Shop Walmart Christmas decor for the vintage vibes this holiday season

We're taking a step back in time with these Walmart Christmas decor picks

walmart christmas decor picks including a tin can, red car and ornaments on a green background
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While on a weekly grocery run, we stopped to admire the Walmart Christmas decor selection, particularly the retailer's classic-styled picks. What's old is new again, so let's take a sleigh ride down Memory Lane. 

We don't need to tell you that Christmas decoration trends are cyclical (we see you, pink ceramic trees), but it gave our hearts the warm and fuzzies knowing that retro-inspired buys are particularly eye-catching. We're suckers for nostalgia, especially around the holidays. (Or should we say, "newstalgia"?) 

While yes, we've been saying "kowabunga" to the beach-inspired Coastal Christmas fad and we've given the green light to neutral Christmas decor, we're never one to pass up cute tchotchkes from Christmases past. Ready for a quick step back in time?

Explore the Walmart Christmas decor

The vintage-looking finds below are brand new, even though they seem like something you might've uncovered at the thrift store. (Speaking of which, make sure you're following our favorite ThriftTok accounts for holiday inspo.) Here's what we're adding to our cart this year.

What we're shopping

How to style vintage Christmas decor

According to Real Homes staff writer Eve Smallman, who has followed, admired, and covered the "newstaglia" trend, says there are a few ways to achieve the vintage look at home. Mix bold, contrasting hues, cluster pieces together, and don't be afraid to throw treasured DIY projects into the mix.  

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Walmart Christmas offerings

Curious about all of the retailer's offerings, not just items with a retro touch? We broke down a few popular Walmart holiday buys by section.

Still in need of another shopping trip? We can't blame you, Christmas only comes once a year, after all. Target Christmas decor will transform your home into a winter wonderland, whether you're going for a pink Christmas trend or perhaps weighing your options with minimalist Christmas decor. If you want to take things up a notch, West Elm Christmas decor is the perfect place to peruse.

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