Jessica Alba's Nespresso Vertuo is a game-changer for coffee drinkers — here's where to buy it

If you need us, we'll be busy snagging Jessica Alba's Nespresso Vertuo for our morning routine

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Jessica Alba's Nespresso Vertuo must give the actress and entrepreneur a pep in her step in the wee hours of the morning. Like the star, we could also benefit from a caffeine jolt every now and then.

Whether we're working from home or on the way to the office, a cup of Joe is not suggested, it's downright necessary. 

We spotted one of the best small coffee makers in the Good Luck Chuck actor's home, proving even A-listers are partial to a capsule coffee.

Jessica Alba's Nespresso Vertuo

As evidenced on Instagram, Alba begins her day with a workout, followed by a cup of the good stuff, and topped off with a face mask. But we'll admit, our favorite part of her routine is putting one of the best pod coffee makers to good use. 

Real Homes' staff writer, Beth Mahoney, who uses this single-serve coffee maker insists the machine is a game-changer. Not only does this Nespresso coffee maker quality rival your neighborhood coffee shop, but the machine is compact, cute, and ideal for anyone looking for smart ways to maximize countertop space in a small kitchen.

"What’s great about the Nespresso Vuerto is how easy it is to use," Beth says. "All you have to do is fill up the water tank, pop a capsule inside, and press a button. Plus, it heats up quickly, meaning there’s no need to wait around before you can enjoy your coffee. It has a diverse range of coffee options, sizes, strengths, and styles, and even has cold brew pods to choose from."

What's more, the machine doubles up as a coffee and espresso maker, so you're able to switch things up at a moment's notice. And the taste is superb, garnering 4.6/5 stars from Amazon shoppers.

However, do keep in mind Nespresso pods have to be ordered online — we've checked where to buy Nespresso pods online — but it's definitely worth the wait.  A milk frother is not available on this particular model, but you can upgrade and order a Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine with milk frother on Amazon

A profile shot of Beth Mahoney
Beth Mahoney

As someone with a real aversion to instant coffee, Beth Mahoney's favorite home coffee buy is her Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker.

Other Nespresso models

Like what you see, but not quite convinced this is the best coffee maker for you? Not a problem. Fortunately, Nespresso has plenty of other goodies for all types of caffeine aficionados that might better suit your needs. 

Our review of The Nespresso Vertuo Plus found the machine is a perfect coffee maker for those who want a quality investment, love foamy coffee and don't mind spending a little more on their coffee pods. Plus, our review of the Nespresso Pop coffee maker found it's a budget device that over-delivers for the price — with great color options to boot.

Prices were correct at the time of publication. 

What you need to know

It may seem like a simple cup of Joe, but there are a lot of components to take into consideration before splurging on a coffee machine. There are 11 things our reviewer wished she knew about small coffee makers before committing to one. Should you be curious about what goes into our process, we've broken down how we test coffee makers

So, you've found yourself a new coffee machine. Lovely! We hope you're enjoying your fresh cups of Java every morning before team meetings. Make sure to learn how to clean a coffee maker so that your cups stay fresh. While you're at it, avoid coffee maker cleaning mistakes at all costs.

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