Ok, these pink dorm room ideas are officially the cutest

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When I was little, I wasn’t allowed to turn my room into the pink haven of my dreams (sobs). Had the same problemo? Well, if you're off to college, now is the time to live the fantasy, bestie. We have all the deets on how to create your perfect pink dorm room.

I’ve always found pink to be such a fun color and one that always brings me joy. Whether I’m dressed in it or incorporating it into my decor (now that I’m an adult, yay!), it always makes me smile. IMO, the most important thing when decorating is putting your personality into the space — you should go for anything that shows off your style and interests.

You might really like pink, or you might be inspired by the Barbiecore movement, which is having such a major moment RN thanks to the Barbie film. Either way, I’ve got you. I’ve rounded up a range of pink dorm decor ideas, so you can turn your dorm into the prettiest place on campus. Keep on scrolling for all the inspo.

7 pink dorm ideas to make your new room totally fetch

Whether you want a pop of pink or are down to go all out, these ideas cover a range of different ways to style pink in your dorm. If you want to get the look yourself, I’ve also picked out some shopping picks.

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1. Jazz up your walls with art

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White walls? Yawn. I don’t mind a minimalism moment, but wall decor is such an easy way to quickly bring personality into small spaces. You could cover the whole wall like @jade_madeline did for a wallpaper-style effect, or just hang a few prints to create an accent wall. Oh, and FYI, I always look to Fy! and Desenio for unique prints that are low-cost.

2. Make your kitchenware match

Yes — even eating and drinking in your dorm can be aesthetic AF. Electric kettles, straws, plates, and small appliances can all come in gorgeous shades of pink, as showcased by @gracefully.pink. These are all useful dorm essentials to have anyway, but by getting them in pink, you’ll be able to tie the look together throughout your dorm. This will look so cute and consistent.

3. Decorate with blankets and throws 


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I’m a cozy queen at heart, which might be why I have throw blankets all over my home. From the bottom of my bed to blanket baskets in my living room, I just love 'em. This obsession actually started in college, as they instantly made my dorm feel more comfortable. You can drape them on your bed, on your headboard, or even on your study chair for snug late-night homework sessions.

4. Add little color pops throughout

A pink dorm room with a decorated desk and bed

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This is such a fab example of how you can incorporate color into your room subtly. BTW, you could copy this with other colors, if pink isn’t your fave. I love how @natatea has tied her room together with pink accents, which look pretty without going full-on Barbie Dreamhouse. She’s done this with pillows, lights, and even pens (love your commitment, girl!). Also, I’m high-key into those ivy-clad wall shelves — very forestcore.

5. Don’t forget about storage boxes

A dorm bedroom with a storage cube shelf

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This is your reminder that storage can be super stylish. When I moved into my college dorm, I found storage cubes to be a major game changer. I had so many miscellaneous pieces from home that I wanted to keep but wasn’t sure how to display, so I put them in these. They’re roomy, but look chic and will blend into your decor — especially if you have a pink theme to incorporate them into. 

6.  Add personalized signage

A pink dorm room with the door open

(Image credit: @gracefully.pink)

Want to take full ownership of your new dorm room? Put up sweet AF signage, bb. As @gracefully.pink shows, there are so many ways you could do this. From sparkly lettering to neon lights, you can tell everyone who you are both in terms of displaying your name and showcasing your personality.

7. Add a rug or two


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Putting feet down on scratchy carpet or a hard concrete floor? That’s a no from me. Instead, go for a dorm rug. You could opt for a big one to fill up space, a runner rug to go between you and your roomie’s beds, or even a small one as a sweet entrance rug. My top tip when looking for these is not to be put off by ones that say they’re bath mats — these are often the perfect dorm size and come in cute designs, too.

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