Best chest freezer 2020: 5 buys to store frozen food

The best chest freezer will give you more space to store your frozen food – put one in your garage, outbuilding or utility room. Here's our top five chest freezers, for the best prices...

best chest freezer: Russell Hobbs RHCF150-MD Chest Freezer
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In need of the best chest freezer around to store your frozen foods? A chest freezer is ideal in our current Covid-19 situation because it means that if you've been batch cooking, or stocking up, you can store foods for much longer than you could if they were refrigerated.  

There are chest freezers in a range of sizes, all with different features so all family sizes can be catered for – fast freeze, an adjustable thermostat, chill mode – whatever you need. This way, you can store more frozen food for easier meals, and, should you not be able to make it to the supermarket, you can get by on nice meals for a good few days – and maybe even weeks.

We've trawled the sites of our retailers to bring you not only the best buys, but also those makes and models which are still in stock. Keep scrolling to determine which chest freezer will suit your household’s needs the most, and budget, before it's too late.

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The best chest freezers for 2020

Russell Hobbs RHCF150 White Chest Freezer

1. Russell Hobbs RHCF150 White Chest Freezer

The best chest freezer: A lid top freezer that ticks all the right boxes

Noise: 40dB
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 142ltrs
Dimensions: H85cm x W72cm x D52cm
Auto defrost: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Counterbalanced lid+Suitable for garage
Reasons to avoid
-A bit disorganised inside

Our pick of the best chest freezer you can buy is the Russell Hobbs RHCF150. If you often buy large joints of meat or simply have lots of mouths to feed, then this freezer could be the best option for you.
Buy the Russell Hobbs RHCF150 White Chest Freezer


It has an impressive 142-litre capacity, offering enough freezing space for a medium-sized family's weekly food shop.


It has one large freezer compartment, perfect to easily find what you're looking for, although for those who like things organised, this might be a negative; however, there is a wire basket to store items that are most frequently required. 


The freezer also features a lid top that balances on its own when opened.


There's also an adjustable thermostat giving you complete temperature control. It can be stored outside (and has adjustable feet, handy if it's going in a shed or garage with an uneven floor). In our opinion, this is the best chest freezer you can buy.

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Indesit OS1A200H2 Chest Freezer

2. Indesit OS1A200H2 Chest Freezer

Best chest freezer: you can set this Indesit freezer to either freezer or chill mode

Noise: 41dB
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 204ltr
Dimensions: H86.5cm x W80.6cm x D64.2cm
Auto defrost: No
Reasons to buy
+Child lock/ lockable lid+Temperature warning light+Can be set to either a freezer or chiller mode
Reasons to avoid
-Needs to be manually defrosted, but easy to do

Somewhat larger than our first choice, this chest freezer from Indesit is a great option for families looking for a little more freezer space for bulk buy items.
Buy the Indesit OS1A200H2 


This chest freezer has a capacity of 204ltrs – or 11 bags of shopping – making it the second largest on this list, and ideal for a medium-sized household. 


This chest freezer has an integrated dual cooling system, so it can be used as a freezer or a cooler, depending on your needs. There are also a few extra add-ons, such as a lock on the outside. There's also a temperature warning light and a fast freeze function, which locks in the vitamins of newly purchased food by dropping the temperature of the freezer once anything is added. Our only complaint? Just like several other chest freezers, this one needs to be manually defrosted. On the upside, this model, in particular, is easy to defrost as it has a screw-cork for drainage.

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Candy CMCH100BUK Chest Freezer

3. Candy CMCH100BUK Chest Freezer

Best chest freezer for small families: it's compact yet still convenient with a 98L capacity

Noise: 38dB
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 98ltrs
Size: H85cm x W57.2cm x D56cm
Auto defrost: No
Reasons to buy
+Can live in an outbuilding+Available in two colours+Warning light comes on if temperature changes+Counterbalanced lid
Reasons to avoid
-Not frost free

Want a chest freezer but don't have the space for a large design? This Candy model is a compact buy at under 60cm wide, it can be kept inside or in an outbuilding and it's available in black and white.
Buy the Candy CMCH100BUK Chest Freezer 


With 98 litres of space for frozen items, this fridge freezer can hold five bags of shopping – enough for a small family.


Quiet for a chest freezer, it has a decent energy rating, too. 


Designed with practicality in mind, there is a handy wire basket at the top, that allows you to keep smaller and more frequently used items together for easy access, while at the bottom, you will have plenty of space for large items. Other features include a warning light which comes on if the temperature changes dramatically, and a counterbalanced lid.

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best chest freezer: Bush BCF295L

(Image credit: Argos)

4. Bush BCF295L Chest Freezer

Best chest freezer for large families: it has a generous 295L capacity

Noise: 42dB
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 295L
Dimensions: H85 x W111.5 x D67cm
Auto defrost?: No
Reasons to buy
+Generous capacity+Easy-clean interior+24 hours power failure safe storage
Reasons to avoid
-None that we can think of

This chest freezer gets our vote for the best chest freezer for large families, and it has the biggest capacity on our list at 295ltrs. 
Buy the Bush BCF295L Chest Freezer


It's generous capacity means that you can pack away almost 15 full bags of shopping. An, although large, this chest freezer also has a highly efficient with an A+ energy rating. 

To the outside of this large freezer is an adjustable thermostat so you can change the temperature inside to suit your frozen foods.


Inside the freezer is one storage compartment and two baskets, so you can keep meals and treats separate. he interior is also easy-clean so you can tackle any spills without any hassle.

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best chest freezer: Lec CF250LMk2

(Image credit: Amazon)

Lec CF250LMk2 Chest Freezer

Best chest freezer: it's got a clear easy-to-read LED display

Noise: 41dB
Energy rating: A+
Capacity: 249trs
Size: H85 x W98.5 x D60cm
Auto defrost: No
Reasons to buy
+Counterbalanced lid+Clear, easy-to-read LED display
Reasons to avoid
-Display is quite low so requires a lot of bending down to view

This chest freezer, like many freezers, has proved popular and is now out of stock. Hopefully it will be in stock again soon so it will appear in our guide again.

This chest freezer gets our vote for one of the best because it has a neat LED display, plus a generous capacity to boot.
Buy the Lec CF250LMk2 Chest Freezer


With a large 249L capacity this chest freezer can store up to 13 bags of frozen foods, which is ideal if you're a medium-sized family. It has one large compartment for storing the foods so, if you want to regularly access certain family-favourites, then it would probably be best to keep these closer to the top to avoid digging around too much.

LED display

Once everything is put away, the handy LED display will show what the temperature is like inside the freezer so you know that your food is being kept in the best possible conditions. This display is down the bottom, however, so position the freezer in a space which is easy to manoeuvre for unobstructed viewing.

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What to consider when buying a chest freezer

When you're looking to buy the best chest freezer for your household, there are a few elements to consider before making the commitment. They are:


With compact models to suit smaller households and extra large ones to suit big families, choose your freezer based on its capacity first. Ranging from around 100ltrs to the 300ltr mark, those who live in a couple or on their own can easily get away with a chest freezer that's 100ltrs; medium sized households will be able to survive with 150ltrs to 220ltrs and anything above will be plenty for larger households. 

Where will the freezer live?

You've probably already nominated the corner of a large kitchen, a utility or a garage for your new chest freezer, but bear in mind that some chest freezers can't be housed in unheated spaces, so check before you buy.

Energy rating

The top energy rating is A+++; the higher the rating, the lower your utility bills will be.

Auto defrost?

A deal breaker for some, a lot of chest freezers don't have auto defrost, meaning that every once in a while, you'll have to manually defrost the freezer. 

What is the best chest freezer?

If you want to buy the best chest freezer (in our opinion), we wouldn't hesitate to  buy the Russell Hobbs RHCF150 White Chest Freezer. It opens from the top, features a hinge to keep the lid open and it has a 142-litre capacity as well as an adjustable thermostat.