The Real Homes team reveal their worst dorm room regrets

We spill the tea on our biggest regrets

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Let’s get real for a minute: dorm rooms can be great places to live, that is if you manage to nail the basics of design, storage, and layout. You definitely don't want to end up with a ton of dorm room regrets. 

The reality is that college and dorm life is a major adjustment and it’s easy to make a few mistakes while you’re still getting used to the change. But, in a bid to avoid living with major dorm room regrets (like some of the Real Homes team), the key is to be as clued up as possible. 

For example, before packing up your stuff, double-check check you have all the dorm supplies you're going to need for the semester. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a few of the Real Homes team’s dorm room regrets, in a bid to help you avoid making the same mistakes. 

What are some of the most common dorm room regrets to make? 

Worried about ending up with a load of dorm room regrets? Don't worry, we've been where you are now and we've got your back. 

1. Giving your roommate too much space

Look, we get it. You want to get along with your roommate (or roommates). But that doesn’t mean having to give up your share of the space in order to make them more likely to like you. Instead, as our social media editor Nishaa recommends, be firm with the space that you need. While you want your new roomie to like you and think you’re nice, there’s no need to go overboard and let them have the whole closet or part of your storage section. Instead, split the space in your dorm room equally. 

2. Not getting an easy-to-maneuver laundry hamper 

It sounds trivial but honestly, it can make life super difficult for you. When you’re living in dorms you don’t have the luxury of having a washing machine just a few steps away. The chances are that the laundromat is going to be at least a floor or two away (most are in the basement). So, it pays to have a laundry hamper (like these easy-to-carry bags from Amazon) that’s actually easy to move.  

3. Failing to personalize your dorm 

Our editor-in-chief Melissa shared how she felt she hadn’t personalized her dorm enough and how the space was super bland and didn’t have that “homey” vibe to it. And I totally agree with the importance of personalizing your dorm. Luckily for me, before I headed off to college an older friend showed me pictures of her dorm, and I just loved how cute it was. She recommended I invest in posters, string lights, cute bedding, rugs, and anything else that would allow me to make the space feel like my own. 

4. Bringing too many throw pillows 

The idea of topping your bed with cutsie throw pillows might seem like a good idea but if you bring too many, they’re just gonna end up all over the floor, making a mess. You're not going to be using them all the time as they're just decorative, so it could be a waste of money and valuable packing space. Instead, you may want to bring one supportive pillow and a cozy throw blanket to get comfy in bed.

5. Lofting your bed too high 

The concept of lofting your bed super high might sound great in theory but, as our social media editor Nishaa experienced, it can actually turn into a bit of a nightmare. Especially when you’re trying to climb up into a bunk after a long day, or you’re stuck sleeping up high when it’s super hot in summer. So, she’d recommend that instead of fully lofting your bed, you half loft it. 

Look, we get it. Dorm life can be a lot to adjust to. But hopefully, our guide to the Real Homes team's biggest dorm room regrets will help to make things a little easier for you. Now all you have to worry about is packing up your dorm at the end of the semester.

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