13 girls' bedroom ideas to please every child (and teenager)

These girls' bedroom ideas cover it all, from pink princess palaces to teenage approved spaces...

girls' bedroom ideas
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On the hunt for some stylish girls' bedroom ideas? Whether you are decorating for a toddler, a seven just old who's going on 17, or an actual 17 year old, these rooms are sure to give you some inspiration. 

When it comes to decorating any kid's room, we always say make sure they are involved too, get them to look through ideas with you, pick colors out and decorations. Sure you might have to vetto some things, a slide that takes you from your window into the garden might not be that realistic, but getting them to pick a paint color will at least make their space feel like their own. 

If you are not sure where to start, go and get your child and have a look through these ideas – don't worry there are only 13, so their attention span can just about cope, and get planning! PS. these room ideas are obviously not just for girls!

1. Plan how the room will be used

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'Start by making a list of what the room will be used for and what storage will be needed. This will help you plan what furniture you will need and what will go where. Apart from sleeping and dressing, will the room be used to play, craft, relax & read, do homework, make music, or hang out with friends?' advises Ursula Wesselingh, founder of Room to Bloom.

'Once you’ve decided on the lay-out, it’s time to look at color and style. Gathering inspiration images on Pinterest for example, will help you work out what style of room you and your daughter would like, and making a moodboard will give you a framework for choosing colors, materials, furniture and accessories.'

2. DIY a wall mural in a girl's bedroom

Danielle and Andy Lisle transformed her old teenage home in Gateshead so it was perfect for modern family life

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Loving the soft color scheme in this girl's bedroom! And that wall mural is perfect for adding in even more of those rosy hues. You can DIY this look so easily too, all you need is some masking tape and some paint.

 Just create your mountain shapes with masking tape and paint in between the lines – easy peasy and you can go with what ever colors you and your childlike. To add some stars, just pick up a really cheap stencil if you don't trust your freehand skills. 

3. Pick a neutral colour scheme that will grow with them 

Children's bedroom by cuckooland

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Just because they said they love Minions today, that doesn’t mean they will love them next week. So to avoid constantly having to repaint the walls or strip off blue and yellow wallpaper, opt for a scheme with staying power. 

Obviously, listen to their suggestions, but always keep one eye on the future by picking a neutral color that will serve as a blank canvas to more decorative accessories, and the ever-changing preferences of the room's occupant. The other plus side? Light neutrals make small kids' rooms look larger, too.

'For bedrooms, I would choose soft neutrals to create a calm background for colorful toys and accessories. I love adding wallpaper to the mix to liven things up. If choosing pink, go for a neutral nude or blush tone, rather than a full-on pink, which has more longevity and works better with the often inevitable “pink toys” that young girls accumulate. Plenty of girls – and parents – don’t like pink though, and greens, blues or lilacs are great choices too.' says Ursula. 

4. Incorporate a workspace into your kid's room 

Children's bedroom idea by Norsu Home

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Looking for girls' bedroom ideas for once they start school? As kids get older they are going to need a space to get homework done, or at least pretend to get homework done. Finding space to squeeze in a desk can be tricky in a smaller bedroom so look for neglected spaces that could be put to good use – alcoves are perfect for this – then install a small desk or even a shelf and you've got a work space. 

No alcove? No problem. A wall-mounted drop-down desk with a few wall shelves will create a mini workstation and won’t take up too much precious square footage. 

5. Put a clothes rail in a teenage girl's bedroom for easy access

Girls bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Ikea )

Teenage us would have killed for this kind of setup in our bedroom. So much easier than rummaging through hundreds of clothes in the wardrobe, the makes all your kid's fave outfits really easily accessible. Plus we think this actually looks really cool too, and would be a great feature in a girl's bedroom. 

'If there’s room, little ones will also enjoy a dressing up corner with a rail for their costumes and a large mirror to help them see. Slightly older girls may appreciate a small dressing table to experiment with make-up. From pre-teen age somewhere comfy to sit and chat with friends becomes increasingly important – think floor cushions, a bean bag or a small sofa.' says Ursula. 

6. Add personality to a girl's bedroom 

H&M kid's bedroom

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We are talking, cute toys, prints, rugs, bedding –make sure the room feels like a child lives in it. Make sure some of their toys are always on show or easily accessible, baskets are a stylish way to do this, and pick out decor that reflects their personality. 

H&M is a great place for picking up these kinds of pieces that are both kid-friendly and actually really aesthetically pleasing, so have a scroll through and get your kid to pick out some bits for their bedroom. 

7. Hang houseplants 

Ikea kid's bedroom with desk and hanging plants

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Houseplants work in every other room in the house, so why not bring them into your girl's bedroom? They add interest and texture and literally life to a room. Be sure to pick nontoxic plants and maybe avoid if you have toddlers who like to grab anything and everything, but in a teenager's room, hanging in groups from the ceiling they look really stylish. 

8. Decorate on a budget with cute accessories

Kids bedroom by Cuckcooland

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Girls' tastes change, and they change a lot so don't go investing in pricey decor because you'll probably be switching it out every year on so. You can do a lot on a budget though – hang postcards, photos and prints, cute bunting, and throw pillows are all lovely inexpensive updates. Note how in this room the background color is kept neutral so every time tastes do change you don't have to get the paintbrush out. 

9. Create a stylish den space

Pink kid's bedroom with a pink canopy and gallery wall

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

What child, no matter what age, wouldn't want a den in their bedroom? And when we say den, we aren't talking about an amateur cushion fort, we mean a gorgeous cozy nook that's perfect for chilling and reading. Super simple to recreate too, hang a canopy in one corner of the room and then just pile up the pillow inside. Add a sheepskin rug too for extra coziness and don't forget the fairy lights!

10. Hang a whimsical wallpaper

Shoe designer Jacqueline has filled her renovated Edwardianhome with vintage furniture, art, plants and curios from Her travels

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How adorable is this wallpaper? And yes, here it's being used in a (very stylish) nursery but we can so imagine this gorgeous peachy scheme growing with your daughter. Hey, we would even love this room as adults! As they get older you could just give it a more grown-up feel by switching out the prints, adding a minimalist four-poster bed, throw down some rugs, give it a kind of boho feel.

Remember too, wallpaper can be taken down or papered over so it's not the end of the world if you have to change it out a few times, it's just such a nice simple way to bring in some pattern and personality.

11. Get creative with lighting

Girls bedroom with fairy lights and lilac walls

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

This teenage girl's bedroom feels as grown-up as any of our rooms!  But it's the cute lighting that gives in a more childish feel – after all, you do want some child-like element to a girl's bedroom no matter how grown up they claim to be! String some fairy lights above the bed to give the room a soft, cozy glow and add a pop of neon too for a more... teenage vibe. 

12. Play with contrasting colors

Kids bedroom with orange wallpaper and blue fireplace

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More adorable wallpaper! Girl's bedrooms don't have to be all about the pink, in fact if you are going for longevity maybe you are best avoiding piling up the pink altogether. Instead, opt for a crisp white color scheme with some playful color clashing going on with the decor. 

The bright blue fireplace and pops of orange in the wallpaper give this room such a happy feel. It's colorful and kids will love it, but it also feels simple and stylish, so house proud adult approved too.

13. Add color on the ceiling

Kids' room with yellow ceiling

(Image credit: David Giles)

Firstly, we can't not talk about that zebra. What a fab addition to a girl's bedroom! It's just so fun and quirky and unexpected. Love it. But another notable design feature going on here is the painted ceiling. We often ignore ceilings and just stick to white, but they are the ideal space to bring in color when you don't want to overwhelm the rest of the room by painting the walls. 

This small girl's bedroom still feels light and airy because of the white walls, but the pop of yellow in the ceiling, and carried through into the accessories add in the perfect amount of color.  

How can you decorate a girl's bedroom?

The best way to decorate a girl's bedroom is to firstly (age depended obviously) have a sit down with the room's occupant and plan for how she would like her bedroom to be. You can come up with some feasible ideas you both like together so you have a starting point.

We would recommend, when decorating a girl's bedroom, to always be thinking about the future. How long will this Frozen wallpaper last? Is a treehouse bed worth the investment? Essentially, you of course want your child's room to reflect their personality but you also don't want to be redecorating every year. We would recommend to keep the room itself relatively neutral, maybe with a feature wall of color or wallpaper. Then you can use accessories to bring in the fun and personality. 

How can you style a teenage girl's bedroom?

'Teenage girls often know quite well how they’d like to style their room, influenced by trends on social media and getting ideas from friends. It’s a time to develop their own taste by experimenting with decor.' advises Ursula. 

'Prints are a great way to express their individuality and are easily swapped out as taste change. Mood lighting creates a cosy or arty atmosphere when hanging out with friends – think led signs or string lights. Bedding, fabrics and cushions also offer lots of styling opportunities. Last but not least, plants are great to dress a room and add a grown-up touch.'

What colors work in a girl's bedroom?

There are zero rules when it comes to picking colors for a girl's bedroom. We all know pink, while still favored by some, no longer has to be the go-to color for a girl's room. Again, talk to them and find out what colors they love, show them swatches and samples and let them be part of the process. 

'Over the years, we have learned that there is no 'one size that fits all', and that there are many different personality types and preferences when designing for girls. We speak to the girls we are designing for to get their vibe and design accordingly. Most under 7 year old's like all colors, therefore it's important to incorporate more colors into a design scheme rather than pink, because she is a girl.' advises Medina King of MK Kids Interiors.

For younger children, soft pastels are usually a safe option as you want to create a calming serene space for them to sleep and sometimes play in. Try muted yellows, blues, and lavenders for this look. 

If you want to go brighter, keep the walls white and weave in those bolder colors with accessories and smaller areas of paint. Kid's toys and books are a lovely way to bring in some bolder colors so hang some shelves or use cubbies to keep these on display. 

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