Brigii Crevice Vacuum review — a smooth operator for small spaces

The Brigii Crevice Vacuum is perfect for cleaning up dirt on surfaces and in corners

A gray handheld Brigii Crevice Vacuum with a long handle and brush on top of a gray velvet chair, with a green and gold pillow next to it
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The Brevii Crevice Vacuum is a cute, compact option for those who regularly need to clean up smaller pieces of dirt. It's easy to use, charges quickly, and is a breeze to clean. While it can take time to charge, it's simple to plug in thanks to its USB-C cable.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Quick to set up

  • +

    Great in corners

  • +

    Can be used to clean cars

  • +


  • +

    Easy to store

  • +

    Comes apart to clean

  • +

    Bright charging light that changes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Grip could be more comfortable

  • -

    Short battery life

  • -

    Parts aren't serviceable

  • -

    Won't replace your regular vacuum

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The Brigii Crevice Vacuum has changed how I vacuum around my house. Instead of having to lug around a huge machine whenever I drop crumbs or get dirt in my hallway, I just grab this to quickly remove the mess.

For corners and tables where it just doesn't make sense to have a large machine, it's so easy to pick up, turn on, and start using. While I wouldn't recommend having it as the only vacuum in your house due to its size and short battery life, it works well as a quick fix.

I've been using it in my home for six months, and think that it's one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners out there thanks to its budget-friendly price, lightweight, and high power.

Brigii Crevice Vacuum review

Brigii Crevice Vacuum product specifications

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Model Tineco Floor One S7 Steam Wet-Dry Vacuum
Dimensions (in.)H4.6 x W2.4 x L11.8
Weight (oz.)13.28
Capacity (liters)0.2L
Noise level75 dBA
Runtime (minutes)20 minutes
Accessories included2-in-1 brush nozzle, USB-C cable, storage bag

What I thought of the Brigii Crevice Vacuum

A gray handheld Brigii vacuum with a long handle and brush being held up against a sage green wall by a hand with olive skin wearing a silver bracelet

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

After six months of use, I can't imagine my home without the Brigii Crevice Vacuum. Whether I have crumbs on my coffee table, mud in my entryway, or dust on my windowsill, it's a simple way to clean without having to reach for a larger appliance. It's also easy to remove dirt from, with the detachable dust container simply twisting off.

The only thing I would improve about it is its short 20-minute battery life, as you have to put it on charge pretty much every time after using it. But, I have it in my home office and keep it on my laptop's USB-C cable, so this isn't too much of an issue for me.

Unboxing and setting up the Brigii Crevice Vacuum

A Brigii handheld vacuum in a white bag, a nozzle in a small white bag, a black drawstring bag, two white foam cubes, a small instruction manual, and a brown cardboard box

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

Just like the Brigii Crevice Vacuum itself, its boxing and packaging are no-nonsense and simply have the essentials. Apart from a couple of plastic bags and foam squares for protection during delivery, everything in it is what you'll be using.

The box is made from basic cardboard which can be recycled, with a clear illustration of the handheld vacuum on the front. Inside it contains the handheld vacuum, a cute little paper instruction manual, a USB-C cable (in case you don't have one), and a dust bag. 

I love the smart dust bag, meaning you can keep it neatly tucked away without it gathering dirt on it. It also has a drawstring, which you could always hook up on your entryway storage rack, for example.

It comes pre-assembled, so there's no messing about when it comes to setup. I recommend putting it on charge before you use it though, just to ensure it maintains power for the full 20 minutes.

Using the Brigii Crevice Vacuum


A gray handheld vacuum nozzle in front of a light wooden herringbone placemat on a wooden dining table, with a light pink frilled fabric above it

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Once the Brigii Crevice Vacuum is full of juice, it's completely ready to operate. Pick it up, press the dark gray oval button, and start going around your desired area. When you're all done, just press the same button again to immediately turn it off. I told you it was simple, right?

The vacuum has a brush nozzle on it which is very soft. I use it on hard surfaces such as tables and soft surfaces such as carpet, and have no problems at all with scratches or fabric coming loose. 

It's lightweight to use, meaning that I have never got tired picking it up and using it around the house. I live in a two-story house with a living room/dining area, a kitchen, a large bathroom, a home office, and a bedroom, and have been able to vacuum it all without any issues.

I do wish that the top of the vacuum was a touch more comfortable to hold. While it has a curve in it, I feel like a rubber material around it would make it easier to grip. I get quite bad cramps in my hands (I'm a journalist who types a lot) and do find myself having to stretch them out after using.


As far as cleaning up dirt goes, it works very well. I tested it out on coffee grounds, cereal, and flour, and found that it was able to go through all of those effectively without stopping. 

On a day-to-day basis, I use it to clear up small crumbs and dirt, and find it has no problems sucking these up. The small, narrow brush nozzle also gets right into the cracks of the stairs, which my Dyson Animal 3 doesn't. You can also remove this to expose the larger suction hole, in case you have bigger pieces of debris to deal with.

Not only is it useful inside the house, but it also works well outside of it, too. I have used it inside my boyfriend's car to remove dirt from around the gearstick and cup holders and found it gets right into the teeniest of gaps. 

The fact it charges on a Type C cable means that you could keep it in your glovebox to clean, if you have a car charger such as the Wocoruo Car Charger from Amazon that's fast-charging and has a dual port.

Cleaning and maintaining the Brigii Crevice Vacuum

A gray handheld Brigii vacuum with the brush nozzle and the dust cup separated on a warm wooden chopping board

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

Cleaning and maintaining the Brigii could not be easier. Once the dust cup has collected enough dirt, you can simply twist the top of the vacuum handle off and throw the dirt away in your kitchen trash can. 

When the cup itself needs a wash, the whole dust cup and filter can be fully taken off from the vacuum. I recommend washing these in soapy water and then just leaving them to dry before reassembling, putting back on the handle, and putting the brush back on. You can do the same thing with the brush, as this can be removed from the bottom of the dust cup. These are all standard steps for cleaning a vacuum.

The exterior of it can just be wiped with a microfiber cloth (I use the Homexcel Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from Amazon which are reusable and washable) and all-purpose cleaning spray (the Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Spray from Amazon is my go-to and it's one of our top eco-friendly cleaning supplies).

Should you buy the Brigii Crevice Vacuum?

A gray handheld Brigii vacuum with a long handle and brush on top of a gray velvet chair, with a green and gold pillow next to it

(Image credit: Future PLC / Eve Smallman)

At $54.99 full price, it's a brilliant, budget-friendly handheld vacuum is well-worth the price tag. I find myself using it daily to swiftly clean parts of my house and have found it to be ultra-convenient.

It has a similar shape and features to the Prosenic S1, which is our number one handheld vacuum. While the Prosenic S1 has a larger capacity at 1.2L and has a charging dock with it, the Brigii is half the price, offers the same features, and even changes light color when it's fully topped up.

If you don't mind a heavier model and are a big fan of Shark vacuums, our former acting head of ecommerce Christina Chrysostomou found the Shark Wandvac Power Pet (available on Amazon) to be sleek, powerful, and one of the best pet vacuums for cleaning after her family pooch. 

But for those just looking for a simple, small handheld vacuum that you can grab, go around the house with, and maintain easily, the Brigii is a total winner in my books.

How we tested the Brevii Crevice Vacuum

A silver handheld Brigii crevice vacuum placed on top of a light wooden woven box

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I was kindly sent the Brevii Crevice Vacuum to test for Real Homes. When testing vacuums, we always use the following criteria, which I ticked off while testing this:

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Unboxing and setupI evaluated how easy it was to unbox, how recyclable the packaging was, and how quickly I could get going with it.
Ease of useI checked how easily it could be switched on and how well I could carry it around the house. This involved testing the weight of it and how comfortable it was to grip.
PerformanceI looked how it performed on different types of messes. I orchestrated coffee ground, flour, and cereal messes for it to clean up. I also have used it to clean my own crumbs and dirt over six months.
Ease of maintenanceI noted how easy it was to take apart and what it needed to be cleaned with. I also checked how well it functioned post-scrub.
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