How to hang a wreath from a door – 4 ways that won't do any damage

Using ribbon and clear self-adhesive hooks is one of a few simple ways to hang a wreath from a door without doing it any damage.

Foliage Christmas wreath hanging on a red front door
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Knowing how to hang a wreath on a door is a must to keep your front of house looking fancy in all seasons. After all, there's nothing more festive than hanging a fall or Christmas wreath for the holidays while, even securing a spring wreath to your door is a surefire way to spruce up your front porch to better welcome you and any guests home. 

Once you've picked up the best Christmas wreath or made one yourself, displaying yours for all to see is one of the most rewarding parts. There are a few different ways to do it and your method of choice mostly depends on the finished look you want, your budget for materials and the type of door you have. Fortunately, you can call on ribbons, self-adhesive hooks and a couple more options for a decorative and functional finish that won't ruin your front door's material or paintwork.

Jo Reason, Head of Brand at Bloom & Wild (opens in new tab), shares her tips on how to secure a wreath on a door easily and without damaging your door. 

'The easiest way to hang your wreath on a door is with a hook. You can buy special wreath hooks, but any other door hooks will work too.'

How to hang a wreath on a door without damaging it

Before you choose your hanging mechanism you should weigh your wreath and figure out the height that you'd like to hang your wreath at.

Hooks and wreath hangers can usually take up to 5 lbs in weight and most shop-bought wreaths shouldn't weigh more than that. If yours is homemade, measure it using a container or box and simply subtract the difference of the before and after weights so that you know what you're working with – whether you're perfecting your fall or outdoor Christmas decor for this year.

Then working out how high you'd like a wreath to hang on your door will ensure you measure out the right amount or ribbon or twine to use with your hooks.

'As you’ve just put a lot of effort and care into making your beautiful wreath, you want it to be the center of attention. We recommend placing the wreath at eye level. The center of your wreath should be at around 57 inches (140 cm).' Recommends Reason.

1. Over the door wreath hooks

We're big fans of these super easy to use over-the-door wreath hangers, for their nifty design and reliability. Plus, they will work on all door materials, you can pick out different finishes like matte black or silver and, they can usually allow for a heavier wreath. Pick out an adjustable and heavy duty Metal Over the Door Wreath Hook (opens in new tab) that slots easily over any standard door so that you can regulate the height and simply attach your wreath to it carefully. This method requires zero DIY skills, you will just need to ensure that your door will close properly with your wreath hanger as some can be clunky so do be sure to check that.

One way to ensure that yours doesn't scratch at your door's paint job or material finish is to choose a design with padding under the main body of the hook. If you can't get your hands on one, simply secure a little felt leftover from any Christmas crafting activities with tape for a DIY solution.

2. Hanging a door wreath with ribbon

If you're making a wreath yourself, then it's likely that you'll have some leftover ribbon or even twine hanging around. Using either of these materials along with command hooks or thumbtacks is a safe way to hang your wreath from a door frame, without making holes in the door itself. 'Alternatively, you can put a self-adhesive hook on the back of the door and use a big ribbon to secure your wreath. Clear, self-adhesive hooks are great for hanging your wreath on a wall, too.' Says Reason.

Measure the length of ribbon you need. You'll need to measure from the point where you'll be installing your hanging mechanism to the height at which you'd like the wreath to hang from. Then double the length of ribbon.

Loop the ribbon around the wreath so that there are two open ends on one side. Then, you'll just want to tie these ends in a knot or bow. Our favorite ribbon is a buffalo plaid finish available on Amazon (opens in new tab) which is ideal as it's 2-3-inches wide also.

Next, you can either install a Command clear self-adhesive hook available on Amazon (opens in new tab) on the inside of your door, upside down. 

Or, you can secure the ribbon using thumbtacks (opens in new tab) at the top of the door for an even more discreet finish.

Finally, with your door open, suspend the wreath from your hanging mechanism of choice ensuring it's straight and secure.

Christmas wreath hanging from grey front door with gold ribbon

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3. Self adhesive hooks

Self-adhesive hooks are inexpensive, easy to install and they shouldn't leave a mark on uPVC, fiberglass or most other types of door materials but always read the instructions to be sure.

Before you install yours, you'll need to clean your door of any grease or debris so that it has a better grip. Take a bio-degradable wipe or microfiber cloth and dish soap and make sure you thoroughly dry the area using paper towels after.

Secure your self-adhesive hook high up on your front door and central then hang your wreath using a piece of string, wire or ribbon, measuring up beforehand to get the right drop.

If you have a metal front door or glass panes then you can make use of magnetic wreath hooks (opens in new tab), following the same method as when using ribbon or you could use twine.

4. Hanging a wreath from your door knocker 

Tying your wreath to your door knocker does what it says on the tin and makes hanging your wreath a bit of a no-brainer! We don't really need to talk you through how to execute this one other than to suggest you match your ribbon to a bright color in your wreath to add an extra pop of festive style.

front door with festive wreath

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