple TV+ will be available on any Smart TV, as well as any devices running MacOS or iOS. 

In the meantime, Apple will be launching Apple TV Channels in May to be incorporated with the existing Apple TV app on iOS. This will continue to combine subscription services like Amazon Prime Video and streaming services BBC iPlayer and 4OD.

How much will Apple TV+ cost?

With little concrete information as of yet, it's difficult to say how much Apple TV+ will cost. That hasn't stopped people making predictions, though.

Some sources are suggesting the price will be around $30–$40 which will make it over £20. This puts the price above that of other streaming services which cost as little as £7.99 (Netflix). But, as Apple would say, this isn't any other streaming service.

That said, they will be relying less on expensive syndicated content, which could bring the cost of the service down to even less than it's competitors. Time will tell and we will update you as soon as more information is shared.

What's the difference between Apple TV+ and Netflix?

While Apple have been clear that Apple TV+ will not be like Netflix, it's difficult to know just how different it will be, as there is still so little information available regarding exactly what Apple TV+ will offer users.

The main difference, as far as we can currently tell, is that Apple TV+ will not offer syndicated shows – that's things like The Big Bang Theory and Friends,  which originally broadcast on other TV channels – instead focusing on the production of original content.

Beyond that though, we're not sure. Though we're certainly excited to find out.

What shows will be available on Apple TV+?

As we stated before, Apple are keen to be less reliant on licensed content with the emphasis on great original shows and movies. Titles that have been confirmed, so far, include a reboot of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories and a Sesame Street spin-off called Helpsters.

Stars including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell are set to be involved with upcoming series The Morning Show, while acclaimed directors like JJ Abrams are also expected to be involved with the launch of new films.

Expected to be a big hit, you can also expect a show formed from James Corden's popular Late Late Show segment, Carpool Karaoke.

When will Apple TV+ be launched?

Currently, Apple are suggesting the launch of Apple TV+ can be expected in the autumn, though information, at this stage, is no more specific than that.

Before then, in May, Apple will be adding Apple TV Channels to its Apple TV App.

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