It's International Cat Day! So treat your cat to these fancy new cat bowls

Have your furry friend dine in style with these awesome cat bowls. How else to celebrate International Cat Day?

International Cat Day: cat on Aga in Georgian seaside townhouse
(Image credit: Brent Darby)

It's International Cat Day! And what better day to treat your beloved mog (or purebred princess) to something very nice? There are all kinds of things you could get – a smart cat flap that will make sure only your cat can get in and out of the house, or an automatic pet feeder for when you're away. But if you want to get something inexpensive that will make a real difference to your cat, how about a brand new ceramic cat bowl? 

Why ceramic? It's by far the most hygienic material to use for cat food; plastic, by contrast, accumulates bacteria, and cats fed out of plastic bowls often get dermatitis and chin acne (yes, it really is a thing).  Our favourite ceramic bowls are these handmade bowls from Etsy (shown below) – they come with a stand, which means your cat won't need to bend its spine too much when eating; especially great for older cats. 

ceramic cat bowl from Etsy

(Image credit: EtherealiaPets/Etsy)

And for best design, our favourite is the hand painted Ying & Yang cats bowl – great for your cat, and will look amazing in your kitchen. 

Ying & Yang cats bowl

(Image credit: ListonPottery/Etsy )