Shopping Edit – 10 soft throws to see in AW21 in comfort (and style)

The best throws for your bed or sofa, whether for decorative or cosy purposes – or both! As chosen by Real Homes, for your real home Jael 100% Cotton Knitted Throw
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A throw, as well as being a cover-up for when you're spending the evening on your sofa, is also a decorative feature – and some can be used to add a splash of colour to any lounge or bedroom. While some throws are soft and fluffy and like heaven to wrap around you, others are less luxurious to the touch but offer something masterful when it comes to bringing the design of your living room or bedroom together. Choosing a throw (or two, or three) can be a hard yet undoubtedly important decision when buying home decor, which is why we're here to help.

Let's face it: you can never have too many throws. We think it's a good idea to switch up the throws in your home to suit the season – from lightweight, colourful summery throws to deep coloured and thick options for autumn and winter. Don't even get us started on chunky knit throws as we all know these are bang on-trend right now. Then, there are muted colour throws for a subtle effect. See more in our best throws shopping edit just below.

Remember: if the decor in your room is busy, a plain colour throw will offer that element of calmness. On the other hand, a room with block-coloured walls may benefit from a patterned throw to lift the room to another level. 

Visit our best duvets guide if you are switching out your bedding and you want something to keep you warm for winter.

10 fancy throws for your bed or sofa 

1. DUSK Sicily Throw

DUSK Sicily Throw

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DUSK Sicily Throw | £40 at DUSK (opens in new tab)
This soft 100% textured cotton throw is relaxed and ready to be thrown (no pun intended) over the end of your bed – or draped over the arm of your sofa. It comes in a muted beige colour or a sage green, while it's light so as not to clutter a room. You could even layer this throw with a thicker throw, while it gives off a cosy yet chilled vibe. Keep an eye out: DUSK quite often throw sales, so you might be able to score this for a cheaper price.

2. Habitat Abstract Wave Pattern Throw

Habitat Abstract Wave Pattern Throw

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Habitat Abstract Wave Pattern Throw | £15 at Habitat (opens in new tab)
How cute is this Habitat throw? We love it. It's fun, colourful and best of all: abstract. Style this in a neutral bedroom to make a statement, or use it inside a playful living room to complement the rest of your colourful decor. It's tasselled on every side and made from 100% polyester. This orange and pink throw is bang on-trend in our opinion.

3. Dunelm Chunky Hand-Knitted Natural Knit Throw

Dunelm Chunky Hand-Knitted Natural Knit Throw

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Dunelm Chunky Hand-Knitted Natural Knit Throw | £45 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
Because who can resist a chunky knit blanket in the winter? Not us, that's for sure. This one from Dunelm comes in beige to complement your neutral interiors, while it will be sure to add some texture to your bed or sofa. It even looks great folded and displayed on a shelf thanks to its intricate design. We'll take two, please.

4. John Lewis & Partners Fleece Throw

John Lewis & Partners Fleece Throw

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John Lewis & Partners Fleece Throw | £12 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
A fleece throw is a must-have in any home, whether it's for decor purposes or for keeping warm – due to their nature, these throws are super warm. Choose out of 9 colourways when shopping this one featured in John Lewis' ANYDAY range, and buy a couple since they are budget-friendly. Whether for use in the garden or in the kids' bedroom, they're more than worth it.

5. Jael 100% Cotton Knitted Throw Jael 100% Cotton Knitted Throw

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(opens in new tab) Jael 100% Cotton Knitted Throw | £59 at MADE (opens in new tab)
High-quality and very on-trend, this 100% cotton throw from MADE is almost too good to wrap around yourself. We said almost! Seriously, though, it would look perfect draped along the bottom of a bed, and you could even buy matching coloured cushions to complement. Otherwise, it makes enough of a statement on its own. Chic is the word we are looking for.

6. Bedfolk The Linen & Cotton Throw

Bedfolk The Linen & Cotton Throw

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Bedfolk The Linen & Cotton Throw | £119 at Bedfolk (opens in new tab)
Bedfolk may be famous for high-quality bedding, but their luxury throws are hard to compare. This one is 52% linen and 48% cotton (AKA the ideal blend) and it's crinkle-textured so you'll never need to iron it. Lay it out in your bedroom for a relaxed vibe, while it's generously sized to suit anything from a double bed to a super king – or even a corner sofa. The choice is yours between rose, clay and ink, plus it's oeko-tex certified so that you can get warm while being worry-free.

7. La Redoute Raoul Throw

La Redoute Raoul Throw

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La Redoute Raoul Throw | £40 at La Redoute (opens in new tab)
Though simple, this throw, with the addition of a black embroidered plaited edge, can turn a room from drab to fab. Whether that room is in need of some cosy accessories or you're trying to make a living room look more lived in – perhaps it's for a spare bedroom in case guests get chilly? Crafted from 100% cotton, the Raoul throw is available in ecru, sienna, string or khaki. Choose wisely! Our favourite is ecru.

8. Dunelm Modern Check Navy Sherpa Throw

Dunelm Modern Check Navy Sherpa Throw

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Dunelm Modern Check Navy Sherpa Throw | £10 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
Jump into AW21 home decor and stick to your budget with this Dunelm throw. Made using all of our favourite colours – and all of the colours that are so in right now – this sherpa-feel throw ticks both the cosy box and the stylish box. Wrap this throw around you and snuggle up with a pumpkin spiced latte, or use it to bring autumn vibes into your bedroom.

9. DUSK Palma Throw

DUSK Palma Throw

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DUSK Palma Throw | £50 at DUSK (opens in new tab)
Inject a sunny yellow colour into your bedroom with help from this throw. Perfect timing, too, since the days are getting shorter and the nights darker. To help you feel happy at home, this fun DUSK throw adds a pop of colour where you may need it. Also, it can definitely be draped over a sofa or thrown over an armchair. Plus, it comes in white, burnt orange and ochre, too. Remember what we said: DUSK sales are frequent, so why not click through to check whether this throw is discounted?

10. Dunelm Aaron Sherpa Throw

Dunelm Aaron Sherpa Throw

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Dunelm Aaron Sherpa Throw | £20 at Dunelm (opens in new tab)
This Dunelm throw looks like it could've come straight from Zara Home or H&M Home store, only at a slice of the price. It's textured to add warmth to your space, and it's a cream colour to complement the rest of your decor and furniture. It also comes in grey. The best part? It's reversible with one side being totally plain. So that you can switch things up every few weeks. Perfect!

Where to buy a new throw?

Yet to find a fancy new throw to blend in with your modern living room or boho bedroom? Our help is what you need. Here are the most popular destinations to buy a throw online. Simply click through to shop a range of throws.

What should you look out for when buying a throw?

The choice of your throw material is completely down to your preference. Lots of throws are made from 100% cotton and they are super soft – as well as durable. While cheaper versions are normally made of polyester. High-quality throws are usually made using linen or a linen blend, though these will probably be quite lightweight.

Another thing to consider, along with material, is thickness. If you are buying a throw for use in winter, then choose something that's fluffy. You will also get some summer use out of this – perhaps in the garden – thanks to the unreliable British weather. Opt for a lighter throw for use on warm summer evenings, or just to use as a design statement.

It goes without us saying that you'll want to buy a throw in a size to suit wherever you'll be putting it. If your new throw is for a single bed, opt for something smaller. Draping it over a larger bed? A bigger throw would be better. The bigger the throw the more people it can comfort, just remember that. Throws that are too big may drown out a smaller sofa, and they could look slightly out of place when splayed over an arm of a sofa, just an FYI.

Always check that your new throw is washable. Otherwise, if you have pets or children or if you yourself are a bit clumsy, you'll be making frequent trips to your local dry cleaners. Not ideal.

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