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TikTok is a treasure trove of thrift hauls with some of the best vintage finds I’ve ever scrolled across. As someone who loves nothing more than finding that ultra-special (and kind of weird) piece at my local Goodwill and incorporating it into my apartment — which is an eclectic vintage meets mid-century modern vibe — I love using TikTok to get my thrifting fix and find new inspiration for apartment decor

If you’re decorating your dorm for the fall semester or moving into your first apartment, thrifting pieces for your space is one of the best ways to invest in high-quality, stylish items that are so much cheaper than what you’ll find at Target, HomeGoods, and Marshalls (though, don’t get me wrong: I am still obsessed with all three). 

These are the six ThriftTok accounts I can stop scrolling, which you should totally follow ASAP.

Best #Thrifttok accounts to follow

1) @Jgressly 


♬ I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

When I can’t spend time scouring the aisles of my local thrift store, I turn to TikTok for some of the best thrifted home decor hauls — and this account has some of the best finds. @jgressly's thrift hauls are a mix of fairycore and cottagecore with lots of amazing art print finds, and other knick knacks (I can’t stop thinking about the tiny heart clock in this video).

2) @honeycottageshop 


♬ Say Yes To Heaven - Sped Up - Lana Del Rey

To up the ante on fairycore vibes, you’ll definitely want to follow Rachel of @honeycottageshop’s amazing whimsical thrift finds on TikTok. Her account features lots of enchanting hauls with smaller home decor items like teapots, as well as “thrift with me” videos that can totally give you your thrifting fix from the comfort of your bed. Rachel has also found some absolute steals — like this viral vintage lotus lamp for only $15 — and plenty of home decor inspiration, too.

3) @chlogonzo


♬ Rock & Roll (Mono) [2015 Remaster] - The Velvet Underground

Whether you’re decorating your dorm or first apartment, you’ll find lots of inspiration tucked away on @chlogonzo’s page. Chlo finds lots of fun thrift finds, including lots of small accent pieces that work well in a new space. And, if you love to DIY, you’ll find plenty of inspo for DIY home decor projects, including some super vibey mirrors (this flower mirror is unreal) and some upcycle projects, too.

4) @abbytporter 


♬ Sunshine - WIRA

If you love a mix of thrifted fashion finds and home decor, you’ll definitely want to follow Abby Porter. I’m obsessed with her account because she shares thrift bundles— including this adorable thrifted dorm decor collection — with different aesthetics you can either purchase or draw inspiration from. While her account isn’t solely dedicated to thrifting, there are some hidden gems on her page that will make you want to run to your nearest Goodwill and find your own upcycled pieces. 

5) @allyn_lewis


♬ original sound - Allyn Lewis

Allyn Lewis’ TikTok page is one of my all-time favorite ways to shop for thrifted and vintage home decor items. Whether it’s statement-making colored glass — which I use to hold hair clips and cotton swabs in my bathroom — brass knick knacks for cute and trendy accents, or her coveted vanity mirror trays, some of my favorite decor pieces in my apartment were sourced from her. Lewis’ TikTok page consists of a good mix of thrifting videos, hauls, and more. And, if anything catches your eye, you can purchase items directly through her Gem Finds Vintage Instagram account.   

6) @thriftyweenqueen


The lamps oh my gosh

♬ original sound - Birdie Wood

Birdie Wood of @thriftyweenqueen on TikTok is one of the most delightful people to follow on the internet. She has a super kitschy style and is known for all of her incredible decor items that look like food and other random items (like her giant Operation board game table). I love Wood’s page because it’s a mix of her own home decor — which you can totally use as inspiration — thrifting videos, hauls, and some DIYs, too. Her decor style, with lots of color and fun, is wildly unconventional in the most inspiring way. 

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