Hauntingly-chic Halloween dorm decor for spooky season

Vamp up your student digs with Halloween dorm decor

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I graduated in 2012, but I sure know my way around Halloween dorm decor. As a millennial who lived on campus, my roomies and I made an annual pilgrimage to bricks-and-mortar stores to fill our carts with all sorts of spooky paraphernalia.

But with online outlets and ways to shop via social media, there's no need to haunt your local retailers. Especially if you've got your head in your books, or you don't want to bump into anyone you know with a load of bats and brooms in your basket.

When it comes to dorm room ideas, there are loads of dark alleys to go down to give your space some scary spice. but I've kept things fairly traditional, featuring the usual suspects. Think pumpkins, bats, and spider webs — all with a modern twist.

9 halloween dorm decor picks for your college suite

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Halloween dorm decor for your bathroom

Halloween dorm decor for your bedroom

"An impactful way to incorporate Halloween-themed accents into your home is by adding color through simple, everyday items like bedding and pillows, the largest surface in your dorm room," says Lori Miller, interior designer and principal at LGC Interior Design.

You can use throw pillows and blankets to flesh out your palette, leaning as much or as little into Halloween as you want to. You can transform your bedroom into an autumnal paradise by topping your bed with an orange or black blanket or throw.

Halloween dorm decor for your entryway

Frequently asked questions

What should I get to decorate my Halloween dorm room?

"It’s all in the details. Orange and black are two of the most iconic symbols of this late-October holiday," says Lori Miller, interior designer and principal at LGC Interior Design.

"You can easily incorporate these colors into your living space through accessories such as festive door decals, spiderwebs, black spiders, and orange pumpkins. Focus on your room's color palette for a subtler take on Halloween décor. By incorporating accents of the classic Halloween color scheme in your room, you can make your space feel festive—without getting too literal with your décor."

How to decorate a dorm room for Halloween?

If you're in the dorms, you're likely not allowed to make any permanent changes so try to avoid damaging anything. As long as you don't drill into the walls or paint anything in the room, you'll be all set to add spooky decor touches here and there with wall tapestries, posters, throw pillows, area rugs, and more.

How can I have fun for Halloween in college?

"Halloween is the perfect time to have some spooky fun decorating a small
dorm room," says Bob Thomas, a fully certified interior decorator, house painter, and owner of Hearthandpetals.com

"With a little creativity, you can easily transform your small dorm space into a festively frightening Halloween hangout on a student budget!"  

Here, he has provided four inexpensive, creative ideas to make your space

1) String orange and purple string lights along the walls and ceiling to
set a Halloween mood. Use Command hooks to hang them easily without
damaging walls. Battery-operated jack-o-lantern string lights work too.

2) Cut out black paper bats and ghosts and tape them to your walls as easy
décor. Paint a small ghost or bat shape on a cheap canvas for easy DIY
wall art.

3) Use strips of sheer purple, orange, or spiderweb-print fabric as an easy
no-sew curtain over your window. Attach with Command hooks or tacks for
a festive accent.

4) Set a Halloween mood at night with battery tealights in pumpkin buckets
or small cauldrons on shelves. Place painted mason jars with tealights
on your desk as festive lamps.

5) Decorate your mirror with artificial vines, leaves, and spiders to make
it a creepy focal point.

How do I decorate a room for Halloween cheaply?

"You don’t have to break the bank, especially if you’re not going to keep these up all year, so consider scouring thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and bargain basements to find some suitable décor," says Forrest McCall, co-owner of Mama Needs a Project.

"Keep things in good condition so that you can donate them after the season is over. Or, choose items which fold away small and are easily stored. Swapping over cushion cases, or using fabric to make Halloween bunting, for instance, will work well for this."

Where to buy

If I didn't quite nail it, or if you're after more spook-tacular school-appropriate stuff, check out these retailers:

How we chose

It's not always possible to buy or call in samples of Halloween dorm decor, so in this instance we've selected items with highly-rated reviews and scarily-good feedback from people who have bought these seasonal products.

And of course, a thank you to the below industry experts for their contributions:

Lori Miller, interior designer and principal at LGC Interiors
Lori Miller

Lori Miller has spent over two decades creating livable spaces defined only by the people who inhabit them. Lori's vibrant personality and holistic approach to interior design have led to her being featured on numerous radio shows, multiple news and print outlets, and as a speaker at national trade shows and conferences. She has also been named one of Long Island's Top Ten Designers. Along with Ted Santos, Lori hosts "The Creative Alchemist," a popular podcast geared toward helping small businesses thrive.

Bob Thomas, interior designer, house painter at Hearthandpetals.com
Bob Thomas

With over a decade of professional experience, Bob Thomas isn't just a fully qualified interior decorator and house painter; he's a passionate educator dedicated to empowering others on their DIY journeys. From the comforts of his home, he crafts insightful blog posts to guide enthusiasts as they transform their spaces.

Forrest McCall - Headshot, Co-owner of Mama Needs a Project
Forrest McCall

Forrest is the co-owner of Mama Needs a Project, a popular woodworking and home improvement site dedicated to helping others get the inspiration and help they need to complete the projects of their dreams.

If this guide is a little too ghoulish for you, browse our pink halloween decor buying guide for a softer take on the frightening festivities.

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