5 ways to use Ikea bathroom storage to declutter your this weekend

Want a neater, cleaner bathroom instantly? Ikea bathroom storage to the rescue

Ikea bathroom storage ideas
(Image credit: ikea)

January's just miserable isn't it? It's cold and wet and dark; we have all given up drinking, trying to eat healthier, trying to exercise more, just trying to be better in general. And along with this 'new year, new me' comes a list of all the jobs you meant to do last year but never got round to; clear out the shed, go in the loft for the first time in ten years, declutter your entire house.

Well, luckily, Ikea bathroom storage is here to lend you a hand and make the whole sort out your life before the end of January thing a little bit easier. Keep scrolling to find the easiest bathroom storage ideas out there and make sure you check out our bathroom ideas hub page too for more inspiration and practical advice. 

1. Declutter you bathroom shelves 

Let's start off with something really easy – organising your stuff into aesthetically pleasing storage boxes, baskets and jars. Those bathroom shelves that are overflowing with half-used products, stray cotton buds and a slowly disintegrating pumice stone would look a whole lot better if stuff was hidden away. 

We love the Rabbla range which has been used in this bathroom, mixed with some simple glass jars it creates a really serene look. 

2. Up your wall mounted storage 

Think you don't have any more room for bathroom storage? Look to the walls people! Ikea make some fab wall storage, from larger cabinets to super cheap accessories. We really like the Immeln shower baskets, they stay on with suction cups so no drilling necessary (great if you are renting) and you can have them up in minutes. 

3. Squeeze in some extra shelving 

Ikea bathroom storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

This ladder style shelving is everywhere at the moment! And it's easy to see why, it looks gorgeous, doesn't take up a load of room and makes for perfect bathroom storage. This Vilto unit is only £55 too, and we have seen this style of storage for way more than that elsewhere. Use it to store your spare towels and add some interest with baskets, jars and candles. 

4. Organise your bathroom drawers 

Ikea bathroom storage

(Image credit: Ikea )

Oh how satisfying is that? And your bathroom drawers could look the same, just get yourself some small boxes or drawer organisers to keep your toiletries in. You will be able to see where everything is and won't stab your hand on the nail scissors as your scrabble around looking for your moisturiser. 

5. Create more surface space with just a stool 

Ikea bathroom

(Image credit: Ikea )

Yes, just a stool. You must have seen the Ikea Bekvam stool on Instagram? If you look closely, it's always creeping somewhere in the corner of seemingly every Instagrammer's room. It's not surprising, really, as it's a super versatile piece, looks stylish and is only 20 quid. You can use it as a stool, a step ladder or, as seen here, bathroom storage. It just adds a handy bit of extra surface space for storing toiletries or keeping folded towels.  

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