5 cunningly clever bathroom storage ideas – and the rules you'll want to copy

Looking for better bathroom storage ideas? With more of us being home during the current restrictions, storage space in the family bathroom is stretched to capacity, so it's no wonder...

Bathroom ideas
(Image credit: Georgia Burns)

New, better, cleverer bathroom storage ideas have never been more in demand. With teens home schooling and students hanging about instead of being at uni, there suddenly seems to be more product about in the bathroom and a lot less space for our own bits and bobs... But what to choose? Work out which corner of the bathroom is most in need – is it the shower? Or general storage? Wall-hung buys? 

Whatever... We’ve found some fabulous solutions for you that should help you get the bathroom spick and span in no time. For more bathroom ideas, go to our super-sized gallery. And find more bathroom storage ideas in our dedicated feature. 

1. Make your bathroom storage mirror-fronted

Bathroom ideas

Bathroom by Britton Bathrooms

(Image credit: Britton)

How cute are the colours in this bathroom? But aside from that, it has one of the best storage ideas you can implement: a wall unit that is mirrored. Make the most of your wall space – it really does keep all those lotions and potions hidden away and we know that a tidy space = a bigger looking room. The mirror aspect will make the space seem larger and the width of the one shown means two teens could use it at the same time. Win win.

2. Use the 'dead' space under the bathroom basin

Bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

Forget the two-sink option (unless, of course, you have the space, in which case... go for it). It's the space under the basins we're looking at. This is a fabulous solution and one that won’t break the bank either – these Ikea Hemnes sink units come with two drawers and are teamed with the RÄTTVIKEN sink and RUNSKÄR tap. Pssst! Seen the storage mirrors, too? Extra built in storage, no floor space taken. Genius.

3. Hiding bathroom pipework? Build a nook not a box

Bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

If you have pipework to hide in a bathroom, use it as an opportunity to build a creative bathroom storage solution. This nook is useful for display (ALWAYS work that into your bathroom to make it feel more homely) and storage. And just to the right? A towel rail that's also heated, with enough storage for a family's worth of towels. 

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4. Make a bathroom feel bigger with wall-hung storage

Bathroom ideas

Walls painted in Studio Green, Farrow & Ball. Sink and vanity unit, Tikamoon

(Image credit: Georgia Burns)

Not only does this wall-hung unit have enough storage space within it to house a whole family's bathroom clutter, it's good looking, too. BUT that's not it... the real talent this bathroom buy (unwittingly) has is that it's wall-hung and you can see right under it. The result? Seeing the floor beneath bathroom furniture (whether it's wall-hung or on legs) tricks the eye into seeing the room as bigger than it really is. The same rule applies to baths: pick roll top over a panel-sided bath if you want to make your room look larger. 

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5. Make bathroom storage a good-looking feature

Bathroom ideas

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Bathroom storage needn't be purely functional looking – it can be just about showing off your best buys. Here, very, very pretty towels (that we're totally lusting after) are displayed/aired on a Victorian laundry airer. Looks fabulous, saves cupboard space.

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