Create a fully washable wall of Coloured or Printed Glass

Kitchen and Bathroom walls are notoriously difficult to keep clean, cooking splashes, mould and mildew are all common complaints.

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have these surfaces the EXACT colour you would like to match to or perhaps with a design, image or even digital photograph? All of this is now possible and you may think this is going to be very expensive but by following the below instructions you can even measure and fit yourself saving expensive specialist fees.

1. How to measure for glass splashbacks

The key here is taking your time, making sure you work from level lines and triple checking your measurements. To start with if your worktop and units are NOT level, mark a level line 2mm above your worktop and a second level line 2mm below your kitchen units. The distance between these two lines is the height you require including room for expansion. If your worktops and units are level then the height is the distance between these two surfaces minus 4mm for expansion. For the width of your splashback(s) you follow the same procedure only using vertically level lines rather than horizontal.

2. Measuring around electrical sockets

Taking the bottom horizontal line (or your worktop) as a baseline, measure up from this to the bottom of your socket and ADD 4mm for the bottom measurement (the 4mm is so that the socket plate will cover the hole in the glass once fitted). Next you need the measurement for the top of the socket, so it is the height of the socket MINUS 4mm (you subtract in this instance as the hole in the glass should stop shy of the top of the socket). For the widths you once again do the same only with vertical measurements each time measuring to around 4mm inside the socket.

3. Creating a template for a shaped cooker hood

Curved and shaped cooker hoods are very popular lately and when purchasing these customers do not often consider the complications they add when it comes to acquiring a cooker splashback. The simple solution for this if you wish to order a glass splashback to fit the profile of your cooker hood is to place some lining paper of wallpaper behind the hood and draw around the shape. Once you have this shape on paper you simply need to cut the shape out and you have a very good template which you can give to your glass splashback supplier.

4 Choosing a colour and buying glass splashbacks online

Glass splashbacks themselves are in fact simply made by back painting toughened glass, this means that you can actually choose any paint colour at all to suit your decor. Another option to consider is a printed glass splashback, many suppliers allow you to choose from thousands of designs or even use your own image.

Due to the increase in demand in the product in recent years there are a large number of suppliers to choose from online. As with any product, it always pays to shop around but keep in mind that price is not always the most important factor when choosing a supplier of any product. The most important factors to consider are:

5 Fitting you Glass Splashback

Unlike tiling, fitting a glass splashback yourself is very simple. The majority of the time it is just a case of either screw fitting or fixing to the wall using adhesive. If screw fitting you need to consider how easy it will be to actually drill the hole in the wall. You may find that it is hard to get a drill close enough to the corner without damaging your wall units, worse still you could drill through an electrical wire, water or gas pipe. The simplest way to fit a glass splashback is using adhesive, you just need to place blobs of neutral cure silicone to the rear of the glass and fix to the wall. Whichever fitting method you choose will also require sealing around all the edges using neutral cure silicone. One tip that is very useful when sealing around the edges is to spray the silicone with soapy water after applying so that you can neatly wipe off the excess without it sticking to your fingers!