Adorable Trader Joe's holiday items that will make you forget why you went to the store in the first place

Trader Joe's holiday items for 2023 are bound to become viral hits — just watch your FYP

trader joes holiday items including a wreath, home fragrance, and felt flowers on a red marble background
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Come for the cauliflower gnocchi, stay for the garlands. Trader Joe's holiday items are popping up in stores across the country, sidetracking us from our shopping list in the best way possible. 

Whether it's a felt accessory or a festive plant, the grocery store's Christmas decorations are playful, inexpensive ways to add a little cheer to your home. And let's be honest, we love the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend, but our cart is much more enticing with a reindeer succulent. 

Go ahead — try to leave the store with just the necessities. We dare you.

Trader Joe's holiday items that caught our eye

Want to get your hands on the latest TJ viral buy? Here is what to look out for the next time you're store-bound. Keep in mind, you cannot place orders online at Trader Joe's, so you'll need to venture to your local brick-and-mortar locale to scope out the inventory. Even with crowded aisles and a long line, the adventure is worth it. (Christmas candles, here we come.) 

What To Shop

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