Converting the garage and adding a porch

The owners of this home added an extra 46 square metres of habitable space by converting the existing garage, creating a larger living room, new reception room and a master-suite on the first floor

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This 1930s semi-detached house had been renovated gradually, but the owners wanted to add more space by converting the existing garage.

The project

‘This project created 46 square metres of extra habitable space,’ says Jude Tugman, co-founder of Architect Your Home. ‘The redesign involved creating a larger living room, converting the integrated garage into a reception room with a new bay window, plus a first-floor extension over the garage to create a new master suite, and a rear extension that would form a garden room with rooflights and bi-fold doors.’

‘The exterior of the house was further transformed with the removal of the pebble-dash in favour of a smart render. The house was re-roofed, and a new front door completed the look.’

What it cost

£100,000, including all the exterior and interior work.

In the gallery: With ample drive space to suit their needs, the owners smartened up the exterior of their semi-detached house and added extra living space by converting the garage space and extending upwards.