Calling all college students: These TikTok dorm decor ideas are so stylish and easy to copy

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When it comes to decor inspo, TikTok literally has everything. No matter what your style, I pretty much guarantee that someone out there, somewhere, has made a vid about it. One thing that there are loads of TTs of? Dorm room decor.

If you’re moving into college and aren’t on TikTok, I hate to break it to you, but you’ve gotta get on there. With so many tips and tricks from people who have actually been to college and know what it’s like, useful advice, and clever decorating, there is a college video for everything. That being said, it can be a li’l overwhelming to look through so many different ones. So, I’ve done the hard work for you.

I’ve spent hours scrolling through the app (I love it when my job and number one hobby align) to find cute dorm decor ideas, created by college students in real life dorms. These all cover a mixture of aesthetics, so no matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone.

Ready to glow up your new dorm room? Let’s gooo…

7 TikTok dorm decor ideas to upgrade your new room

I’m loving all these ideas, as they’re super stylish and easy to replicate. I’ve also shopped some buys, so you can get the look.

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1.  Go for boho 


♬ Pull Yourself Together - H

There’s a reason why boho just never seems to go out of style. It’s breezy and beautiful, characterized by warm and inviting soft textures. Gabby Osorio’s knitted throw, ribbed and tasseled cushions, and fuzzy carpet all make the space feel super inviting. She’s matched them with her room’s color scheme, too, creating a cohesive look by choosing mostly whites and greens.

2. Feel the Mediterranean vibes 


♬ original sound - Sarah Randall

I guess going to college is kind of like a vacation? You’re living somewhere brand new, taking in all the different sights, and discovering new things. So, that’s why I’m into the idea of bringing vacay realness in with this Anthropologie-esque room. Rich colorful patterns, rattan lighting, and wall tapestries are all sure to remind you of sunnier times. FYI, if you’re into the wallpaper idea, be sure to check in your contract if it’s allowed in your place.

3. Bring the outside in


♬ It's Corn - Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Does your room look a li’l… lifeless? Indoor plants are such a great way to add vibrancy to your space. In fact, they can even be air purifying, which is super useful as I know how stuffy and gross dorm room air can get. As well as adding real life plants, you could also add nature-style decor like Abby has, with flower pillows, a green keyboard, and animal-themed plushies.

4. Become a neutrals babe


♬ original sound - sped up song 🎵

I understand how overwhelming it can be to try and establish your own personal style. Hell, I’m still working it out, and I write about interiors! If you’re not sure where to start but want a base you can build on, neutral bedding and decor are the way to go. They’re versatile AF and look majorly elegant. I’m loving how Kendall has incorporated storage solutions into this, too. IMO, storage trolleys and ottomans are absolutely dorm essentials.

5. Sit pretty in pink


♬ original sound - sped up song 🎵

You know it, I know it. Barbiecore is a whole thing RN. I’m so glad to see that pink is having a renaissance because honestly, it’s the cutest color. You don’t need to go OTT with it though — instead, go for Y2K vibes, like Melina’s WashU dorm. Neon lights, seating, and wall art are all easy ways to add pops of it throughout your space.

6. Add a touch of luxe


♬ original sound - McKenna Goddard

Just because you’re living in a dorm, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a li’l bit of elegance. In fact, quiet luxury is a majorly popular aesthetic RN, so you’ll be super on trend, too. The touches of gold, crisp whites, and sophisticated details in this room designed by McKenna Goddard look  so refined, but won’t cost you anything major — in fact, most of the decor pieces in her vid are from Amazon.

7. And when in doubt... add fairy lights


♬ original sound - hunter1sbae

I get it. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to dorm decor. If you’re just looking for a quick way to make your room feel cozier and more relaxed, fairy lights are absolutely amazing. They’re so budget-friendly and are effortlessly gorgeous. Hang them on your walls like Camille, drape them on your headboard, or even string them along your desk for a glow that doesn’t require the big light.

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