Lewis Hamilton's living room makes an on-trend impression — designers say it’s “eclectic and elegant”

We love the sleek and chic style of Lewis Hamilton's living room

Lewis Hamilton's living room is so chic. Here is the Formula 1 star walking in fromt of a green grass hedge wearing white sunglasses and a pink and white jacket
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Lewis Hamilton's living room is seriously stylish, which has come as no surprise to me whatsoever. 

The Formula 1 star is known for his on-point fashion on the grid, so the fact his living room reflects his eclectic yet polished taste totally makes sense. I asked design pros why it works so well and how to get the look on a budget.

When it comes to following the latest interior design trends, celebrities are always ahead of the game. Lewis Hamilton's eclectic and elegant place is definitely first on the podium in my books. 

Why we're loving Lewis Hamilton's living room

In an Instagram post, Lewis shared a picture of him chilling in his living room, surrounded by furniture and decor details that are sleek yet filled with attitude.

“In the world of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton is known for his speed, precision, and flair. These same qualities are evident in his impeccably designed living room, which epitomizes the concept of quiet luxury,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design. 

The first thing that caught Nina’s eye was the masterful millwork, which she says adds depth and texture to the room. “Their subtle sophistication is highlighted by the strategic living room lighting, which not only brings out the wall details but brings out the unique shapes of the furniture and décor scattered throughout the room.”

She adds that each piece in Lewis’ living room is thoughtfully selected, contributing to a playful yet harmonious design. 

Eclectic decor is one of the biggest big and small interior design trends for the year, which Lewis has brought in with sophisticated color pops and striking focal points. 

For example, while predominantly neutral, the carpet features injections of blue. “This blue motif is echoed in a stylish armchair and the stunning bluish flowers arranged in a sleek vase, creating a cohesive visual thread that ties the room together,” she adds. Jewel tones are also one of the biggest color trends for the year.

If you love the chair, the Etta Avenue Cleo Chair from Wayfair is similar, has a 160lb weight capacity, is easy to clean, and comes with assembly tools.

The room's centerpiece is a reflective metal coffee table, which adds a touch of modern luxury. Nina continues, “Its sleek surface catches the light and reflects the room's elements, enhancing the sense of space and adding a dynamic, shimmering quality.”

These features together create a space that’s bold and playful, yet still has a refined quality to it. Sleek yet full of surprises — that’s Lewis Hamilton’s living room.

How to recreate the look

If you want to bring Lewis Hamilton’s style into your place, be sure to layer bold colors and dramatic shapes into a neutral space. “For example, the reddish-brown lamp serves as a focal point, drawing the eye and inviting exploration of the surrounding elements,” Nina explains.

She says this guides the gaze around the room, ensuring each unique piece is appreciated in relation to the others.

“Just like Lewis Hamilton, I recommend picking pieces that really speak to your own personal style. At the same time, make sure these are carefully chosen so they’ll look timeless in years to come,” explains Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes.

It’s also a smart idea to pay attention to the smaller details, which is a key part of sumptuous style. “For example the curtain tassels, with their intricate pleated design, introduce a touch of classic elegance, reinforcing the room’s elegant theme,” Nina adds.

These don't need to be expensive either — for example, the Bel Avenir Curtain Tiebacks from Amazon are under $20, are hand-knitted, and only need washing in cold water.

When designing a luxe-looking room like this, being mindful of softer fabrics like these will help create a snug, welcoming ambiance.

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In Lewis Hamilton's living room, every detail is meticulously curated, from the millwork to the quirky artwork and the interplay of colors and shapes. 

“It's a reflection of Hamilton's own journey — a seamless blend of speed and serenity, luxury and comfort,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you want to carry on bringing F1 star style into your space, Charles Leclerc’s living room is also a beautifully decorated place.

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