10 minimalist small bedroom ideas that still feel cozy

Strip your space down with minimalist small bedroom ideas

Modern bedroom with light pink wall paneling, white bed sheets, and denim throw
(Image credit: Life Created, for Living with Lolo)

Adapting some minimalist small bedroom ideas can help you feel less cluttered in your space. But the word minimal can scare people off in the decor world. Color enthusiasts run a mile, and cute throw pillow hoarders left the building a long time ago. 

But modern-day minimalism isn't quite what you think, and the once frosty decor trend that felt so scarce it was hardly liveable, has been warmed up a little. 

Approach these small bedroom ideas with a minimalist mindset and you might worry that your space will start to feel a little scarce. We called on some interior design experts who are pros at getting the balance right, between cool minimalism, and a sleeping space that is still inviting to boot.

Small minimalist bedrooms that you still want to sleep in

How can a small bedroom be minimal without looking scarce? It is more about paring back, nodding to simplicity, and bending the rules for styling a small bedroom. Because a scarce sleeping space will never do...

1. Think less is more

Neutral minimal bedroom with white sheets and modern lampshade in the corner

(Image credit: @linnealevoskin)

Though it might seem impossible to declutter a small bedroom, it can be done and when you are going for a minimal look, having fewer items on display will make styling far easier.

Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Living with Lolo tells us how important it is in a cozier space: "The goal would be to eliminate clutter and focus on essential elements that you would have in any larger space but in a lesser quantity."

Lauren Lerner, Living with Lolo
Lauren Lerner

Lauren Lerner is the principal designer and founder of Living with Lolo, the interior design firm based in Scottsdale, AZ, since 2017. Fueled by her love for clean lines, mixed metals, colors, and timeless pieces, Lerner thrives on bringing a client’s home to life from the very beginning.

2. Hide the essentials

Bedroom with two tone color scheme of denim blue and white

(Image credit: Life Created, for Living with Lolo)

To camouflage said clutter,  go bespoke if you can, or if you rent, choose bedroom storage with closed doors. "Provide inbuilt storage for storing things such as linens and towels, opt for clean-line furniture that adheres to minimalist principles," suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight. 

"Our biggest tip for small bedrooms is to keep things simple," continues Lerner.

This simple wardrobe cabinet from Wayfair is the perfect solution for keeping your clothes and other bedroom items out of view.

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

3. Make clean lines and simplicity a priority

Modern bedroom with light pink wall paneling, white bed sheets, and denim throw

(Image credit: Life Created, for Living with Lolo)

When you eliminate the unnecessary, you'll leave room for finer detail elsewhere, without overwhelming the space: "Prioritise clean lines, simplicity, and textures in your small bedroom design," says Marta Balazs Interior designer and founder of Embee Interiors. Be that with wall paneling or your nightstand, look to create cohesion.

Even bending classic bedroom design rules can work in your favor: "Sometimes you can get away with one nightstand vs two to save space," Lerner tells us. Take this Scandinavian bedroom as an example, it is cozy and unfussy without lacking in warmth.

Marta of Embee Interiors
Marta Balazs

Marta Balazs is the founder of Embee Interiors and passionate about helping people feel good in their homes. Balazs leans on Scandinavian style influences and aims to create thoughtful spaces that are calming and balanced.

4. Make multi-functional furniture work even harder

minimalist bedroom with wooden nightstand, lamp, wood headboard and white comforter

(Image credit: Getty Images / Woko / 500px)

In a small and unfussy bedroom, we don't have time to entertain furniture that doesn't do double duty. Choose multi-functioning furniture pieces (emphasis on the multi) made with tiny spaces in mind. Think seating with storage like ottomans where you could keep blankets, shelves that double up as minimalist decor, and nightstands with drawers.

"Each piece of furniture and decor should serve a purpose, contributing to the room's sense of calmness and order," continues Balazs.

5. Be super selective with design detail

Light grey bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Although you won't typically find lots of pattern in a minimalist bedroom scheme, it isn't unheard of — especially if you use it in small doses. Allow a little detail alongside simpler designs in throw pillows, prints, and even wall color

"Embrace the 'less is more' philosophy," says Balazs. "Opting for a selection of statement-making, oversized wall art pieces, and unique, standout lighting fixtures. Instead of patterned textiles, consider incorporating rich, textured pieces to add depth, and warmth, and interest to the space."

6. Bounce light around

a scandi style room with a wooden nightstand black mirror and bed

(Image credit: Getty Images/in4mal)

Lerner highlights how reflective elements can enhance a small room. "We also always love to find a way to add a wall mirror into these spaces as the reflection makes the room look bigger." 

Bouncing light around will naturally bring more coziness to a minimal room, while tapping into the expanse. Brightening a small room will naturally make it look more cohesive and feel more energetic.

7. Keep texture and nature at the heart of it

Cozy minimal bedroom with pumpkin tones and layered cotton pillows on bed

(Image credit: @sundayharris)

To make sure a small minimalist bedroom feels welcoming, including lots of texture and natural elements is important. "Pared back doesn’t have to mean scarce. Introducing layers and textures are key to creating a feeling of warmth and softness in a minimal space," Jess Harris, creator of @sundayharris tells Real Homes. 

"Have places for the eye to rest via neutral colors, use natural elements and fibers such as wood, stone, wool, linen, and cotton, and make sure every piece counts in the space."

8. Don't totally dismiss color

minimalist grey and orange bedroom with bed, nightstand and chair

(Image credit: Getty Images/Yurii Usenko)

Can you keep color in a small minimalist bedroom we wonder? 'Absolutely!' Exclaims Lerner. Though you might not typically think that colors and a minimal bedroom style go together, it can work. 

When tackled well, bold elements and colorful yet muted tones will subtly lift small spaces. "Add color in pillows, drapery, throws, and rugs (like our favorite Target rugs) in a small bedroom for a pop of color that is not overwhelming."

Aim for cozy colors, ochre, and mustard, like you'll find in fall throws, and soft green hues that relate to nature. Moderation is key, only you will know what works and what feels like too much.

Adding texture even into the most monochrome of schemes will warm it up, just know the limits. "Ensure that your color choice is uniform throughout," adds Kropovinsky. "In a minimal bedroom, add pops of color with small accents like art or cushions to maintain a minimal yet vibrant feel."

9. Let it be a little imperfect

Victorian cottage slow living scandi bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

In true Wabi-Sabi spirit, let's be okay with some imperfection in our lives, even in a small minimal bedroom, playing around with scale, dimension, and bedroom lighting might make it more, interesting.

"Scale is important in any space but especially in a small one," says Harris. "Forget about the rules (two bedside tables for instance!) and consider what pieces you really need."

10. Make it personal with DIY

Monochrome but minimal bedroom with patterned floor runner

(Image credit: @girlandtheword)

With less items in the space, putting a little more effort into the personality of your bedroom is a wise move. "Could you build a headboard?" Suggests Harris. "Or get creative with DIY bedside tables, hang pendants, or could you install wall lights instead of lamps? 

It's all about making it a minimal bedroom that you love, no matter how small it is. "Create a space that works for you and make every item count!" Even a little macramé like @girlandtheword has in this bedroom could go a long way to add charm in a small and more simple space.


What are the best colors for a small minimalist bedroom?

Classic minimal bedroom colors tend to be neutral, but you can add pops of color. In fact, it is encouraged to help keep the space feeling cozy: 

"Bold colors bring a lot of energy to a space so a muted palette and neutrals often work best to create a feeling of calm, which is important in a bedroom. Warm neutrals such as pinks, tan, and butterscotch, or olive greens and soft blues can bring color to a space without overwhelming it," Harris shares with us. "But if a pop of red is your non-negotiable it can work in a small space, just be judicious about it!"

What is the best layout for a small minimalist bedroom?

A layout that suits will be unique to each space and what furniture remains in it. "Creating an effective layout for a minimal small bedroom is highly individualized and dependent on various factors," shares Balazs. You will need to take into account the size of your bed, the positioning of fixtures, radiators, and so on. 

"In general, I often recommend evaluating the necessity of every furniture piece. Consider removing items like accent armchairs or benches, unless they serve a critical function. Simplifying the room to include only essential and functional elements helps create a serene and spacious feel."

Before you start decorating, one of the most important tips is to deep clean your bedroom so you can truly feel calm and relaxed in your minimalist space. Wipe down all the surfaces so you're not distracted by dirt and grime.

A small and minimalist bedroom can be super gorgeous and inviting when tackled with a cozy aesthetic and function in mind. Make sure everything serves double purpose and that there is visual balance and you will create the ultimate sleeping sanctuary.

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