6 reasons why you should buy a 40 inch TV

We know it's a modest size, but a 40 inch TV is the perfect middle ground of televisions: larger than a 32 inch, but smaller than the larger TVs on the market; here's why you should buy one

reasons why you should buy a 40 inch tv: friends gathered around watching tv

The 40 inch TV was once as big as you could go (remember those days?), and although those times are far behind us with the advent of super-sized screens and home cinema, we think the humble 40 inch still has a lot to recommend itself. ALOT. 

So, if you're thinking about buying a new TV and don't know which size to choose, let us sway you with the benefits of the good old 40 inch. 

Once we've convinced you, take a peek at our pick of the best 40 inch TVs

1. On a budget? Save £££s with a 40 inch TV

Unlike their 55 inch, or 60 inch counterparts, 40 inch TVs still offer a decent-size screen, without the higher price tag. You'll be looking at a £300 to £700 price range, as a general rule, as opposed to £,1000 + in the 55 inch and upwards categories. 

That said, we'd only recommend models that do break through the £1000 barrier if they're really worth the audio visual experience.

2. Small living room? A 40 inch is a great size

If you're looking to upgrade from your 32 inch TV, a really large TV may be a bit of a shock to your living room, dominating and overwhelming it. This is unlikely to be the case with a 40 inch, which will give you the increase in size without drastically impacting on your living space.

Find out how to calculate your TV screen's ideal size in our guide to choosing a television.

3. After smart options? Yup, 40 inch TVs have those too

Until fairly recently, many 40 inch TVs came without Smart TV options – so, although they were cheap, there was no way to watch your Netflix or iPlayer on them. This is no longer the case, with most 40 inch models offering a decent range of smart options for streaming on demand. 

Avoid a model that has its own operating system and look instead for one with Roku TV, LG's webOS or Samsung's Tizen. Or, for ease, browse our pick of the best smart TVs.

4. Great viewing quality? Buy a 4K 40 inch TV

It is true that you won't get the ultimate new viewing technologies in a 40 inch model; for example, OLED panels are not available at this size. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of 40 inch TVs that offer excellent viewing quality, including Ultra HD and HDR. This won't be offered as standard, but if you're into picture quality and are prepared to spend a little bit more, it'll be worth it. 

Whichever you buy, ensure it's got multiple HDMI ports (plus options for optical audio out and RCA connectors) so that you can connect most of your devices. 

5. Don't want a TV on show? A 40 inch can double up as wall art

Like your TV to blend in nicely with your living room decor? Pick a model that doubles up as wall art. Samsung make particularly attractive 40 inch models that look like beautiful, framed prints when in standby mode. 

6. They've got all the HDMI ports you need

Got multiple devices you need to hook up to your TV? Look for a 40in TV with multiple HDMI ports (plus options for optical audio out and RCA connectors). This way, you won't have to switch the cables around every time you want to change the input. 

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