5 bathroom storage hacks to declutter your space right now

Meet the bathroom storage hacks that are going to transform your room in an instant

Peg board bathroom storage in a white bathroom
(Image credit: Kreisdesign)

New Year's resolution to declutter your home? No surprises there, it's always our resolution too. So because we want to actually practise what we preach, we have rounded up some quick and easy bathroom storage ideas that can inspire us all to go into 2020 with a more organised bathroom.

Some use items you have already, some involve a simple DIY, but they are all quick and budget friendly.

1. Hide your clutter in hanging baskets 

Storage baskets from Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Ah, baskets, the prettiest bathroom storage going, and no one need know they are filled with reels of floss, dried-up face cream and more Vaselines than one person can possibly use (what was that about decluttering?). We like these Ikea baskets as you can hang them to make all the essentials easily accessible. 

2. Turn old furniture into bathroom furniture 

(Image credit: Simon Whitmore)

Shop your own home for this one. Look around for old pieces of storage that are going unloved and unused in a bedroom or living room and see if you can repurpose them in your bathroom. Got a set of chest of drawers you were thinking of sticking on Gumtree? They could totally work as storage for all those hair masks you claim to be part of your 'self-care' routine. Sometimes, all the drawers need is a lick of paint or a sand down and there you go – instant bathroom storage. 

3. Use a picture rail as practical yet pretty storage

Pale pink bathroom

(Image credit: Cult Furniture )

If you've got a small bathroom and need all the storage space you can get, this a great hack. Picture rails are super cheap but they take up barely any room, zero floor space and can be used to store toothbrushes and toiletries. Pinch this idea and pop one above the sink and mix in some decorative bits, too. 

4. Go for a stylish pegboard

Peg board storage in a white bathroom

(Image credit: Kreisdesign)

It's no secret that we are big fans of peg boards. A peg board is super versatile, looks great and doesn't take up much space – perfect if you are working with a smaller bathroom. This pegboard is from Kreisdesign, and it comes in natural birch plywood, white, green, grey or blue. It also comes with a shelf and six pegs, but you can add on more accessories to suit your bathroom storage needs. Fancy a bit of DIY? You can buy pegboard and dowels at your local DIY store to make your own.

5. Create more surface space with just a stool 

Ikea bathroom

(Image credit: Ikea )

Yes, just a stool. You must have seen the Ikea Bekvam stool on Instagram? If you look closely, it's always creeping somewhere in the corner of seemingly every Instagrammer's room. It's not surprising, really, as it's a super versatile piece, looks stylish and is only 20 quid. You can use it as a stool, a step ladder or, as seen here, bathroom storage. It just adds a handy bit of extra surface space for storing toiletries or keeping folded towels.  

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