5 clever toy storage ideas Marie Kondo's dropped on her Insta account

These toy storage ideas are GENIUS and Marie Kondo approved...

toy storage ideas
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If you are looking for clever toy storage ideas, no one knows better than Marie Kondo. So we hopped over to her Instagram (a great source for both storage inspo and dreamy interiors) to see what tips she has shared. And of course there were TONS, so we just picked our top five to share with you.

Keep reading for our Marie Kondo approved toy storage tips, and if you are after more advice head over to our toy storage ideas feature too. 

1. Make sure every toy has a home 

And we don't even mean that in a cute Pixar-esque way, we mean literally ensure that all your toys have a place to go once they have been played with. Invest in boxes and baskets that can stay on the floor for easy tidying or go on shelves to keep things looking neat. This method of everything needing to have a place will also stop you from overcrowding your home, if you don't have a space for it, don't buy it orrrr be very Marie Kondo about the whole thing and if you do buy new things, get rid of something old to make space for it.

If you are in need of some cute toy storage baskets check out the H&M Home kid's section. 

2. Always store toys with the labels facing out

Seems obvious, but when you are rushing to tidy everything away before bed time it can be easy to just stuff everything away fast. But think about the next time your children come to play, do you want them pulling everything out to find that one game they are after, or would it be better if they could see all their games and pick the one they need without causing any mess?

3. Keep dolls accessible in shoe storage

We love this toy storage idea! As well as looking really cool, almost like a deliberate feature of the room, it's also a really practical way to store toys because your kids can access them easily. This is actually a shoe organiser – these are perfect for small space too as they hang on the back of a door and take up zero floor space. 

4. Encourage your kids to help declutter their rooms

A Marie Kondo tidying tip is to get the kids involved when you are cleaning their rooms. If they see clearing up as part of play time it makes it so much easy for you. This links back to all toys having a place, if your kids have an idea of where everything goes they can just pop it back in that spot when they are done playing. 

5. Downsize bulky boxes into handy bags 

We can't believe we have never thought of this toy storage idea before. Bye bye bulky boxes, save space by putting all your board games into bags. Cut the label from the box and stick in on the front of the bag so you know what game is in there and voila – your games now take up a quarter of the space they once did. 

Amazon sell some very similar bags to these ones, and note the cute rainbow colours too. 

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