Small kids' bedroom ideas: 14 fun ways to enhance your child's small space

Our small kids' bedroom ideas will you give you load of inspiration to start transforming that box room into something magical

Small kids' bedroom ideas
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If you are after small kids' bedroom ideas, then we have you covered right here. We know you must have visions of gorgeously decorated rooms that ooze creativity but are tidy and practical at the same time, but let's face it that's a tricky ideal to achieve, whether you're working on grownup bedroom ideas or spaces for little ones. 

These smaller children's bedroom ideas not only look great but they are also ACHIEVABLE and are in it for more than just the Instagram post. Don't let the challenge of a tricky room put you off, because we happen to be experts in transforming small awkward spaces into fabulous rooms. Just keep scrolling...

1. Embrace cosiness in a tiny kids' room

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Think back to your den building days, piling up all the sofa cushions and blankets to create your own little space. Well, take that idea and upgrade the sheet fort to encompass the entire room. Use a bed canopy, plenty of cushions and throws and put up some fairy lights to turn a small kids' room into a den-like space. Bliss, and easy to incorporate into a kids' bedroom design, whatever your budget.

2. Create a light color scheme that grows with them

Children's bedroom by cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Just because they said they love Minions today, that doesn’t mean they will love them next week. So to avoid constantly having to repaint the walls or strip off blue and yellow wallpaper, opt for a scheme with staying power. Obviously listen to their suggestions, but always keep one eye on the future by picking a neutral color that will serve as a blank canvas to more decorative accessories, and the ever changing preferences of the room's occupant. The other plus side? Light neutrals make small children's' rooms look larger too.

3. Go for a multi-functional storage system

Ikea Trofast storage system

(Image credit: Ikea)

We all know that the key to a well organized bedroom is good storage, but nowhere is it more important than in small children's rooms. We say the best way to go is a multi-purpose storage system that can be adapted to suit your space and storage needs, and their changing needs. 

Ah, trusty Trofast. Where would parents be without you? This Ikea system is really versatile and there are so many elements that can be changed up as your child grows.

Check our more storage ideas for kid's rooms

4. Wallpaper the ceiling in a small space

If you're looking to add depth to a small space for a kid, then including pattern is a great route to take. Yes, we may have said to keep the walls simple as possible, but the ceiling is a perfect place to add color and pattern to a small child's room without it overwhelming the space. You could of course just paint the ceiling or take some inspiration from @thehousethatgreybuilt, and use a bold print wallpaper that has a limited color palette. You can find similar wallpaper to this playful cactus print on Etsy

5. Invest in multi-functional furniture

Colour blocking in a children's room

(Image credit: Little Folk Furniture)

Furniture in any small space has to work hard, so make sure you choose pieces that can double up as something else. A chest of drawers that can also be a changing table, a toy chest that doubles as seating, a bed that can be used for toy storage. You get the idea. 

This bed from Little Folks Furniture  is one of our favorite small kids' bedroom ideas as it's a chest of drawers, bookcase, desk, and a bed, all in one. Literally, what more could you want?

6. Get creative with a chalkboard wall

We are aware that doodling on the walls is usually strictly forbidden, but painting a chalkboard wall is a way for kids to customize their own tiny bedroom. It’s also a great idea if you are decorating on a budget, because you can easily DIY one yourself, just check our step by step guide to creating a chalkboard wall to find out how. 

7. Save space (and add extra storage) with picture ledges

Nursery painted using Dulux Spiced Honey

(Image credit: Dulux)

Picture ledges and wall mounted shelves work wonders in small rooms, they take up barely any space but can display a ton of decorative accessories that are so essential in, especially small, kids' rooms. Use them to display your child’s favorite books, toys and knick knacks – adding personality to the space plus some handy extra storage, win win. 

Bear safety in mind though – don't position anything heavy or electrical at a height where little ones will be able to reach them and pull them down on themselves.

We have a handy guide to how to install a floating shelf if you like the look of this styled but small kids' room.

8. Make use of an alcove in your kid's small bedroom 

Children's bedroom idea by Norsu Home

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

As children get older they are going to need a space to get homework done, or at least pretend to get homework done. Finding space to squeeze in a desk can be tricky in a smaller bedroom for a child so look for neglected spaces that could be put to good use – alcoves are perfect for this – then install a small desk or even a shelf and you've got a work space. 

No alcove? No problem. A wall mounted drop down desk with a few wall shelves will create a mini workstation and won’t take up too much precious square footage. 

9. Use wall stickers as (temporary) artwork

blue scheme kids bedroom with space themed wall from koko kids

(Image credit: Koko Kids)

Easy to put up, inexpensive and (usually) pretty easy to remove, wall stickers are a great addition to small kids' rooms and are sure to add flair. This is where those beloved minions can some into play, since stickers' peel-off properties means you can give in to their ever changing obsessions and just switch up the stickers as they grow up. 

There are tons of different brilliant wall stickers designs out there, but what kid wouldn’t love these space themed wall stickers from Koko Kids

10. Choose practical windows treatments

Small children's bedroom ideas with yellow shutters

(Image credit: California Shutters)

Curtains are a must, and particularly lovely in smaller sized children’s bedrooms, as the soft drape of fabric will only add to the whole cozy vibe we mentioned earlier. But, if space is limited blinds or shutters are always your best bet. Solid shutters are ideal window treatments for children's bedrooms should you want to block out light completely, if your child (and by extension you) don't get much sleep easily. Blinds are functional too, just make sure you choose one with a black out lining and fit a safety device to keep the cord out of the way.

11. Layer the lighting 

Pink kids bedroom with neon lights

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Every child's room will see a lot of different activities, no matter what size it is. From dreaded homework sessions and play dates, to bedtime reading and (hopefully) sleeping, so make sure you have multiple light sources to cater to all of these even if you're tight for room! 

If your child's space has a desk, make sure there is focused task lighting near by, and then incorporate softer lights around the room for more relaxed activities. As this will not only be functional, but layering bedroom lighting will add dimension to help expand a kid's smaller bedroom also. And, if you can, always have a bed side light that your kid can turn off themselves to avoid those 'mom can you turn light off' moments, everyone is happy!

12. Go bright and bold with your color scheme

While the general rule for small spaces is to keep thing light and neutral, we think you can make an exception in a small kid's room. This tends to be the room in the house where you can really be brave with your color choices, so pick out something bright and bold, like this wonderful orange. Copy this small kids' room idea and just paint part way up the walls so the color doesn't overwhelm the small space. 

13. Paint your kid's bedroom furniture 

Ikea hack to create a rainbow print

(Image credit: Gemma:

In a child's small bedroom you do often find furniture has to sit side by side to fit it all in, but that needn't be a bad thing when you can paint a rainbow across them! For this all you need is masking tape and a some paint, mask out the shape and paint in between the gaps, easy peasy. 

14. Go for stripes – they look cool and expand the space

kids bedroom with rainbow painted wall by dulux

(Image credit: Dulux)

If you are after small kids' room ideas that are not only going to look fab but actually make the space feel bigger, stripes are a good place to start. We love the look of this rainbow room (can you tell we love rainbows right now?), and you can DIY it at home really easily again just using some masking tape to mark between the stripes. 

Want more inspiration for your kid's bedroom? 

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