Looking for a KitchenAid kettle as a Christmas gift? These are our favourites – and the best deals

A KitchenAid kettle makes for a luxurious and lovely-looking gift. Here are our top picks at the best prices

KitchenAid kettle
(Image credit: Amazon)

Have you been considering a KitchenAid kettle as a Christmas gift (from you to someone else, or from you to you)? KitchenAid are mainly known for making mixers, but they actually also make gorgeous kettles that boast innovative technologies and fabulous good looks. 

What we really like about these kettles is that the different models genuinely offer different features and look quite different from each other. From classic stove top models to futuristic-looking digital kettles, there's real choice where it comes both to form and function. 

You can get the kettles from KitchenAid's own website, but we quite like getting them from Amazon, because it works out cheaper for many of the models. If you're ordering for yourself, you can wait until Boxing Day sales to get one at a discount, or get one now with free delivery. If you are ordering as a Christmas gift, order today/tomorrow with next day delivery, as Amazon free delivery does not guarantee delivery before Christmas after this point. 

See our top picks of KitchenAid kettles and why we like them. Find more of the best kettles in our buyer's guide.

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

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