How to deep clean a small bedroom, according to experts

All the best expert-approved hacks for deep cleaning a small bedroom

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The process of deep cleaning a small bedroom might sound like a rather simple task, seeing as it’s a small space that you’re working with. But actually, despite the room’s compact size, it can feel rather overwhelming, and knowing where to start can be tricky. The good news is that there are a range of steps that cleaning experts always recommend using. 

While you might assume that a quick tidy and vacuum is all it takes to keep a small bedroom looking its best, it actually takes a lot more than that to properly deep clean a bedroom, regardless of how small it might be. 

We spoke to a panel of experts, including professional cleaning experts and a private maid service, about the best ways to approach deep cleaning a small bedroom, as well as all the best small bedroom ideas for creating a stylish space that’s also easy to clean. Here’s what they told us.  

How cleaning experts tackle deep cleaning a small bedroom

If you're learning to clean your bedroom there are plenty of different approaches that you can try. But what are the best steps to take for deep cleaning a smaller space? And what hacks can you use to make the process of deep cleaning easier? This is what cleaning experts have to say, so you can clean your room fast and ensure that your bedroom is the sanctuary you deserve. And you'll never ask, "Why does my bedroom smell musty" again. 

1. Start by decluttering

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Decluttering your bedroom before starting the deep cleaning process is an essential step, as it will help to streamline the process. 

Saili Sawantt, Home Cleaning Specialist at Architectures Style, says: "Deep cleaning in a small bedroom starts with decluttering — putting off objects from surfaces."

Admittedly, knowing how to declutter a small bedroom isn't always a straightforward task. Despite the room's small size, it can feel a little overwhelming, especially with all the spots in a bedroom it's easy to forget to clean.

To make the process easier, Angela Rubin, Cleaning Expert from Hellamaid, says: "Start by removing clutter and organizing belongings. Sort through items, donating or discarding what's unnecessary. Utilize storage solutions like under-bed containers or wall-mounted shelves to optimize space."

When it comes to decluttering, don't drag the process out. Aim to get all your decluttering done quickly and efficiently. Believe it or not, with the right approach, you can declutter a room in just 30 minutes.

Saili Sawantt
Saili Sawantt

Saili Sawantt is a US-based professional home cleaning specialist with a keen eye for design. With a passion for creating organized and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, Saili brings efficiency and style to every project. Her meticulous approach and dedication to client satisfaction make her a sought-after expert in the home cleaning and design industry. 

Angela Rubin, cleaning expert at HellaMaid
Angela Rubin

Angela Rubin works at Hellamaid, a top-rated cleaning company in Canada. Hellamaid are industry experts specializing in residential and commercial cleaning services. 

2. Dust every nook and cranny

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Whether it's a small bedroom in a first apartment or you're cleaning a dorm room, it's vital that you make dusting a priority. 

Rubin says: "Begin by dusting high surfaces such as ceiling corners, light fixtures, and shelves. Work your way down to furniture surfaces, using a microfiber cloth (like these microfiber cloths from Amazon) or dusting tool (this multi-purpose set of tools from Amazon would work well) to capture dust effectively."

When it comes to dusting, take the time to think about the products that would make the process easier, like this telescopic microfiber duster from Amazon which I have at home and am low-key obsessed with. 

3. Clean fixtures and furniture

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Taking the time to wipe down all the fixtures and furniture within your bedroom is an essential step in the process of deep cleaning your room

Rubin says: "Wipe down furniture, including nightstands, dressers, and bed frames, using a mild cleaner (like this all-purpose cleaning spray from Amazon that has over 6000 five-star reviews) appropriate for the materials. Pay attention to handles, knobs, and decorative elements."

Alternatively, a great hack for speedier cleaning is to use multi-purpose cleaning wipes, like these Lysol wipes from Amazon, to wipe clean fixtures and furniture more quickly. You can also opt to use an antibacterial aerosol cleaning spray, like this Lysol no-wipe spray from Amazon, to kill any lingering bacteria. 

4. Vacuum and mop

Person vacuuming bed

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Cleaning the floor of your bedroom is a key aspect of deep cleaning your small bedroom. 

Rubin says: "Vacuum carpets, rugs, or mop hard floors thoroughly. Use a crevice tool (like this crevice cleaning tool from Amazon) to reach corners and edges, and consider steam cleaning carpets for a deeper cleanse, if applicable."

For cleaning the carpet, a steam cleaner can be a really helpful tool. When it comes to choosing a steam cleaner, I always like to recommend the Shark Life Away 2-in-1 Pro from Amazon that I have at home and use to regularly refresh my floors. 

Hashi Mohamed, President of Ivy Cleans, says: "The floor requires special attention – vacuum thoroughly, including the corners and edges. Consider using a carpet cleaner (like this Hoover carpet cleaner from Amazon that has over 50,000 five-star reviews) for a deeper clean if you have a carpet. For hardwood or tile floors, follow up with a mop. Clean any area rugs as well."

Hashi Mohamed
Hashi Mohamed

Hashi Mohamed is the president of Ivy Cleans, a premier cleaning and lifestyle solutions company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Specializing in cleaning, organizing, and promoting a holistic lifestyle, it is passionate about transforming spaces into clean, organized, and vibrant environments.  

5. Refresh bedding and upholstery

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For your bedroom to feel properly clean, washing bed sheets and upholstery is crucial. 

Rubin says: "Launder bedding, pillowcases, and curtains, following care instructions. Vacuum or steam clean upholstered furniture (using a handheld steam cleaner like this one from Amazon), such as chairs or headboards, to eliminate dust and odors."

Mohamed says: "For the bed, strip all linens and wash them, including the mattress cover. Vacuum the mattress, flip or rotate it if possible, and use an upholstery cleaner (like this foaming upholstery cleaner from Amazon that smells amazing) for any stains. Wipe down all furniture surfaces, paying special attention to handles and knobs. Don’t forget to clean under the bed and behind furniture, as these areas often accumulate dust and debris."

To ensure that bedding is hygienically clean, adding a capful of laundry sanitizer, like this Lysol laundry cleanser from Amazon, to the washing machine can be a worthwhile step to take. 

For cleaning upholstery, a spritz of this fabric disinfectant from Amazon should work just as well. 

6. Disinfect high-traffic areas

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A key aspect of deep cleaning your small bedroom is making sure that the space is hygienically clean, which is why disinfecting all of those high-traffic areas is so important. 

Rubin says: "Sanitize commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, drawer pulls, and switches with a disinfectant solution to eliminate germs and bacteria."

For quicker and more efficient cleaning, opt to sanitize these fixtures using a no-wipe disinfectant spray, like this Clorox mist from Amazon

7. Focus on those overlooked areas

Wiping windowsill with pink cloth

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When it comes to deep cleaning, there are probably some places that you forget to clean in your bedroom. So, making sure that you're aware of these areas is vital. 

Rubin says: "Pay attention to often overlooked areas, such as baseboards, window sills, and light switches. Use a damp cloth or appropriate cleaner to remove accumulated grime."

For getting into all those little nooks and crannies a retractable gap duster from Amazon is a great buy. 

8. Organize and clean your closet

Organized closet with hanging clothes

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Admittedly, the task of cleaning your closet can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you also need to declutter your closet. But, with the right approach, it doesn't need to be a stressful process. 

Lina DaSilva, Founder of Toronto Shine Cleaning, says: "Empty and wipe down the closet. Donate clothes you no longer wear. Organize your remaining items for easy access."

Whether it's a walk-in closet or a store-bought one, knowing how to clean and organize the space is important. For easier cleaning, remove all of your clothes and then use the nozzle of your vacuum to give your closet a good clean out, removing any loose dust or dirt. Then, use a cleaning wipe to sanitize and clean each area of your closet. 

When it comes to keeping my closet ordered and neat, I like to use these space-saving hangers from Amazon, along with these storage baskets also from Amazon. And, to ensure that my closet and clothes remain smelling fresh and clean, I add these little closet freshener bags from Amazon

Lina DaSilva
Lina DaSilva

Lina DaSilva is a cleaning expert and is the Founder of Toronto Shine Cleaning. 


How can you make a small bedroom smell fresh?

Whether you've noticed that your bedroom has a musty smell and want to freshen up the space, or are just looking for ways to give your room a nicer smell, there are lots of hacks that you can try. 

Rubin says: "Introduce a pleasant scent by using linen sprays or placing fresh flowers to add a finishing touch to the refreshed space."

How can you better organize your small bedroom?

Knowing how to organize a small bedroom can feel a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. The key is to take things one step at a time, being mindful about where you place each item in your room. 

DaSilva says: "As you return items, consider their placement for both aesthetics and functionality. This step is crucial in a small bedroom to maximize space."

Knowing how to deep clean a small bedroom can be a little more challenging than you might assume. Despite the room’s small size, there are usually a number of tasks that need to be tackled. 

It’s a good idea to start by decluttering the space so that cleaning it becomes an easier task. From there, you can then focus on each step at a time, working through each part of the cleaning process before moving on to the next. For ease, opt to use time-saving cleaning products that help to streamline the cleaning process. 

We have a helpful daily cleaning checklist that includes lots of easy-to-follow hacks for keeping your bedroom clean and ordered.  

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