Mini couches that are a must for your dorm room this semester — and beyond

Mini couches for dorm living are a must, whether you're studying or kicking back

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Back on campus? You'll need a mini couch for dorm living, a.k.a. all-night study sessions, and weekend lounges with the roomies. Your suite is about to get a glow-up!

We know college life can be hectic, and those term papers seem never-ending, so you'll appreciate having a personalized space, whether you need a spot to unwind or a comfy (yet sturdy) locale to type up that history assignment. These couches can provide a little of everything. 

As you peruse the best dorm furniture options, have a look at some mini couches and loveseats that might be a good fit (quite literally) for your suite. And if you're in need of something smaller, we're particularly fond of these adorbs bean bags. 

Mini Couch for Dorm Living: Quick Menu

Need a mini couch for dorm living? Check out our faves

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From sturdier numbers to soft piles of cozy goodness, our list has a little something suitable for every dorm dweller. Check out the picks that have made the Dean's List.

Mini couch for dorm living: 6 options


Can you fit a couch in a dorm room?

It all depends on what you're living situation will look like! If you're in a single room with another student, chances are you'll just have space for desks and beds. However, if you're in a sweet or an off-campus apartment or house, you'll have room for a couch. As always, measure before making a purchase! We'd advise choosing something fairly inexpensive, as it'll likely just last four years, and going for something that can handle a li'l wear and tear. 

What type of couch should you get for a dorm?

Since space is likely sparse, even in common areas, we'd recommend opting for a loveseat. Make sure that the couch is not only capable of being moved, should you change dorms throughout your undergrad career, but one that can survive a little tough love.

Where to shop for dorm couches

Need some seating options for your home away from home? Whether you're living in a dorm or setting up shop in an apartment close to campus, here are good retailers to scout for couches, loveseats, and the like:

How we chose the couches

There are a few ways in which we differentiate small couches for apartments vs. dorm rooms. Though we always keep customer reviews at the top of our list, we opted for cheaper selections for campus, as they're not likely to be used past the four-year mark. Additionally, we took size into consideration, as the piece is likely to do a bit of moving when annual dorm lotteries get cookin'.

Looking for more ways to create a cozy atmosphere on campus? We're happy to lend a hand. These cute and inviting dorm room ideas will help you personalize your space. But don't forget to do some scrubbing in between study sessions. This  *manageable* dorm cleaning schedule will help you keep the place tidy.

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