Help an abandoned pooch this Christmas + expert cleaning tips for pet owners

Help abandoned pooches, get rid of dog odour and keep a home with pets clean. What’s not to love?

how to keep a home with pets clean and get rid of dog odour
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Whether you share your home with a dog, cat, more than one of each, or a furry combination, there’s no doubt that our four-legged companions bring us enormous pleasure. And probably never more so than this year as they’ve shared our strange altered lives.

But all pet owners know that our beloved housemates do bring with them extra duties when it comes to keeping a house in tact, and so all cleaning tips for pet owners are more than welcome. Mud from paws, hair and fur that’s shed on to floors, and that knits itself into our upholstery and their bedding, and – let’s be frank – the distinct niff created by some of our companions mean effective clean-up is a must.

Thankfully, we know a thing or two on how to get rid of dog smell but, if you’re wondering about how to keep a home with pets (and not just dogs) clean, as well as how to get rid of pet odour, we have the answers. These cleaning tips from the experts at Dr. Beckmann (opens in new tab) will ensure your home is hygienic and free of unwanted smells. 

Even better, you can help out rescue dogs this Christmas while you ensure your home always looks its best. The company will donate one Christmas dinner to a dog in need for every bottle of its Dr. Beckmann Pet Stain & Odour Remover sold throughout December in support of the Christmas appeal of the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home. 

To get in the know about cleaning up after your animal companions, just scroll down.

How to keep a home with pets clean and get rid of dog odour

how to clean a home with pets and get rid of pet odour

(Image credit: Dr. Beckmann)

1. Carpets are a magnet for pet stains. If there’s mud on them, resist the temptation to wipe at it. Instead, let the mud dry then scrape off the dried dirt. After that tackle the mark with a stain remover. Keep Dr. Beckmann’s Pet Stain & Odour Remover in the cupboard, and you’ll be ready to tackle any offending marks.

2. Floors need deep cleaning with pets roaming free in your home. Brushing hard floors and then mopping with anti-bacterial products will keep on top of the dirt and germs.

3. Cuddle up with Felix or Fido on the bed or sofa? Then pillows and cushions need to be washed regularly. Place cushion covers in the washing machine and for cushion pads or pillows use a non-bio detergent and tumble dry (but check the labels).

4. To get rid of dog odour from your sheets, check the care label and then wash them on the hottest temperature possible. Hotter water can kill most germs and will remove pet scent.

5. The thoroughest of cleaning has been on all our minds this year, with items such as door knobs, handles and letterboxes on our cleaning lists. Remember, too, that when your pooch is hyped up ready for a walk, it’s likely they’ll jump up at the front door. So, wipe it down with soap and water and apply a suitable surface cleaner to the door furniture. 

6. Use a roller or sticky pad to remove any pet hair from your clothes before washing them. 

7. Likewise, for upholstered furniture, use a sticky roller or pad to remove visible pet hair followed by the vacuum cleaner to capture any unseen hair and dust.

Find the best vacuum for pet hair

8. For the stairs, vacuum first to remove any dirt and debris. Then, if there are any stains and marks, use the brush head of Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover to tackle them. 

9. Your pet’s bed, toys, blanket and any other favourites have a tendency to pick up the strongest pet odours, as they are used daily. Make sure you clean these regularly – a machine-washable pet bed makes life easier. Put these and other accessories into the washing machine for deep cleaning and to lift odours.

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