These 15 bathroom organizers will keep this space super tidy — even if its tiny

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Small bathroom? Working with minimal countertop space? We've all been there, and there is something that you can do about it — without redesigning and ripping out your entire bathroom (because what renter can do that?).

You've probably searched high and low for clever small bathroom storage ideas, but all you really need is a bathroom organizer (or five) — specifically, one of the options that we've featured below. We've done more than enough research and as a team of small space dwellers, we know how to truly maximize storage space pretty much anywhere. The bathroom organizers in this list are the highest rated from our favorite brands (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.), so even though we haven't tested them just yet, real shoppers really love them and prove that they're bathroom must-haves. 

These organizers have been categorized into sections for you to shop with ease. So, if you're someone who has a huge drawer in their bathroom and needs an organizer to keep things tidy, you can head straight to the bathroom organizers for drawers that we recommend. Otherwise, if it's your countertop that needs some help, we've featured three pretty and practical countertop organizers for you to browse. See below for 15 bathroom organizers shoppers love.

The best bathroom organizers

Bathroom countertop organizers

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Avoid countertop messes and go for that minimalist look with help from these top-rated bathroom countertop organizers. This is such an easy way to keep the focal point of your bathroom clean and to organize your countertop toiletries by person or by use. Put your haircare in one corner (closest to the shower) and your skincare in another. 

Bathroom organizers for drawers

Got drawer space but not sure how to use it? Until we bought some drawer organizers, we were a little lost. These bathroom organizers will give everything a home, from your toothpaste to your hair ties. You'll need to measure your drawer, but we found an expandable one for ya, too. Always go for something that's easy to wash or wipe clean, since these get grimy fast.

Bathroom under-sink organizers

You probs have one of these underneath your kitchen sink, but if you're anything like us and love good cleaning products, then you'll benefit by having one under your bathroom sink, too. Here, you can separate your bathroom cleaning items (hello, mold spray) from the rest of your apartment cleaning solutions. This also keeps those dedicated bathroom sponges and cloths away from everything else. These under-sink organizers are also double-tiered so they'll make the most of that annoying gap that's impossible to fill and help you finally organize your bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom organizer shelves

Depending on how relaxed your landlord is, then your bathroom would definitely benefit from some shelves. If you're not about to drill into tile, we've featured a genius over-the-door solution and a freestanding bathroom shelf that will sit in any empty corner. Arguably, this is the easiest way to add more storage space to your bathroom, no matter its size, but remember: this extra space will be on display, so you'll want to get some cute baskets to hold and hide stuff. 

Makeup organizers for bathrooms

Because your holy grail makeup deserves its own storage. With the right storage, you'll know where everything is all the time and you won't have to dig around your makeup bag every morning. Shoppers rate these three makeup organziers as the best out there when it comes to looks and function. Depending on where you'd like your makeup to live, these are all fab choices.

How we chose these bathroom organizers

These bathroom organizers have been featured based on their customer reviews. We only picked bathroom organizers that shoppers have rated highly and raved about. We've also made sure that they are practical (in both design and construction) and stylish, too. We also prioritized containers and units that are affordable and renter-friendly.

Browse more bathroom organizers

Bathroom organizer options are endless, so if our top picks don't include something that would work for you, there are plenty more to browse through below. These are exactly what you need when you're figuring out how to organize smaller bathrooms.

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