Girls' bedroom ideas – 20 looks to please every child

These girls' bedroom ideas cover it all, from pink princess palaces to adventure's dens...

Girls bedroom ideas: Maximalist pink and green bedroom decor in girls bedroom design by Cult Furniture
(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

On the hunt for some stylish girls' bedroom ideas? When looking back to your childhood bedroom decor, you may have vivid memories of how you wanted to make it your own. 

Whether it was posters of your favorite movie or pop group, Polaroid pictures on your wall or maybe even a themed duvet set. Let's face it, we all wanted to be the interior designer that injected personality into our girls bedroom design

But, with age and experience, we now know some of these ideas were a little cringe-worthy * slowly peels off Nsync* poster*. And so, we've come back bigger and better out of the battle for a beautiful girls bedroom. 

From country bedroom ideas to modern bedroom makeovers, upcycled furniture and 'furr-oriously' fabulous Dalmatian designs, create a girls bedroom design that your female child won't resent you for. And yes – that includes getting rid of the stuffed animals, too.

Girls bedroom idea that are pretty and practical

1. Be just like mom with matching interior tastes

Habitat kid’s homeware collection with rainbow motif duvet, rug and nook decor

(Image credit: Habitat)

'Inspired by the trend for mini-me clothing popular on parenting Instagram feeds, we wanted to create accessories for kids that resonate with adult interior styles.', says Anna Cross, home living buying manager, Habitat.

'This lightweight woven design is a twist on our best-selling rattan pendant, reinvented in a miniature shape for family homes that channel a rustic or boho look.'

2. Add a storage idea for the bedtime story collection

Green bookshelf in girls bedroom by Poster Store

(Image credit: Poster store)

From a very hungry caterpillar, to an impolite porridge thief, a classic bedtime story is a pleasant pastime we looked forward to as kids.

But rather than leaving books on the floor to get damaged and dog-eared, a bookshelf to display your little one's literature is an essential bedroom storage idea.

And while diamonds are a girl's best friend, these tall cabinets don't have to cost a small fortune. Look to Ebay or other secondhand marketplaces for a bargain that's waiting to be upcycled.

By choosing a complementary paint that suits their bedroom color ideas, you can create a shelving idea or toy storage design that's fit for a princess.

Reading is an activity that is encouraged no matter how old you are, so this idea can be integrated into a kids room idea as they get older. Just remove the old emulsion and repaint!

3. Add timeless style with rustic bedroom features 

Girl's bedroom with white paneling and distressed bed by Amtico

(Image credit: Amtico)

If you want a space that grows with your girl, right until adolescence, it's worth considering rustic bedroom decor. Full of country charm, a white and wood scheme complements even the smallest of kids room ideas.

But there's no need to splash out on brand-new bed frames and accessories. Simply upcycle her existing sleep space using specialist chalk paint. This is a great bonding exercise if you have a moody teenage that wants more control with her interior decision-making! Treat old wooden chairs with the same textured emulsion to transform sad-looking seating.

Finish with floral bedding to add a cute cottagecore feel to your child's space.


4. Create an ethnic-inspired scheme

Beige and pink girl's bedroom with embroidered cushions by Valspar

(Image credit: Valspar)

If you've tween loves to travel, we've got an girl's bedroom idea that she'd love to check into. This bedroom is all about the accessories and layering different textile patterns to create a sense of wanderlust.

Starting with a neutral and minimalist bedroom idea, begin to add crescent-shaped decor for an Eastern-inspired design. Next add pretty pops of magenta, embroidered patterns and tactile tassels.

Then, add a jute rug to add natural texture to this room. It's also an idea to add a few fairy lights to add a tasteful, twinkling touch to these interiors. To complete the look, get to work with Moroccan-inspired lanterns.

5. Create a maximalist scheme that's full of color

Maximalist bedroom scheme by Cult Furniture

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

When it comes to maximalist interiors - it's not JUST adults that should have all the fun. With tassels, patchwork and pompoms - this boho bedroom design is to die for!

Make your girls bedroom idea child's play by mixing and matching different patterns and designs. Stop the space looking messy by keeping to similar bedroom color ideas. For example, this interior space is focuses on an on-trend color combo of pink and green. 

Keep your flooring and ceiling neutral to maintain a somewhat cleanly feel. Go OTT and you'll risk creating a nauseating and disorientating dorm.

As always, you'll need to keep up with the latest trends. That, or you'll risk a teen tantrum. So add an Instagrammable gallery wall idea and some bold neon bedroom lighting ideas to add some kitsch character.

6. Upcycle tired bedroom furniture with chalk paint

Pink bedside cabinet idea by Rustoleum

(Image credit: Rustoleum)

Let's face it. Kids can be expensive. From toys to clothing, field trips and feeding, the bill for your little darling can tot up quite quickly.

So when you're looking to update your girl's bedroom idea, it's OK if you haven't got hundreds of dollars to designate to the job. Especially when it comes to updating a bedroom storage ideas!

Therefore, its amazing to see what you can do with a couple of pots of paint. Upgrade a chest of drawers or bedside cabinet this way for a thrifty transformation. 

While pinks and purples are a popular choice, don't be scared to experiment with on-trend mint and teal. Blues and greens aren't exclusively for boys room ideas. This is especially so if you have a little lady who is into Disney's Moana, Frozen or The Little Mermaid.

7. Go dotty for monochrome animal print design

Black and red Cruella inspired kid's bedroom by Mattress Next Door

(Image credit: Mattress Next Day)

If you have tired drawers (or any type of bedroom furniture) that could do with some puppy love, give these a Cruella-style makeover. All you need is a lick of paint.

Simply fetch two tins of paint – one white and one black – and some furniture paint primer. Begin by sanding down your furniture to rough it up. This will allow your paint primer to stick.

Next, wipe down the surfaces with a tack cloth before priming them. Finally, paint all of the furniture white so it’s prepped for the ever-famous paw prints. 

Tiffany Ratcliffe, Head of Design at art art art suggests 'making a paw print stencil using cardboard you have at home and use the black paint within the stencil.'

Feathers are a perfect way to add a bold statement to your child's bedroom. Tiffany suggests 'sourcing red feathers from either a fabric or charity shop and decorating your lampshades or ceiling shades to match Cruella’s famous red dress. These feathers can be stuck onto a plain pendant light you already own, with superglue.'

8. Add a magical window treatment to block out light

Fuschia blackout blinds by Swift Direct Blinds

(Image credit: Swift Direct Blinds)

Window treatments like curtains and blinds can add a whimsical effect to any girl's bedroom idea. From theatrically full drapes to feather light voile curtains, you can create a multitude of moods for your child's sleep space.

Asides from hiding scary shadows and regulating the room temperature, blackout curtains and blinds are also great for blocking sunlight during the summer months. Instead of battling with bedtime with complaints that they can't sleep, your little girl will sleep as sound as a Disney princess.

To maximize on this idea, Megan Baker, Designer at My Fitted Bedroom says: 'Install black out blinds with special frames that sit within the window and don’t let any light in, to help with that all-important kids sleep.'

The home experts at Hillary's say: 'When nights are bright, it is hard for children’s brains to switch off and understand that it’s night-time and they should be sleeping. So a black out blind creates the perfect night-time effect.

'They’re also useful for earlier and brighter mornings as they block any light coming in meaning children may stay asleep longer.'

9. Plan how the room will be used

Tidy and organize kids’r rooms

(Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous)

'Start by making a list of what the room will be used for and what storage will be needed. This will help you plan what furniture you will need and what will go where. Apart from sleeping and dressing, will the room be used to play, craft, relax & read, do homework, make music, or hang out with friends?' advises Ursula Wesselingh, founder of Room to Bloom.

'Once you’ve decided on the lay-out, it’s time to look at color and style. Gathering inspiration images on Pinterest for example, will help you work out what style of room you and your daughter would like, and making a moodboard will give you a framework for choosing colors, materials, furniture and accessories.'

10. DIY a wall mural in a girl's bedroom

Danielle and Andy Lisle transformed her old teenage home in Gateshead so it was perfect for modern family life

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Loving the soft color scheme in this girl's bedroom! And that wall mural is perfect for adding in even more of those rosy hues. You can DIY this look so easily too, all you need is some masking tape and some paint.

 Just create your mountain shapes with masking tape and paint in between the lines – easy peasy and you can go with what ever colors you and your childlike. To add some stars, just pick up a really cheap stencil if you don't trust your freehand skills. 

11. Pick a neutral color scheme that will grow with them 

Children's bedroom by cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Just because they said they love Minions today, that doesn’t mean they will love them next week. So to avoid constantly having to repaint the walls or strip off blue and yellow wallpaper, opt for a scheme with staying power. 

Obviously, listen to their suggestions, but always keep one eye on the future by picking a neutral color that will serve as a blank canvas to more decorative accessories, and the ever-changing preferences of the room's occupant. The other plus side? Light neutrals make small kids' rooms look larger, too.

'For bedrooms, I would choose soft neutrals to create a calm background for colorful toys and accessories. I love adding wallpaper to the mix to liven things up. If choosing pink, go for a neutral nude or blush tone, rather than a full-on pink, which has more longevity and works better with the often inevitable “pink toys” that young girls accumulate. Plenty of girls – and parents – don’t like pink though, and greens, blues or lilacs are great choices too.' says Ursula. 

12. Incorporate a workspace into your kid's room 

Children's bedroom idea by Norsu Home

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

Looking for girls' bedroom ideas for once they start school? As kids get older they are going to need a space to get homework done, or at least pretend to get homework done. 

Finding space to squeeze in a desk can be tricky in a smaller bedroom so look for neglected spaces that could be put to good use – alcoves are perfect for this – then install a small desk or even a shelf and you've got a work space. 

No alcove? No problem. A wall-mounted drop-down desk with a few wall shelves will create a mini workstation and won’t take up too much precious square footage. 

13. Add personality to a girl's bedroom 

H&M kid's bedroom

(Image credit: H&M)

We are talking, cute toys, prints, rugs, bedding –make sure the room feels like a child lives in it. Make sure some of their toys are always on show or easily accessible, baskets are a stylish way to do this, and pick out decor that reflects their personality. 

H&M is a great place for picking up these kinds of pieces that are both kid-friendly and actually really aesthetically pleasing, so have a scroll through and get your kid to pick out some bits for their bedroom. 

14. Hang houseplants 

Ikea kid's bedroom with desk and hanging plants

(Image credit: Ikea/Polly Wreford)

Houseplants work in every other room in the house, so why not bring them into your girl's bedroom? They add interest and texture and literally life to a room. 

Be sure to pick nontoxic plants and maybe avoid if you have toddlers who like to grab anything and everything, but in a teenager's room, hanging in groups from the ceiling they look really stylish. 

15. Decorate on a budget with cute accessories

Kids bedroom by Cuckcooland

(Image credit: Cuckcooland)

Girls' tastes change, and they change a lot so don't go investing in pricey decor because you'll probably be switching it out every year on so. You can do a lot on a budget though – hang postcards, photos and prints, cute bunting, and throw pillows are all lovely inexpensive updates. 

Note how in this room the background color is kept neutral so every time tastes do change you don't have to get the paintbrush out. 

16. Create a stylish den space

Pink kid's bedroom with a pink canopy and gallery wall

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

What child, no matter what age, wouldn't want a den in their bedroom? And when we say den, we aren't talking about an amateur cushion fort, we mean a gorgeous cozy nook that's perfect for chilling and reading. 

Super simple to recreate too, hang a canopy in one corner of the room and then just pile up the pillow inside. Add a sheepskin rug too for extra coziness and don't forget the fairy lights!

17. Get creative with lighting

Girls bedroom with fairy lights and lilac walls

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

This girl's bedroom feels as grown-up as any of our rooms!  But it's the cute lighting that gives in a more childish feel – after all, you do want some child-like element to a girl's bedroom no matter how grown up they claim to be! String some fairy lights above the bed to give the room a soft, cozy glow and add a pop of neon too for a more... teenage vibe. 

18. Play with contrasting colors

Kids bedroom with orange wallpaper and blue fireplace

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

More adorable wallpaper! Girl's bedrooms don't have to be all about the pink, in fact if you are going for longevity maybe you are best avoiding piling up the pink altogether. Instead, opt for a crisp white color scheme with some playful color clashing going on with the decor. 

The bright blue fireplace and pops of orange in the wallpaper give this room such a happy feel. It's colorful and kids will love it, but it also feels simple and stylish, so house proud adult approved too.

19. Add color on the ceiling

Kids' room with yellow ceiling

(Image credit: David Giles)

Firstly, we can't not talk about that zebra. What a fab addition to a girl's bedroom! It's just so fun and quirky and unexpected. Love it. But another notable design feature going on here is the painted ceiling. We often ignore ceilings and just stick to white, but they are the ideal space to bring in color when you don't want to overwhelm the rest of the room by painting the walls. 

This small girl's bedroom still feels light and airy because of the white walls, but the pop of yellow in the ceiling, and carried through into the accessories add in the perfect amount of color.  

20. Add a care-free boho vibe with rattan and jute

Pink and rattan girls bedroom idea by George at Asda

(Image credit: George at Asda)

Ahh childhood. What we'd do to go back a few years without a care in the world. Spending our days playing in our bedroom, and not worrying about that life admin to-do list.

“Create a space that evokes a sense of calm and relaxation with natural textures, a palette of soft and earthy neutrals and plenty of soft furnishings from cushions to rugs for underfoot comfort.' say Jen and Mar from Interior Fox.

'Enhance the natural light that flows through a room with a carefully placed mirror that is opposite a window. It will echo the greenery, helping to bring the outdoors in.'

How can you decorate a girl's bedroom?

The best way to decorate a girl's bedroom is to firstly (age depended obviously) have a sit down with the room's occupant and plan for how she would like her bedroom to be. You can come up with some feasible ideas you both like together so you have a starting point.

We would recommend, when decorating a girl's bedroom, to always be thinking about the future. How long will this Frozen wallpaper last? Is a treehouse bed worth the investment? Essentially, you of course want your child's room to reflect their personality but you also don't want to be redecorating every year. We would recommend to keep the room itself relatively neutral, maybe with a feature wall of color or wallpaper. Then you can use accessories to bring in the fun and personality. 

How do I organize my girl's bedroom?

The answer is all in the storage options and space-saving solutions. Be it for girls or boys, one expert shares her advice for a successful scheme.

Megan Baker, designer at My Fitted Furniture says: 'As they grow, children become more self-sufficient – choosing their own clothes, getting their own toys out and tidying up after themselves. Yeah right!' 

'Investing in storage, tailored to a level little ones can reach, is a good starting point for encouraging independence – put items they frequently want to access themselves in under bed storage and use clever internal wardrobe storage solutions.' 

'A good idea is to have a double rail in the wardrobe – one at a level they can reach and one higher up.  This can then be adapted to a single rail option as they grow and their clothes get bigger!'

'Having a small step stool in their room is another great idea.'

'If designing in a small room, maximize wall space with wall-mounted storage at a higher level for things that aren’t needed as often or go floor to ceiling with storage neatly hidden behind sliding wardrobe doors. 

'Again, the internal storage can be tailored to height requirements, with lots of low-level shelving.'

What colors work in a girl's bedroom?

There are zero rules when it comes to picking colors for a girl's bedroom. We all know pink, while still favored by some, no longer has to be the go-to color for a girl's room. Again, talk to them and find out what colors they love, show them swatches and samples and let them be part of the process. 

'Over the years, we have learned that there is no 'one size that fits all', and that there are many different personality types and preferences when designing for girls. We speak to the girls we are designing for to get their vibe and design accordingly. Most under 7 year old's like all colors, therefore it's important to incorporate more colors into a design scheme rather than pink, because she is a girl.' advises Medina King of MK Kids Interiors.

For younger children, soft pastels are usually a safe option as you want to create a calming serene space for them to sleep and sometimes play in. Try muted yellows, blues, and lavenders for this look. 

If you want to go brighter, keep the walls white and weave in those bolder colors with accessories and smaller areas of paint. Kid's toys and books are a lovely way to bring in some bolder colors so hang some shelves or use cubbies to keep these on display. 

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